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River rafting has turned out to be one of the most popular and desired adventure sports in today’s time. Tourists and locals from all over the country visit different regions in order to enjoy the thrill of this amazing sport. In India, there are several destinations where you can travel to for white water rafting, Gokarna is one of them. It is a popular sacred destination for the Hindus and is the home to renowned places like the Mahabaleshwar Temple and the Koti Teertha. You can also experience a beautiful coastal holiday at the many beaches in Gokarna. But, the highlight of your Gokarna trip will be the white water rafting in the Dandeli River in Dandeli.

River rafting in Gokarna has gained immense popularity because of the high-intensity river, good weather and availability of good agencies. For those of you who are looking forward to creating some unforgettable memories, head to the Dandeli River and participate in the rafting trip. Read our blog carefully and get to know more details about Gokarna river rafting this year!

Best Time For River Rafting In Gokarna


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Gokarna experiences the monsoon season from the months of June to August. During the monsoon, it rains really heavy around this region which makes river rafting risky and dangerous. However, expert and skilled rafters may plan to take a ride down the river, but it is absolutely not recommended for beginners to head out during this time of the year. The best time for river rafting in Gokarna is between the months of October until March. The weather around this time is warm and pleasant which facilitates river rafting for everyone. The average temperature in this time period is anywhere between 25°C to 32°C, with sun time of at least 8-9 hours daily.

Remember, this is the time when the weather is very humid as well. For those of you who are looking forward to a river rafting trip, you can plan anytime between October to March for a wonderful experience. The natural vegetation is also at its peak, as the monsoon has delivered a lot of freshness and beauty all around the place. It is during this time that Gokarna also decks up for different holy festivals and events like the Mahashivratri, in the month of February. So, you will be able to go for a lot of sightseeing as well.

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Best Places For River Rafting in Gokarna


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Dandeli is the location where all adventure lovers gather for an unparalleled experience. Even though the rapids and flow of water in the Dandeli River is not as strong and gushing like the rivers in Rishikesh, it is still a good sport. Dandeli River makes its way through beautiful deciduous forests which adds to the alluring nature of the region. You will be mesmerized to travel through these ancient forests and at the same time constantly tackle the river current.

A lot of people also opt for canoeing and kayaking in Gokarna which are very popular as well. Dandeli is a great place for spotting exotic wildlife as well. Head to the wildlife sanctuary here and catch a glimpse of the amazing Malabar giant squirrels, bison, sambhar deer and if you are lucky enough then the black panthers. All in all, you will be in for a great deal of adventure.

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Cost of River Rafting In Gokarna


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With so many river rafting agencies in Gokarna, the prices of organising the sport are certainly variable. However, you can expect to pay anywhere between Rs.2000 to Rs.3600 for a river rafting trip depending on the duration and difficulty of the rafting trip you have selected. You must consult with more than one agency in order to get the best and affordable pricing.

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Tips For Rafting In Gokarna


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  • Take a look at some of these important Gokarna river rafting tips that will help you to get a better idea and prepare yourself the right way for a rafting trip.
  • Always contact a licensed and reputed river rafting agency in Gokarna in order to get the best experience and satisfaction. Good agencies also provide you with high-quality gear and safety equipment along with professional river rafters, who guide you during the trip.
  • Avoid river rafting packages that seem to be very cheap. A lot of agencies offer very affordable packages because their trip is not guided by a professional rafter, or their safety equipment is not good. Or else the duration of the trip is going to be too short to be enjoyed thoroughly.
  • Always carry a safety jacket or personal floatation device just to be on the safe side. Even though most agencies do offer you with all the safety equipment, it is always safe and advisable to carry your own. Whether you are going to use it or not, is not the big deal here.
  • Communicate with the leader throughout the trip and make sure you inform him if you are feeling uncomfortable or unsafe in any manner. Don’t suppress your feelings because it can lead to other problems later on. It is completely alright if you feel panicked and unwell on your first river rafting experience.
  • Learn all the hand commands that the rafting leader will show you before the start of the trip. During the rafting trip, it will be all too noisy, and you will have a hard time telling him what you want to say to him. That is why you must know all the commands carefully and remember them.
  • Never stand up on the raft suddenly. This can lead to a loss of balance and topple the raft into the river in no time. Always inform your guide beforehand if you really want to stand on the raft.

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What To Pack For River Rafting In Gokarna

Whenever you are heading out for river rafting in Gokarna, you will need to carry some essential items and equipment with you always. Take a look at them in this segment –

  • Wear a good pair of adventure shoes before getting on to the boat. These shoes are specially designed for better grip and support to the users in difficult and rugged conditions. They prevent you from slipping on wet surfaces and allows you to get a good grip of the ground.
  • Always carry a safety helmet with you. The river rafting agency will provide you with the safety helmet, but it might be uncomfortable or not fit in your size. That is why we recommend everyone to carry their own safety helmet just to be on the safe side without any compromise.
  • Carry a separate plastic bag in order to keep your wet clothes inside it. This will prevent your other dry clothes from becoming moist and wet when you put them inside the same bag.
  • Take some sunscreen lotion along with you. Apply it all over your skin and face before heading out for the rafting trip. This will protect your skin from the sun, thus reducing any damage to the skin and preventing it from getting tanned.

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These are some important things that you need to keep in mind when you head out for a much-awaited experience of river rafting in Gokarna. The hippie beach town offers more exciting things apart from river rafting. Revel in those activities on your vacation in Karnataka and bring back cherishing memories from your holiday. The most important thing is to create memories. The lush landscape and flourishing vegetation through which the Dandeli River passes by will provide you with a great eerie feeling along with the thrill of rafting. 

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