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    road trips during monsoon

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    India has plenty in store for the bikers at heart, with some of the best roads designed for thrilling road trips. And the cherry on the cake for these road trips are the monsoons, which totally change the landscapes. Painting them greener, filling with hovering misty clouds, they transform the mountains, waterfalls and pristine valleys to picturesque paradise.

    CAUTION: Though monsoons are beautiful, but you never know when drizzling turns into a cloud burst. We request you to stay prepared for the same. Most importantly, always check the weather report.

    20 Road Trips During Monsoon In India

    So, here are some of our picks on the best road trips during monsoons that you can take, while singing your favorite songs and feeling the cool, moist breeze!

    1. Mumbai To Malshej

    Road trip to Malshej Ghat

    Image Source

    Malshej, blessed with wonderful waterfalls and historic forts ,is one of the most popular weekend getaway. What gets better than a mind blowing ride to the Ghats on your bikes? It is the monsoon. Head here during monsoons, where rains transform the place magically, revealing the picturesque landscapes and the lush greenery.

    Fact File:
    Total Distance: 130 km from Mumbai and 120 km from Pune
    Time Required: 3 to 4 hours
    National Highway: NH 50/NH 222 from Pune and NH 3/NH 222 from Mumbai.

    Suggestions: Although the road from Mumbai to Malshej is in a decent condition, much of your time would be gone in getting out of the city. So ensure that you choose an ideal time to head off, to prevent traffic jams from spoiling your fun.

    2. Mumbai To Goa

    Road trip from Mumbai to Goa

    Image Source

    Mumbai to Goa is probably one of the smoothest rides in India, with some of the breathtaking sights to keep you occupied. During the monsoons the mist envelopes the roads and kisses the sea beds, making it so much attractive. Take pit stops and savor the local cuisine on the food joints on the way and keep up the spirit for partying in Goa.

    Fact File:
    Total Distance: 577 km from Mumbai and 441 km from Pune
    Time Required: About 15 hours
    National Highway: NH 66

    Tips: If you don’t want to miss the fantastic night life of Goa, start from Mumbai in the wee hours of morning.

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    3. East Coast Road

    A drive on East Coast Road parallel to the sea during monsoons is simply breathtaking

    Image Source

    The East Coast road connecting Chennai with Pondicherry is one of the most beautiful rides for bike rides, especially during the rains. As you drive in the rains, witness the spectacular sights of the raindrops dripping on the ocean on one side of the road. Be mesmerized by the imposing charm of the rains.

    Fact File:
    Total Distance: 160 km
    Time Required: About 3 hours
    National Highway: SH 49

    4. Udaipur To Mount Abu

    Udaipur to Mount Abu Road Trip during monsoons

    Image Source

    Being one of the most popular hill stations of Rajasthan, the road to Mount Abu is very good, making it one of the best roads for road trips in India. And the best route to this hill town is from Udaipur. Surrounded by hills on all the sides throughout the ride, it provides a stunning view during the monsoons.

    Fact File:
    Total Distance: 161 km
    Time Required: About 4 hours
    National Highway: NH 76

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    5. Karwar To Mangalore

    A drive through the Kali river bridge will be the best thing you’ll experience during monsoons

    Image Source

    Picture this – A road as smooth as butter, with backwaters of a river on one side and the waves of the sea on the other and the drizzling rain beautifying the road just for you. Yes, we get that you have fallen in love with your imagination. So what is stopping you? Hit the road to experience one of the most scenic road trips of your life.

    Fact File:
    Total Distance: 270 km
    Time Required: About 5 hours
    National Highway: NH 17

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    6. Bangalore To Coorg

    Curvy roads on your road trip to Coorg from Bangalore

    Image Source

    If you have witnessed the rainy season in India enough, you would know that the rains in the Western Ghats are totally a different story. Because, once it starts it just keeps pouring all day and what else is better than a dripping ride to Coorg -the ‘Scotland of India’?

    Fact File:
    Total Distance: 268 km
    Time Required: About 5 hours
    National Highway: NH 48/NH 209/NH 275

    Precautions: Incessant rains sometimes make the roads non motor able and few roads face the danger of landslides during heavy monsoon. So, make sure you check the route before hand and also, plan the trip only when the rains are manageable.

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    7. Shillong To Cherrapunji

    Road trip from Shillong to Cherrapunji during monsoons

    Image Source

    This lesser known road trip between Shillong and Cherrapunji is doable more often and what makes this route special for bikers are the landscapes that enchant them by the beauty of the hills. As the place receiving the highest rainfall in India, the ride ensures that you get all drenched and soaked up during your ride!

    Fact File:
    Total Distance: 54 km
    Time Required: 1 to 2 hours
    National Highway: NH 40/SH 5

    8. Hyderabad To Tirupati

    Abandoned Railways bridge in Nallamal Forest

    Image Source

    Nallamala forest is a dense reserve forest area which stretches through the Eastern Ghats and merges with Tirupathi. The weather becomes very pleasant due to the lush greenery during monsoons,providing some stunning views during your road trip. Experience the hilly terrain amidst the thick jungle on this thrilling road trip.

    Fact File:
    Total Distance: 347 km
    Time Required: 5 to 6 hours
    Highway: State Highway from Hyderabad

    Precaution: Since the region receives heavy rainfall, please check the weather before you head out. Although regular monsoon is enjoyable , it becomes difficult during a heavy downpour,affecting the connectivity.

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    9. Darjeeling To Gangtok

    Darjeeling to Gangtok road

    Image Source

    Driving from Darjeeling at an altitude of about 2200 meters above sea, with the lush green landscape surrounding you during rains is a dream like a ride for every biker. It only becomes better and special as you reach Gangtok, as you get a glimpse of the misty clouds hovering over the majestic Mt.Kanchenjunga in the backdrop.

    Fact File:
    Total Distance: 97 km/126 km
    Time Required: 3 to 4 hours
    National Highway: NH 31A/NH 710

    Plan A Trip To Sikkim Gangtok With TravelTriangle!

    10. Pune To Mumbai

    Mumbai Pune highway during monsoons

    Image Source

    An easy weekend getaway for the people of both the cities, the trip from Pune to Mumbai gets prettier during the monsoons – thanks to the scenic beauty of the Western Ghats. The magnificent express way draws more bikers everyday and it is a must road trip for people staying in one of these cities.

    Fact File:
    Total Distance: 149 km
    Time Required: 3 to 4 hours
    National Highway: Expressway

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    11. Pune To Surat

    Road trip in monsoons from Pune to Surat via Saputara is one of the best

    Image Source

    Saputara, a hill station belonging to the Sahyadri range at an altitude of 1000 meters, is one of the favorite road trip destination for bikers traveling from Pune. Home of some of Gujarat’s best waterfalls and scenic landscapes, the weather of this route leaves you spell bound during the monsoon, with the greenery at its best!

    Fact File:
    Total Distance: 441 km
    Time Required: 9 hours
    National Highway: NH 50 from Pune

    12. Tejpur To Tawang

    Road trip from Tezpur to Tawang

    Image Source

    Tawang is a small town bordering China in Arunachal Pradesh and Tezpur is the only motorable road, near Tawang. This promises a thrilling road trip on the second highest motor able road of India, as you have to navigate through smaller and tough roads all the while coming across picturesque valleys, snow filled meadows and pristine river beds.

    Fact File:
    Total Distance: 320 km
    Time Required: 12 to 13 hours
    National Highway: NH 229

    Precaution: The road remains inaccessible during winters, when the freezing snow engulfs the place. Also, this area is prone to landslides during heavy rains. Please ensure you take adequate precaution and plan meticulously to have an enthralling road trip.

    13. Chandigarh To Kasauli

    Road trip from Candigarh to Kasauli

    Image Source

    A road trip to the beautiful land of Himachal Pradesh through Chandigarh during monsoon is the best way to enjoy the valleys and lovely snow capped mountains. Chandigarh to Kasauli is a popular weekend road trip,short but an extremely wonderful ride,as ride through the narrow road to encounter some pleasant sights.

    Fact File:
    Total Distance: 59 km
    Time Required: 1 to 2 hours
    National Highway: NH 22

    14. Bangalore To Ooty

    Road trip from Bangalore to Ooty via Bandipur Forest

    Image Source

    Brace yourself for some breathtaking encounter with the wild on the way to the scenic hill station Ooty, because the lush green reserve forest of Bandipur is home to exotic wildlife. The greenery is at its best,with the mist covering your road road and dew drops dripping ,making the roads magical and wonderful.

    Fact File:
    Total Distance: 290 km
    Time Required: 6 to 7 hours
    National Highway: NH 209

    15. Konark-Puri Marine Drive

    Take a road trip from Konark to Puri on this beautiful road during monsoons.

    Image Source

    Although a short drive, Konark –Pune marine drive is an exquisite ride filled with many surprises. The route has the sea on one side and lush greenery encompassing exotic wildlife occupies the other end and the wide, amazing road provides a thrilling ride during rains. There are many tourist places to explore on the way and splendid beaches are worth a visit, with the confluence of the river with the sea providing fantastic views.

    Fact File:
    Total Distance: 35 km
    Time Required: less than 1 hour
    National Highway: NH 229

    16. Bangalore To Hassan

    Road trip from Bangalore to Hassan

    Image Source

    A drive on the best road from Bangalore will give you a sneak peek into the casual and simple village life. The roads are very wide and the rains are the best season for a road trip, as the farms and the fields near Hassan looks their best. Experience this laid back ride and come back rejuvenated!

    Fact File:
    Total Distance: 183 km
    Time Required: 3 to 4 hours
    National Highway: NH 48

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    17. Manali To Leh

    Roadtrip from Manali to Leh

    Image Source

    Being every biker’s dream road trip, the ride to Leh from Manali is one of the best monsoon road trips in India and the ride is both challenging and exhilarating at the same time. Challenging, as you need to negotiate with the steep and dangerous roads to make your way; Enchanting because it’s an out of the world experience to witness rugged terrains, snow-capped Himalayas, flowing rivers and majestic meadows.

    Fact File:
    Total Distance: 479 km
    Time Required: 2 to 3 days
    Highway: Via the Leh highway

    Precaution: The road is open only during certain months,from June to October and the loose soil of the terrain leads to landslides,very often. Please double check on all aspects, especially the bikes before making your plans, as the conditions are quite challenging there.

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    18. Theni To Meghamalai

    Road trip from Theni to Meghamalai

    Image Source

    Located about 4000 meters above sea level, Meghamalai is a reserve forest area with abundant lush greenery and wavy hills, making it an ideal destination for road trips. Although the weather is pleasant throughout the year, plan your road trip in the monsoons, to best enjoy the blissful landscapes and clouds kissing the peaks!

    Fact File:
    Total Distance: 47 km
    Time Required: 2 hours
    National Highway: NH 220

    19. Mangalore To Agumbe

    Road trip to Kundari Hills in Agumbe from Mangalore

    Image Source

    Drive through the coastal Karnataka to one of the best hill stations of India, Agumbe to witness the amazing landscapes, which looks more stunning during the monsoon. The variations in landscapes, which changes gradually -from a seaside road to ride in the Ghats during rains is a unique experience for biking.

    Fact File:
    Total Distance: 108 km
    Time Required: 2 to 3 hours
    National Highway: SH 1

    Precaution: Check the route before you embark for entry, as some of the roads remain blocked or closed due to heavy rains in these regions.

    20. Darjeeling To Pelling

    Road trip from Darjeeling to Pelling

    The North East has some hidden destinations for spectacular road trips and the route to Pelling from Darjeeling is one of the best,especially during rains. The road lies in the hilly area and gets a bit challenging as you progress towards Pelling, but it is every bit worthy of a ride, as you pass through spectacular views of the gorgeous valleys, cloud kissing mountains, meadows and lush landscape.

    Fact File:
    Total Distance: 110 km
    Time Required: About 4 hours
    Route: Darjeeling – Kalimpong – Manpur – Jorethang – Geyzing – Pelling

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    Bust the stress and break the mundane life by stepping outside with your beast aka your bikes! So, which road trip will be your first?

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