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Be it a honeymoon trip or a romantic getaway to express your love, Venice is undoubtedly the perfect romantic destination. And while it already oozes romance, what makes it even more charming are the things you can do while you are there! From a dinner date with a beautiful view of the Grand Canal to experiencing the popular gondola ride, here’s a list of the most romantic things to do in Venice for young couples that will only make you want to plan your trip to Italy super soon!

15 Romantic Things To Do In Venice

Planning to explore Venice with your beloved? Here is the list of best romantic things to do in Venice for your vacation. Keep scrolling down and read along!

  • Teatro La Fenice: Watch Opera Like Never Before
  • Gondola Ride: Enjoy A Cuddlesome Ride
  • Vaporetto Ride: Get Around
  • Dorsoduro: Shop Your Heart Out
  • Doge’s Palace: Explore The Palace
  • The Rialto Bridge: Enjoy The Scenic Views
  • San Giorgio Maggiore: Explore The City From The Heights
  • Alberoni Beach: Spend Time At
  • St. Marks Square: Watch The Golden Hues In The Sky
  • Baglioni Hotel Luna: Experience Timeless Romance
  • Terrazza Danieli: Dine With A Mesmerizing View
  • Wine Tour: When In Venice, Drink Like Venetians
  • Gelato: Indulge In The Flavors
  • Zattere: A Walk To Remember
  • Nightlife In Venice: Party Hard

1. Teatro La Fenice: Watch Opera Like Never Before

opera in venice

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An inspirational romance show is enough to spark up the love between your better half and you. Make sure you visit this ancient opera house and watch a romantic ballet or the live Opera show, as it’s one of the most romantic things to do in Venice. Also, put down the tour of the spellbinding theatre on your itinerary. This one really needs to be ticked off your bucket list!

Location:This popular theatre is located in San Marco.
Highlights: One of the most famous and renowned landmarks in the history of Italian theatre and Opera.
Timings for Visit: 9:30 AM to 6 PM
Cost: A theatre tour costs €9 (INR 635) and opera tickets start from €66 (INR 4,650).

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2. Gondola Ride: Enjoy A Cuddlesome Ride

Enjoy a cuddlesome gondola ride

Being one of the most romantic things to do in Venice, the gondola ride is also a quintessential romantic thing for couples visiting here for the first time. While it might seem pricey at first, the delightful experience it offers totally makes up for it. Get cozy, hold hands, witness the beauty of the old palaces, local houses, and lifestyle as you row in the water, and savour the picturesque beauty around.

Location: You can row along the Grand Canal or the quiet little canals.
How To Book: Both gondolas and gondoliers can be found easily in any tourist area such as the Rialto Bridge, Doge’s Palace, Tronchetto, or the Piazzale Roma.
Cost: The cost per person is €80 (INR 5,640) for a 40-minute ride and €100 (INR 7,050) after 7 in the evening.

  • Decide well in advance the kind of trip you want, then take a gondola from the nearest place accordingly.
  • While this ride is one of the most romantic things to do in Venice with your loved one, having some good wine throughout only makes it better. So feel free to take some along, only if your gondolier permits.
  • Once you’re on board, don’t bother about the price too much, enjoy your ride, and make the most of these moments of romance.

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3. Vaporetto Ride: Get Around

Vaporetto ride

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Venice’s famous waterboat bus ride is the easiest way to commute and explore the beauty of the city. Explore the full length of the Grand Canal, the unspoiled islands nearby, and watch the grandest palaces built on the streets of Venice as you row along. Do experience this little romantic thrill, irrespective of whether you are on your honeymoon or just a yearly holiday, because this is undoubtedly one of the most romantic things to do in Venice, Italy.

Location: You can easily take the no.1 or 2 water taxi for the Grand Canal as it runs frequently between the St. Mark’s Square and the train station.
How To book: One can buy the tickets from any ACTV office near the Piazzale Roma, Rialto, etc. or purchase it directly from the boat attendant as soon as you board the boat.
The ticket costs about €7 (INR 495) per person which allows you 60 minutes on the boat.

  • Try getting a travel card for a few days or a week, if you’re in Venice for a good time. A single day pass is costlier than a travel card.
  • Remember to validate your ticket before use near the walkways that leads to the vaporetto platform.

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4. Dorsoduro: Shop Your Heart Out

shopping indorsoduro

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While shopping is unfortunately not one of the free things to do in Venice Italy, it’s surely the best way to win your better half’s heart. Take her out for a shopping spree in the city’s popular Dorsoduro district, which is comparatively quiet and known for its authenticity, less tourists, and lower prices. While the area also has great museums and galleries, the number of stores here to shop make it a perfect place to stop by.

Location: A part of central Venice, Dorsoduro is just a hop away from the Grand Canal via the Accademia Bridge.
Highlights: Impressive masks that have also been used in several Hollywood Productions and glass jewelry.

  • Stop by at Marinae Susanna Sent and Cà Macana, to buy the famous glass from Murano and personalized masks for the carnival wear.
  • Shop for glass jewelry if you’re looking for a souvenir to take home from Venice.

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5. Doge’s Palace: Explore The Palace

Doges Palace

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In Venice, romantic places are no less in number. Flaunting lavish interiors and historic significance, Doge’s Palace is a must visit if you are an art or architecture admirer. The palace is built in the Venetian gothic style, the walls have intricate designs, and the palace displays precious works of art. While it’s a quite popular spot, visiting here is also one of the best things to do in Venice for young couples.

Location: This grand palace is located in Piazza San Marco.
Cost: The price for the entrance is €16 (INR 1,130) per person.

  • Try to visit early in the morning to avoid long queues.
  • Do not plan your visit in a hurry. Take out a good amount of time to spend here and learn about the
    power of Venice.

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6. The Rialto Bridge: Enjoy The Scenic Views

rialto bridge venice

The oldest bridge across the canal, the Rialto offers spectacular views of the city. Take a stroll on the bridge or find a corner to stand, and look around at the picturesque beauty. The Rialto Bridge is not only one of Venice’s romantic places, but also memorable. It is undoubtedly a popular tourist hotspot in Venice.

Location: This 48 m long bridge is built at Sestiere San Polo in Venice.
Highlight: The bridge is known because it’s the oldest one in Venice.

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7. San Giorgio Maggiore: Explore The City From The Heights

san giorgio

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This city is not just full of romance, but also stories, histories, and legends. And there’s no better way to witness all of it at once than seeing it from the top of the San Giorgio Tower. The tower is a part of an island church built by famous architect Palladio, decorated by Tintoretto and Bassano. While it may not be as famous as the old Campanile Marco, the breathtaking panoramic views that it offers by letting you whizz up in minutes sure makes it worthwhile. Look around the beautiful city, and listen to the whispers of the wind, while you stand holding hands with the love of your life.

Location: It’s located near the Canale della Grazia, Saint Mark Basin, and the southern lagoon, and can be reached quickly through a vaporetto ride.
Cost: It costs about €5 (INR 350) to €6 (INR 420) to take the lift and reach the top of the

  • Avoid getting to the top of the tower during the midday, if a ringing bell is something you don’t enjoy.
  • Try booking your tickets in advance or sign up for a tour, because you wouldn’t want to risk missing this one.

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8. Alberoni Beach: Spend Time At

Alberoni Beach View

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A beach visit is undoubtedly one of the most romantic things to do in Venice on your honeymoon. While the city isn’t known much for its beaches, this last Lido beach does have good things to offer. Situated in a nature reserve, this beach feels like a world away from the bustling city life. Jet skiing, bike riding, and sitting by the beach to soak up some sun are a few of the best things to do in Venice beach.

Location: Situated at the south end of Lido, this beach can be reached in 40 minutes via a ferry from Venice.
Place To Stay Nearby: The Hotel Villa Beatrice is one of the highly talked about places to stay near the beach.
TripAdvisor Rating: 4/5
Website | Reviews

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9. St. Marks Square: Watch The Golden Hues In The Sky

St. Marks Square

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Get closer to nature and to your loved one by spending an evening at the romantic central square. Stand close to each other, hold hands, and soothe your eyes with the beauty in the sky as the sun bids goodbye. Spend some quality time together while the day ends, and begin the night together by relishing the calmness around.

Location: St. Marks Square is located in the heart of Venice.
Highlight: Venice’s popular public square which is surrounded by restaurants, cafes, and museums.

  • Try visiting either early in the morning or later in the evening to escape the crowds, and have a wonderful experience.

10. Baglioni Hotel Luna: Experience Timeless Romance

luxury hotel in venice

Image Courtesy: booking.com

No matter where you go, it’s your stay that makes your honeymoon merrier. And while you spend hours out exploring the city, you’ll need to come back to your hotel to relax. So, rejuvenate yourselves at the city’s popular five-star hotel that not only offers luxury, but also a truly romantic experience. Stay in a deluxe room or a gorgeous suite for a special treat and make the most of your honeymoon in Venice.

Location: The hotel is located in the heart of Venice, at San Marco.
Highlights: It’s known for its world-class hospitality and accessibility to all the popular spots nearby.
TripAdvisor Rating: 4.5/5
Price: INR 20,000 and above.
Website | Reviews
Other Places To Stay Nearby: The Gritti Palace – A Luxury Collection Hotel, The Westin Europa & Regina, Venice,and Corte Di Gabriela are few of the other romantic luxury hotels to stay in Venice.

11. Terrazza Danieli: Dine With A Mesmerizing View

mesmerizing view

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Dining with your partner at a venue that offers stunning views is one of the top things to do in Venice at night for couples. While the city is brimming with restaurants all around, one of the best places to dine is the Restaurant Terrazza Danieli. The restaurant boasts a beautiful terrace, spectacular views, delectable food, friendly hospitality, and a legendary dining experience. Be sure of having an unforgettable dinner date here with your loved one, and get ready to enjoy some Venetian delicacies.

Location: The restaurant is located in Hotel Danieli, at Castello.
Highlights: As popular opinion says, this is the best rooftop place to dine in Venice.
TripAdvisor Rating: 4/5
Other Restaurants: Ristorante Quadri, Riviera, and Ristorante Alle Corone are some other best restaurants to dine at in Venice.

12. Wine Tour: When In Venice, Drink Like Venetians

Wine Glass

Image Credit: clarencealford for pixabay

Whoever said that the best conversations happen over coffee, hadn’t had wine. Get along with your spouse to mingle over some of the finest wines in Venice. Book the popular wine tasting and winery tours, and live like the locals do. And while you’re at this zest, explore some of the best wines in the city and soothe your souls.

Location: Valpolicella, Veneto, Sant’Erasmo Island, Valdobbiadene, and Friuli-Venezia Giulia are some places in and around Venice to go for wine tours.
Popular Tours: Venice Food Tour: Cicchetti and Wine, Venice Wines Spirits and Sightseeing Guided Tour, and Private Tour: Prosecco Wine Tasting Day Trip with Lunch from Venice are some of the best wine tours to take in Venice.
Types of Wine: Red wines such as Amarone, Ripasso,and Breganze Cabernet, and white wines like Garganega, Pinot Bianco, and Chardonnay are few of the wines you’ll definitely get to taste on your tour.

13. Gelato: Indulge In The Flavors

Ice Cream View

Image Credit: petiteowl for pixabay

What can be more romantic than sharing your favorite ice cream?! Thanks to Italy, you can easily spot a Gelato outlet after every few minutes of your walk in Venice. Velvety, sweet, and refreshing, a scoop of Gelato is all you need to make your honeymoon more memorable. Look for a bench nearby or a promenade overlooking the beautiful canal, and satiate your sweet tooth. So, simply taking a walk and enjoying different flavours ice-cream is one of the most exciting things to do in Venice for couples.

Location: You can easily find Gelato outlets at San Marco, Strada Nova, Castello etc.

  • Make sure you go for your ice cream date after dinner when it’s quiet, and the streets are less crowded out there.

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14. Zattere: A Walk To Remember

A walk to remember at Zattere

Image Source

Explore the city of romance later in the evening with your spouse is one of the most romantic things to do in Venice. If Venice looks beautiful in the daylight, it looks breathtakingly gorgeous during the night. Take a stroll at this long promenade, witness the stunning palaces, watch the light doing its dance on the water, and talk about your lives. Because this is one of the most memorable and best things to do in Venice at night.

Location: It’s set along the southern shore of Venice’s main island.
Highlights: Ideal place to walk hand in hand, which also offers amazing views of the charming city, its historic palaces, and has a number of Baroque churches.

15. Nightlife In Venice: Party Hard

couple dancing at night venice

Put your party shoes on and get ready to explore the nightlife in Venice. This is one of the most romantic things to do in Venice. Party together at the popular Bacaro Jazz Bar or the Venice Jazz Club if you are looking for live performances, and Devils Forest Pub if you want to get cosy and high on some amazing cocktails. And if you’re looking to spend some quiet quality time together, head over to good restaurants like Rivera or Osteria alle Testiere, and do as the locals do. Order some fine wine and relish the great Italian delicacies. It is definitely one of the most romantic things to in Venice Italy.

Location: Most bars and pubs are located in Rialto, Santa Margherita, and Santa Barneba.

  • While the city may not be famous for its nightlife, it still has limitless options for you to explore. So whether you want to hit the popular pub or dine at a cosy restaurant, plan in advance.

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While there isn’t really any best time to plan your honeymoon to Italy and visit Venice, you can still plan it during September to November, if you want to escape the crowd. The weather is a bit chilly but beautiful, and there are barely any tourists around. We hope that you’re ready to experience all the above-listed romantic things to do in Venice with your partner.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Romantic Things To Do In Venice

Why is Venice the romantic place?

Venice is known for its romantic ambiance and a unique blend of love and charm. With the magnificent Renaissance-inspired architecture, dramatic sunsets, lively squares, steep canals, and thrilling gondola rides, the city is worth planning a romantic getaway with your significant other.

Is it safe to visit Venice during Covid times?

You need to follow all the mandatory safety guidelines mentioned by the authorities to ensure a safe travel experience. Remain masked while stepping out and maintain social distance. Avoid visiting crowded places and keep sanitizing your hands after touching surfaces.

How much is a gondola ride in Venice?

The standard charge for a gondola ride in Venice has a fixed cost of 80 Euros for a 25-30 minutes tour. However, for the same duration at night, it is 120 Euros. It is one of the most fantastic things to do in Venice.

Is Venice good for your honeymoon?

Yes, many people dream of having a Venice honeymoon as the place is worth exploring with your special one. It is a perfect place to head for a honeymoon as the city is at peace with fewer crowds and is definitely one of the most romantic cities.

What is there to do in Venice at night?

You can indulge in the following experiences in Venice at night: 1. Watch shows at the Musica a Palazzo 2. Try your luck at the Venice Casino 3. Drink and dance at Caffé Florian 4. Hang out at Harry’s Bar 5. Party the night away at Molocinque 6. Watch the interesting exhibits at Doge’s Palace

What should you not do in Venice?

It is not recommended for people to indulge in the following experience during their trip to Venice: 1. Touching the canal water 2. Missing out on Murano and Burano 3. Underestimating the price of a gondola ride 4. Arriving by cruise ship 5. Visiting in the wrong season

Can you swim in Venice canals?

No, you cannot swim in the canals of Venice. You can, however, swim near Lido Beach in Venice.

What should I buy in Venice?

When in Venice, you can buy things like Murano glass, Burano lace, masks, fabrics, doorknockers, handmade wooden puzzles, Bellini, and handmade shoes.

How many days should I spend in Venice?

You need about 2-3 days to fully explore Venice, including its tourist attractions, endless shopping lanes, islands, and nightlife. If you are planning getaways to nearby places then you can extend your holiday to at least 5-6 days.

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