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    russia in april

    The largest nation of the world and bordered with European and Asian nations, Russia, is surrounded by the largest ocean, i.e. the Pacific Ocean and the smallest ocean i.e. the Arctic Ocean. What makes Russia’s location interesting is that one-fourth of the nation is located in Europe and three-fourths is located in Asia. But only 22% of its population lives on the latter continent. What makes Russia world famous is the fact that it home to some of the unique creations of nature- Lake Karachay (one of the deadliest lakes of the world), Oymyakon (the coldest place on Earth with habitation), Lake Baikal (the deepest lake on Earth), the Trans-Siberian Railways (the longest railway in the world), Mt Elbrus (the highest point of Europe) and you can go on adding the names!

    Russia in April

    Russia in April

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    That makes Russia a gem with all its wonders and monuments and also provides all the nature lovers and architecture lovers many plus points to visit the country. But one needs to know the best time to visit the country so that you can enjoy every masterpiece of the country to the fullest. That time of the year is the month of April. So, here’s providing you an insight to the weather conditions in Russia in the month of April and what all you can visit.

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    Weather in Russia in April

    Weather in Russia in April

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    Russia experiences a humid continental type of climate due to two factors- its enormous size and many areas of it is far away from the seas. The mountains in the southern part of the country hinder the warm air coming from the Indian Ocean. And the plain region of the western and northern parts makes the country open to the coldness of the Arctic and Antarctic oceans.

    The country experiences two major seasons- winter and summer while the spring and autumn are very brief. January is the coldest month of the year with a minimum temperature of -71.2ᵒC and the maximum temperature being 22.2ᵒC. July is the warmest month with a minimum temperature of -9.3ᵒC and a maximum temperature of 45.4ᵒC.

    April in Russia will provide you a blend of both the temperatures- a minimum of -57.2ᵒC and a maximum of 34ᵒC. It is the ideal time for you to make a visit to the country because of the following reasons:
    o It is the transition period from the winters towards the summers.
    o The average temperature in most of the famous tourist destinations is 8ᵒC- Irkutsk (8ᵒC), Kazan (9ᵒC), Lake Baikal (5ᵒC), Moscow (10ᵒC), Novgorod (8ᵒC), St Petersburg (8ᵒC), Ulan Ude (7ᵒC), Vladivostok (9ᵒC)
    o With the increase in temperature, the snow melts and navigation in the lakes begins, thereby giving you the pleasure of boating
    o It is the blooming time for the flowers and hence the parks and gardens become great attractions for tourists.

    Visiting Russia in April

    When visiting the country, there is a lot you can see and capture. A few places that need to be in your To Go list have been given below:

    1. Hotel Astoria, St Petersburg

    St Petersburg Astoria Hotel Famous Sightseeing

    Image Source

    This is the place well known for traditional Russian food. Also, this was the place where Hitler had planned to hold a celebration after he had conquered the city of Leningrad.

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    2. The Hermitage Museum, St Petersburg

    The Hermitage Museum, St Petersburg

    Image Source

    The museum is the largest museum of the country and is home to 70 cats, that provide a protection to the museum’s treasures against the rodents.

    3. The Trans Siberian Railway

    The Trans Siberian Railway

    Image Source

    Running from Moscow to Vladivostok, the Trans Siberian Railway is the longest railway in the world. The railway line is known as the line of the tsars.

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    4. Mount Elbrus

    Mount Elbrus

    Image Source

    Located in the Caucasus Range, Mount Elbrus is one of the Seven Summits of the world. There’s a cable car system facility that takes the visitors to the high altitudes of the mountain.

    5. Valley of Geysers

    Valley of Geysers

    Image Source

    This valley is located in the Kamchatka Peninsula and is also the second largest geyser valley in the world.

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    6. Kizhi Island

    Kizhi Island

    Image Source

    Bordering Finland and the White Sea, the island is famous for its open-air museum. The Kizhi structures on the island date as old as 14th century. The castle on the island boasts Russia’s best and intricate designs that are a visual treat to the eyes. Ferry services are available from the city to the island.

    7. Lake Baikal

    Lake Baikal

    Image Source

    Those paying a visit to the Trans Siberian Railway mandatorily visit the lake. Known as the Pearl of Siberia, the Baikal Lake is said to have one of the clearest waters of the world.

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    8. Kremlin, Moscow

    Kremlin, Mosco

    Image Source

    One’s trip to Russia is incomplete without a visit to the Kremlin that is home to the top government offices of the country. This iconic structure is the landmark of Moscow and is visited by tourists from all over the world. The motley of colors and unique structure make it an interesting attraction of Russia.

    9. St Basil’s Cathedral

    St Basil’s Cathedral

    Image Source
    What makes the building an attraction is its unique architecture that resembles to the shape of a bonfire.

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    What to wear in Russia in April

    What to wear in Russia in April

    Image Source

    As per the temperatures in April, the days would be warm and the nights would be cold but not severely cold. Also, the weather is cloudy most of the times. So, accordingly, one needs to take winter wear like a jacket, peacoat, and sweaters that will do well. Also, for the day, one can wear a full sleeve top. As far as the footwear is concerned, one must take ankle boots and a pair of comfortable shoes.

    Holidays in Russia in April

    As per the list of the national holidays in Russia, there are only two holidays that fall in the month of April:
    o April 12, which is celebrated as the Cosmonautics Day
    o April 30, which is celebrated as the Labor Day.

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    Russia, as a country, has a blend of beauty to offer to you- lakes, churches, mountains, monuments. The diversity of weather all the more enhances the travel experience. A visit to Russia in the month of April is a lifetime experience!

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