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Suggesting Russia holidays in December scares people, as they think of the long and freezing days with rain, wind, and snow. However, planning a holiday in Russia in December is actually a great idea. You get to see the gorgeousness of natural vistas at its best. Also, spending time in the sub-zero temperature can add more fun and excitement to your trip. For photographers and people keen on posting amazing pictures on their social media, this is the place that can add wonders to their digital media profile. If you visit Russia in winter then you will get the scope to know the beauty of the nation even better.

Why you must visit Russia in December

You must enjoy Russia tourism in December because there is a great opportunity for you to get a glimpse of the beautiful and romantic places covered with the white blanket, which makes it a great place to have a memorable winter holiday. Want to know the reasons? Scroll down to check out why you must visit Russia in the month of December:

1. The tourist attractions are less crowded:

most popular tourist attractions

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No doubt, Russia looks gorgeous in every season; however, more people visit here during summer and that makes it crowded. Sometimes, you don’t get the tickets even after waiting for quite long. Some of the most popular tourist attractions, including Hermitage Museum or the Kremlin are so packed with tourists, even if you have pre-booked your tickets, you will have to wait for hours to make an entry. Well, Russia in December is not crowded and you can see the beautiful sights with fewer people; so no more photo-bombing in your precious pictures. Also, each place gets a makeover with the layers of snow, something that can add gorgeousness to your Russia visit.

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2. Russia is in a festive mood during December:

Russia is in a festive mood

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In December, Russians streets look beautiful with the locals clad in furs walking down the road, frosted windows of the shops giving peek-a-boo of the displayed items, and the roofs of the buildings, churches, and statues draped in snow. The twinkling lights illuminate the place and the view is breathtaking. You can get the occasional warmth with the roadside vendors roasting chestnuts; you can stop and relish upon some hot chocolates or even sip the hot mulled cider. It is the best in December and you are going to love this experience.

3. New Year’s Eve in Russia is gorgeous:

New Year’s Eve in Russia

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New Year’s Eve contributes a lot to Russia tourism in December. Being one of the biggest nights of the year in Russia, the ambiance is amazingly vibrant. You can join the locals partying and drinking while having fun on the streets. If you are wondering what to wear in Russia in December, well slide in the fashionable fur coats, wear the slip-proof shoes and cover your head with warm hats and you are set to enjoy Russia in December. Also, don’t forget to wear thick socks and carry a muffler to keep you warm. The chilling weather of Russia in December is bearable; however, you have to be careful while selecting the clothes you want to wear.

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4. December in Russia gives one of its kind experiences:

December in Russia

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Russia looks like a wedding cake with white frosting all over its top during December. Walking down and strolling on the streets is like walking on the frosting of the cake. It is a beautiful and one of its kind experiences that you must have on your winter trip to Russia. If you are clad according to the temperature, you will definitely survive the cold Russian winter. Some of the places like St Petersburg’s Hermitage, Pavlov Institute and Peterhof Palace look classic during winter.

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5. When in Russia, you can’t miss Vodka tasting:

you can’t miss Vodka tasting

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When you are holidaying in Russia, you can’t even think of escaping the idea of getting sloshed on Vodka and there is no other time than December when it becomes an amazing experience. There are many famous places like Moscow’s Vodka Museum where you can take Vodka tasting, and it will give you a mind-blowing experience along with the trivia related to it. Along with the vodka shots you can relish upon some really tasty toasts, sausages and pickled fish which are made in traditional Russian style. Taste it once and you will love it for sure.

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6. Try some sauna or Bathhouse and give your body the best treatment:

Try some sauna and bath

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The temperature in Russia in December is very low and if you want to give yourself a treat, there is nothing better than a sauna and bathhouse experience. Visit a Banya and enjoy the warmth in local style while socializing with the locals who take it as a ritual to enjoy sauna while mingling with each other.

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7. What about trying a troika ride:

What about trying a troika ride

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Troika is a traditional three-horse sleigh famous in Russia. If you are on a holiday in Russia during winter, it is a fun activity that you can indulge in. Russia in December weather is perfect for enjoying troika ride and while clad in thick warm layers of woolens, you can have fun as the locals do. You can also watch the locals doing skiing or even sledding. It is pure fun and you will never get a chance to have so much amusement in Russia if you visit here in summer. So, during a winter trip, you should definitely try a troika ride to make the best out of your trip.

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8. Try the cruise over Moskva:

Try the cruise over Moskva

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If you are looking for some more adventure and fun, you must try the cruise over Moskva River. During nights because of cold, the water of the river gets frozen at some places and it gives the experience to remember for a lifetime when you cross the river in a cruise while cutting the ice. As an add-on, the view of the illuminated city over the Moskva River is breathtaking.

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Apart from the scenic view of the snow capped mountains and the gorgeous vistas everywhere, Russia looks tremendously romantic and beautiful during winter. The tourist spots look prettier with a dust of snow and there are fewer people traveling during this time. You must consider Russia in December as a great place to enjoy your holidays. Plan your holidays this year in Russia and make it memorable for life in the pages of your travel diaries.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Russia in December

Is December a good time to visit Russia?

December in Russia is packed with festivities, events and holiday spirit and is a great time to visit Russia if you want to be a part of the most magnificent celebrations of the year.

How cold is it in Russia in December?

The temperature in Russia varies greatly in different regions of the country. While Moscow and St. Petersberg experiences temperature below -20 ℃, winters in Siberia can be much colder with the mercury reaching the level of -50 ℃ in December.

Does it snow in Moscow in December?

Moscow experiences a frigid winter with temperature below -5℃ with occasional snowfall at the end of December.

Which are the places to visit in Moscow in December?

Some of the amazing places to visit in the beautiful city of Moscow in December are: 1. Sparrow Hill 2. Red Square 3. St. Basil’s Cathedral 4. Krasny Oktyabr 5. Gorky Park

What do people wear in Russia in December?

Wollen or fur coats are the most common thing to wear in Russia in December. waterproof coat filled with down feathers, waterproof snow boots, and heavy lined wool coat is popularly worn in Russia during winters.

What is Russia like in winter?

Russia has a varied temperature in different regions especially in the north where winters are long and harsh. In some places, there are a lot of snowfalls and temperatures fall below -40 ℃.

Is Russia an expensive place to visit?

After the devaluation of the ruble in the past several years, travel to Russia has become quite affordable for tourists.

Which are the most beautiful places in Russia?

A few of the most beautiful travel destinations In Russia are: 1. Dargavs 2. St. Petersburg. 3. Altai Mountains 4. Lake Baikal 5. Zapovednik ‘Stolby’ Nature Reserve

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