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Not only inside, but also in history and cultural sphere Russia has managed to become one of the most vivid nations in the world. If you are irritating you choose Russia as your next travel destination because it is not as popular as Paris or London or even Singapore, then you are mistaking. It is like a dream coming true for each and every traveler of being able to explore a nation which carries within it hard one of the most interesting history of all the time. So in this article, we are going to discuss some of the most important information of Russia which we work as a Russian travel guide.

Best Time To Visit Russia

Best Time To Visit Russia

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Confused about when is a good time to visit Russia? This Russia travel guide has you covered. As Russia is a very large portion of land, it becomes very difficult to settle down to a perfect time for vacations in this country. However, after much calculations, we have sorted out that you can visit Russia within the months of May and October. This is purely set on the notion that within these once you will be able to explore the whole country without any kind of seasonal difficulties.

It is very true that during the season of Summer, the tourist spots become overcrowded with travelers from various parts of the world. So if you wish to ignore that rush, these months are perfect for that when at the beginning you can take the essence of Summer and also 28 October you can sense winter approaching the nation.

Russia Travel Guide: Facts About Russia

Russia Travel Guide

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● Total Area: 17100000 Sq Km
● Approximate Population- 144300000(As Per The Survey In 2016)
● Capital City: Moscow
● Current Ruling Government – Federal Republic

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Duration For A Vacation In Russia

Duration For A Vacation In Russia

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Is Russia is a country which needs time to explore you will need a couple of days for your vacation. So plan your trip early so that you can manage at least a fortnight for your stay in the country. Like this, you will be able to visit all the famous lakes, museums and other famous tourist spots so that you don’t have to regret after coming back.

Places To Visit In Russia

Melvin talking about Russia should be a little longer of places to visit. We have done your job easier by summing up and making you more focused on the sports you need to witness.

1. Kizhi Island

Kizhi Island

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The first place comes in this list is Kizhi Island, and the reason behind it is the much famed open-air Museum that resides in that place. The main attraction of this Museum consists in its Church which is made out of 22 homes and is measured as being 120 feet in height. Head to this island on your vacay to Russia.

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2. Lake Baikal

Lake Baikal

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After historic doors in the museum, you can go get refreshed in the banks of world famous Lake Baikal. This lake is there from the beginning of the revolution, and also it has been measured as the deepest lake on Earth. So how can you miss the chance to visit the Pearl of Siberia? Do visit this lake and tell us about your experience.

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3. Saint Basil’s Church

Saint Basil's Church

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Saint Basil’s Church comes in the third number, kind of architecture you will be able to witness in this charge it is very rare. This place has become a favorite for the structure is seen to resemble a bonfire flame. Have a great time visiting this church in Russia.

4. Valley Of Geysers

Valley Of Geysers

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Do you want to speculate a valley full of geysers? Spelling Russia you will find it in the valley of Kamchatka Peninsula. Tatyana Ustinova Russian scientist brought the place in the limelight in the year 1941. It has been recorded as the second largest valley full of geysers. If you can only imagine how it would be to see with your own eyes are place bringing out smoke.

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5. Mount Elbrus

Mount Elbrus

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Hills and mountains when an all-time favorite, no matter where ever we go. Russia won’t disappoint you either the famous Caucasus mountain range especially Mount Elbrus. The facility of cable cars has been enabled by the government for the tourist so that they can reach the highest Summit without any kind of difficulties.

Adventure Sports In Russia

It is not like that in Russia you can only visit museums, churches and can only go fishing in a lake. There are multiple adventure sports available with which you can make out the best of your holidays.

1. Diving


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As it always has been mentioned that the Lake Baikal is the deepest in the planet, so you can imagine how it would be to dive in such a place and that too even when the lake is completely frozen. If you are a trained diver then you can stay underwater for at least 15 minutes given the temperature range from -25°C to -30°C.

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2. River Rafting

River Rafting

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A fan of river rafting? Will, you should definitely hit the region of the Ural Mountains. In this place, there are many companies with which you can go on a trip of river rafting for 7 days. It will be fun com adventurous and the most thrilling experience of your entire trip. All the thrill seekers, head here.

3. Hiking


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When there are so many mountains around you how can you keep yourself from going hiking? You can choose Altai, as a kind of hiking experience you will gather who were here will not match up to anywhere else. Enjoy the scenic vistas during your hike.

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Best Accommodation In Russia

Best Accommodation In Russia

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If you get to stay in a nice cozy and peaceful place than half of your holiday becomes heavenly. You can choose the Radisson Royal Hotel in Moscow, the Corinthia in Saint Petersburg all these places are referred by the Russia travel guide for their best performances with their customers. There are hundreds of places from which you can choose whether you want to live in a luxurious place or you want to experience an old RK Hotel which conveys the history of the place.

How To Reach Russia

How To Reach Russia

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Well, it is needless to say that the best and the most comfortable way to reach Russia is by a flight. You can choose from any of the major international airports in Russia like

● Sheremetyevo (Moscow)
● Pullover ( Saint Petersburg)
● Koltosovo ( Ekaterinburg)

And if you are adventurous enough then you can also take the route by road, for that you will have to start from New Delhi. In this way, you will be able to take the full thrill and excitement of your trip to Russia.

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Enticed by this travel guide for Russia? It will be surely an experience of a lifetime, with spectacular places and many activities to choose from. So, plan your trip to Russia with TravelTriangle to indulge in the most exquisite experiences in this scenic land of history, culture and soothing vibes!

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