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With its floors being covered by sky-high scrapers, alluring landmarks, magnificent theme parks, and iconic museums, Hong Kong is a destination that is bound to leave the travelers in a trance. The energetic crowd and vibrancy in the atmosphere have made the city of Hong Kong synonymous with New York City. Not only famous for its cheerfulness, but Hong Kong is also a hub for those travelers who are seeking to engage in adventurous escapades. Hiding gem-like experiences in its lap, one of the emerging attractions is scuba diving in Hong Kong. No more of running to the tropical destinations to take part in something this thrilling. Diving into the crystal clear waters and witnessing the marvelous underwater wildlife of this colorful city is an experience that one tends to cherish for their lifetime. Take a look at this little guide to help one make note of the best scuba diving in Hong Kong and engage in the moments that are nothing but overwhelming!

Best Time For Scuba Diving In Hong Kong

Best Time For Scuba Diving

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Hong Kong is paradise on earth for experienced divers as one can take a dip into the waters of this sub-tropical city all year long. However, for the travelers planning to begin their scuba diving journey in Hong Kong, it is advised to schedule trips from the month of March to November. However, as the water temperatures in the month of July and August are at an increasing rate, it is better to avoid these two months. The visibility underwater to witness the beauty of coral reefs and enchanting marine wildlife is best during the months of September and October when the winds change and one gets to enjoy their dive without any algae floating around. However, since Hong Kong is not a tropical region, temperatures of water would not be that warm. It is advised to put on extra layered suits or drysuits when planning to take a dive!

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5 Best Places For Scuba Diving In Hong Kong

With an extensive number of places for scuba diving in Hong Kong, one gets spoiled with choices. Irrespective of the location one chooses for scuba diving in Hong Kong, the magnificent coral reefs and an impeccable variety of marine life will make one want to float around a little longer. Take a look at this list of top locations where on can scuba dive in Hong Kong and make stories that will last the lifetime.

1. Tai Long Wan

Tai Long Wan

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One of the famous scuba diving spots in Hong Kong, Tai Long Wan is an untouched, serene beach with preserved beauty and charm. For those searching for a path untraveled, this is the place to be. Lush greens, white sand, and rugged rocks covering the floors of this stunning destination make Tai Long Wan rank at the top of the list in terms of exquisiteness. The crystal clear waters with moderate temperature and strong currents attract flocks of adventure enthusiasts seeking to take a dive deep under the sea.

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2. East Dam

East Dam

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Sitting in Sai Kung Peninsula, High Island Reservoir East Dam is another one of the popular destinations amongst scuba divers. Recommended by many, East Dam blankets such picturesque views that take away the breath of the spectators. One of the must-try spots for scuba diving in Hong Kong, East Dam is sitting on the South China Sea which gives divers a grand opportunity to discover the extraordinary underwater species of Hong Kong. This destination is also home to centuries-old volcanic rock, making it a perfect spot for thrill fanatics.

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3. Port Island

Port Island

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Tagged as ‘Chek Chau’ by locals in China, Port Island has earned itself a spot on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites by virtue of the red sand covering the grounds and terrains of this island. Termed as ‘Danxia Wonder at Sea’, the Port Island exhibits sights that are worth beholding. Showcasing an impeccable amalgamation of red soil and clear blue waters, Port Island is one fascinating destination.

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4. Ninepin Islands

Ninepin Islands

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Home to the most fascinating and enchanting hidden treasures of Hong Kong, Ninepin Islands are a must-visit for the scuba divers seeking to experience both underwater marvels and the charm of the land. One of the most attractive treasures is certainly the intriguing hexagonal columns that were formed by the volcanic erosions. Along with exhibiting magnificent formations outside of the sea, Ninepin Islands are home to beautiful marine wildlife including Chromis fumea, polychaetes, octopus, Echidna polyzona, and much more.

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5. Breaker Reef

Breaker Reef

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Another one of the popular locations for scuba diving in Hong Kong, Breaker Reef is an island that is uninhabited and untouched by commercialization. Waiting to be unearthed, Breaker Reef provides perfect currents and winds for scuba diving making the experience all the more exciting. Also knows as ‘Shek Ngau Chau’, this location is surrounded by clusters of rugged rocks. Tagged as one of the best sites for scuba diving in Hong Kong, Breaker Reef houses an impeccable variety of corals and sea life including the large fishes such as sharks. So, if one is looking to challenge their inner daredevils, paying a visit to this Reef will be worth it.

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Tips For Scuba Diving In Hong Kong

There are certain pointers that one must keep in mind when planning for scuba diving in Hong Kong. Take note of these tips in order to enjoy scuba diving without any hindrances.

  • The cost of scuba diving in Hong Kong depends on the diving school and instructor one chooses. The cost of scuba diving includes the number of dives, equipment, meals, and duration of stay and can be anything more than INR 28,000/-
  • The diving experience in Hong Kong is a bit different from other destinations. It provides the best opportunity for those are planning to undertake scuba diving at a beginner level.
  • Wear proper thermal protection as the water temperature in Hong Kong is extremely different from the seas of tropical destinations.
  • One should make sure they are well aware of the surroundings when swimming underwater. Take extra precautions for the areas where sightings of large fishes like sharks and dangerous marine life like sea snakes, blue ring octopus, etc. have been reported.

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Hong Kong, a city that never sleeps is a lot more than iconic skyline, glowing neon lights, and scrumptious cuisines. Emerging as one of the popular destinations amongst those travelers who are seeking adventure, Hong Kong is a destination that makes every tourist fall in love with itself. From hiking to scuba diving in Hong Kong, the experiences to encounter in this city are limitless. Plan your adventurous escape to Hong Kong and challenge that daredevil soul of yours!

Frequently Asked Questions About Scuba Diving In Hong Kong

What is Hong Kong known for?

Hong Kong is known for its shiny skyscrapers, mega theme parks, amusing museums, and beautiful landmarks. The city of Hong Kong has energetic crowds vibrant atmosphere and is popular as the most cheerful place in Asia.

Is Hong Kong good for scuba diving?

Hong Kong has the most stunning coral reefs and enchanting marine wildlife with excellent visibility making it one of the best places for scuba diving.

What is there to do in Hong Kong?

A few amazing things to do in Hong Kong are: 1. Beach Exploration 2. Watching Symphony Of Lights 3. Junk Boat Ride 4. Ocean Park And Disneyland Tour 5. Visit the Wong Tai Sin Temple in Kowloon

Which is the best time to visit Hong Kong?

You can enjoy cool and pleasant weather in Hong Kong between the months of October to December.

Is scuba diving in Hong Kong safe for first-timers?

All dive centers in Hong Kong provide you with proper training, assistance and all necessary safety gear making your first dive absolutely safe.

Do you have to be certified to scuba dive in Hong Kong?

Yes. You will need a certification for scuba diving in Hong Kong. But do not worry if you do not have one. You can easily get a PDAI certificate from any of the authorized diving centers in a single day.

Is scuba diving in Hong Kong expensive?

Yes. Scuba diving in Hing Kong is slightly more expensive as compared o its neighboring countries but the experience is totally worth it.

Which are the popular diving centers in Hong Kong?

Some of the best diving centers in Hong Kong where you can find all you could need for a wonderful diving experience are: 1. Splash Hong Kong 2. Diving Adventure Ltd. 3. Mandarin Divers (HK) Limited 4. Pro-Diver Development Ltd. 5. Urban Diver Ltd

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