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Japan is an archipelago country where the maximum geographical area has been taken up by active volcanoes. Japan is a host to unusual landscapes ranging from mountain regions to coastal ports. The eye-catching beauty of the architectural wonders and the opera of Japan’s changing seasons that brings about the lovely colors of fall and the pink canopy of sakura trees are definitely the most sought-after activities for any traveler. However, with the confluence of so many islands, there are bound to be some excellent spots that offer the best opportunities for scuba diving in Japan.

The Best Places For Japan Scuba Diving

Let us have a look at the best scuba diving spots in Japan where one can indulge in this most underrated activity.

1. Miyako Island

Miyako Island

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Miyako island is famous for its sedimentary rock caves and dark tunnels. This scuba diving in Japan near Tokyo is recommended for qualified divers as one can encounter horizontal passageways that require some experience. The crystal clear waters allow a beautiful view of the ocean bed filled with soft corals while swimming along with some sea turtles and colorful fishes. Many diving tour operators reside in this island to guide through the underlying world of marine animals.

Cost: INR 7000
How to get there: It is a 3-hour flight from Tokyo

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2. Ishigaki Island

Ishigaki Island

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Ishigaki island is recommended for those who are looking for a fun dive with no experience. The island has the maximum number of coral reefs and each is named based on the fishes found in the area. This spot has various marine life amongst which manta rays exceed in numbers. Scuba guiding companies on the island take care of the insurance, lunch, tanks and other necessities.

Cost: INR 7000
How to get there: A 50 minutes ferry from the capital of Okinawa gets one to the Ishigaki island.

3. Kozushima Island

Kozushima Island

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It is a perfect spot for those looking for plenty of marine life beneath without trying too hard to look for it. Beginners can opt for this island to start their scuba diving in Japan near Tokyo. The Pacific ocean bed is filled with bedrocks that are infested by colorful slugs. The site is also welcoming to the night divers where one can spot some starfishes and octopuses.

Cost: INR 12000
How to get there: One has to board the 12-hour ferry from Tokyo.

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4. Chichijima Island

Chichijima Island

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This diving site is filled with sperm whales, bottlenose dolphins, and manta rays. It is the most sought after scuba diving spots in Japan. One can enjoy scuba diving here not only for the colorful coral reefs and humpback whales but for the presence of the debris from world war II which also makes it an important historical site. The queer blend of history and diving adventure makes it an interesting place for scuba divers to take a dip.

Cost: INR 13000
How to get there: One needs to travel 24 hrs by boat from Tokyo in order to reach the diving spot.

5. Hokkaido Island

Hokkaido Island

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Scuba diving in Hokkaido brings about a unique experience to the seasoned divers. The diving takes place in the region called Shiretoko peninsula and in Lake Shikotsu to be specific. This is one of the best diving sites in Japan to those who want to experience ice diving. Penetrating the ice caps on the this clearest lake leads the divers into the world of cliones. Cliones are also commonly known as the sea angels and are unique to this diving spot. They are transparent slugs with wings that float about near the ice melts. One can also spot some shrimps, salmon and sea urchins.

Cost: INR 4000
How to get there: The lake is an hour away from the New Chitose airport.

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6. Kouri Island

Kouri Island

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Diving in Okinawa, Japan and especially in this diving spot has a historic significance to it and is not recommended for first-timers. Along with the diverse marine life underneath one can even find the remains of an American ship that was destroyed in the world war II and was sunk here to avoid its capture. This makes this a great spot for ship-wreck diving as well, adding to the various reasons adventure seekrs visit this place.

Cost: INR 8000
How to get there: It is a 1.5 hours drive from the Naha airport.

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7. Yoron Island

Yoron Island

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The Yoronjima area is often dubbed as the diver’s paradise making it one of the best diving sites in Japan. The unique feature of this diving spot is that the washed up corals from the ocean dry up to form star-shaped sand granules on the beaches. Sharks and lionfish make a frequent visitor in the diving area and it’s intriguing for divers to watch these delightful marine creatures glide about in their natural habitat, a sight one won’t find in many other diving spots across the world.

Cost: INR 6000
How to get there: It can be easily reached by flights from either Okinawa or Kagoshima.

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8. Yonaguni Island

The Yonaguni Monument in Japan is a pyramid structure that was likely built around 10,000 BCE.

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Yonaguni islands are famous for its one of a kind underwater monument. It is the only diving site in Japan, Okinawa to have unveiled monuments dating back to the times when pyramids were built in Egypt. The discovery of iseki stones underneath have led to mythological beliefs among the locals. Also known for its clear waters, the diving site offers the views of hammer-headed sharks and other fishes.

Cost: INR 9000
How to get there: Frequent flights from the capital of Okinawa is available.

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Best Time To Go Scuba Diving In Japan

Best Time To Go Scuba Diving

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Since Japan has a diverse weather condition pertaining to different regions that make the island, it is hard to pinpoint the time best for scuba diving in Japan. Depending upon what kind of diving one prefers, Japan is open for scuba diving all throughout the year. The Okinawa islands are famous for summer dives while Hokkaido islands are famous for ice diving.

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Scuba diving in Japan offers innumerable opportunities to beach bums to indulge in this recreational activity. Ever thought about entering a parallel world? Well, plan your trip today with TravelTriangle to experience the magnificent aquatic life underwater that not only houses colorful sea life but also some historic monuments worth diving for.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Scuba Diving In Japan

What is Japan famous for?

Home to more than a dozen of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Japan is popular for its traditional art, culture, calligraphy, distinctive gardens, sculptures, and sushi. Japanese cuisines and diverse landscape with beautiful islands and clear blue waters is what makes it a very popular destination among visitors.

What to do in Japan?

Here are a few things to do in Japan for an exciting vacation: 1. Climb Mount Fuji, Japan’s highest active volcano 2. Go on a weekend trip to Arashiyama 3. Join the Cherry Blossom Festival 4. Watch a sumo show. 5. Have some fun at the DisneySea

Is Japan a good place for diving?

Japan is one of the hidden gems known for some of the most amazing offbeat locations for diving. The southern region of japan has shallow waters with walls, slopes, coral reefs, and white sand ocean floors.

Is scuba diving in Japan safe for first-timers?

Yes. The shallow waters of Japan are absolutely safe for scuba diving for the first-timers. But make sure you you have all the necessary safety equipment and a professional trainer to help you with your first underwater experience

How much does scuba diving cost in Japan?

Scuba diving in Japan can cost you anything between Rs. 800 and Rs. 13000 depending on the type scuba diving and the equipments.

Which is the best scuba diving centers in Japan?

If you wish to get some diving lessons in Japan, here are a few top diving centers in Japan: 1. MCCS Aquatic Center / Dive Locker 2. Euro-Divers Japan | Scuba Diving & Snorkeling Ishigaki Japan 3. Dive Center Isles 4. Guy’s diving center

Which is the best time to visit Japan?

The best time to visit Japan is during the spring i.e March to May and again from September to November. Both these seasons have very pleasant and dry weather which is perfect for all kinds of water activities and outdoor excursions.

Is a diving certificate necessary for scuba diving in Japan?

Certification is not necessary for scuba diving in Japan, but it is recommended that you the proper training and experience for scuba diving before diving into the waters of Japan.

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