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Japan is country which is full of some of the most spectacular spectacles which include the mountains, rivers, plains and well as the beaches in Japan. Known for its cleanliness and spectacular picturesque locations of the beach, the water here is so blue and clear and the biodiversity is massive thanks to the environmental conservation efforts of the Japanese Government.

The beaches here can be compared to some of the most well-known countries in the world such as Fuji, Australia, Spain, Portugal, and Bali. By this beach guide, we hope to make your vacation to Japan the best and the most enjoyable. Even though there is stiff competition from the beautiful beaches of South East Asia such as the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand these beaches stand aside from all other countries.

11 Best Beaches In Japan

After some detailed research and good first-hand experience, we have compiled a list of some of the most spectacular beaches in Japan. This list will guide you through a whole list of places in Japan that will set your tone for your next trip to Japan.

  • Yonaha Maehama Beach
  • Kondoi Beach
  • Nishi No Hama Beach
  • Shirahama Beach
  • The beach in Ibusuki
  • Miho Beach in Shizuoka
  • Jodogahama Beach in Iwate
  • Hirizo Beach
  • Suishohama Beach in Fukui Prefecture
  • Takahama Beach in Nagasaki prefecture
  • Kurasaki Beach in Kagoshima

1. Yonaha Maehama Beach

 Yonaha Maehama

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Widely regarded as one of the best and the most beautiful beaches in Japan, Yonaha Maehama is a heaven for all the nature and beach lovers around the world. Located in the Miyoki Island, located just 400 miles from the coast of the province of Okinawa on the mainland, it is unlike crowded as some of the overrated beaches around the world and is truly one of the best beaches in Japan that one can visit to spend some quality time with your loved ones.

Location: Yonaha-1199 Shimoji, Miyakojima, Okinawa Prefecture 906-0000, Japan

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2. Kondoi Beach

Kondoi Beach

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Located in the province which is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in Japan, the beach in Okinawa is no less than a dream come true for all the nature lovers. This tranquil and spectacular place is more accessible than the Yonaha Maehama beach as it is just a small ferry ride from the coastline of Japan in Ishigaki. The beach is also famous for its great snorkeling and diving environment and is a top-notch place in the country.

Location: Kondoi Beach, Taketomi Island, Okinawa, Japan

3. Nishi No Hama Beach

Nishi No Hama Beach

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Yet another one of those exceptional beaches in Okinawa, the beach is located on Hateruma Island. Being the southernmost inhabited island in Japan, Nishi No Hama is calm and far from any chaos. This is the beach which is one of the least crowded beaches in Japan. The sand is white and is almost untouched which you’ll love but what most travelers love about some beaches in Japan is the stark contrast of the ivory sand and emerald water which is a rare thing to have in the world.

Location: Nishi No Hama Beach, Taketomi Island, Okinawa, Japan

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4. Shirahama Beach

Shirahama Beach

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Shirahama Beach located in southern Wakayama area in the region of Kansai in Japan is a different kind of beach. It is made using artificial white sand imported from Australia. The meaning of its name is literally “White beach”. Although the sand is not considered as good for picnic and relaxation as compared to others on this list, this place is counted amongst the premier beaches in Japan if you have to participate in water sports and adventure water activities.

Location: Shirahama Beach, Wakayama, Japan

5. The beach in Ibusuki

The beach in Ibusuki

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This beach is located on the small seaside town of Ibusuki in the southern Kyushu which is one of the main islands of Japan. It is known for healing properties of the black volcanic sand beaches. Visitors bury themselves in the sand as a spa and skincare treatment for their bodies. This small town is a great escape from the crowds of the nearby Kagoshima, with delicious kinds of seafood, relaxing hot springs, and some crazy beautiful archeological sites. A highly recommended place to visit, this place will only enhance your experience of visiting Japan. Another perk of this beach is that being located in a small seaside town, you can see the authenticity of the Japanese unlike in the big cities like Tokyo, Osaka, and the island of Hokkaido.

Location: Ibusuki, Kagoshima, Japan

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6. Miho Beach in Shizuoka

Miho Beach in Shizuoka region of Japan

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Although the beach doesn’t have the super fine sand like the other spectacular beaches on this list, the best perk of this beach is that the place is located in the home province of Mt. Fuji and the spectacular and auspicious mountain views from the beach are just amazing. This is considered as one of the best beaches in the Japan mainland. Lined with stones and spectacularly large pine trees, the place is spectacular for cycling and swimming.

Location: Miho Beach, Shizuoka Beach, Japan

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7. Jodogahama Beach in Iwate


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The name of this spectacular beach, Jodogahama means “Pure Land”, also the name of the Buddhist paradise which was inspired by the jagged islands which arise from the calm water of this protected place. The beach is a part of the Sanriku Recovery National Park in Iwate, and the beach is one popular stop for adventure sports lovers who like to enjoy things like hiking, swimming, and cave and rock exploration.

Location: Japan, 〒027-0001 Iwate Prefecture, Miyako

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8. Hirizo Beach

Hirizo Beach

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Located in the southern region of the Izu peninsula, the place is bordered by very steep cliffs and is only accessible by a ferry ride which operates just for two months, which means that the place is almost untouched and the surroundings are really clean and raw. It is an unpopular place which means that not many people go there and it is really peaceful and surreal.

Location: Nakagi, Kamo District, Shizuoka Prefecture 415-0311, Japan

9. Suishohama Beach in Fukui Prefecture

Suishohama Beach in Fukui Prefecture

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Suish means clear and you’ll know that the place literally means its name when you see the crystal clear water of the Wakasa Bay when you visit the place. The sand here is called the ‘singing sand’ because of the sounds it makes. Being a popular beach destination in Japan, the place also has some of the best water sports facilities in the country and has the possibility of booking an accommodation for a night.

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10. Takahama Beach in Nagasaki prefecture

Takahama Beach in Nagasaki prefecture

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Located on the tip of Nagasaki Island, this beach is situated just west of the main island of Japan . Known for its scenic beauty, one can see the great view of the beach of Hashima. Facing the former mining island of Gunkanjima, many latest amenities have been built here for the ever increasing number of vacationers who increase in number each year. The place has its own accommodations and hotels so that you can relax after swimming in the cold blue yet soothing ocean, off the coast of Nagasaki Island.

Location: Japan, 〒851-0503 Nagasaki Prefecture, Nagasaki

11. Kurasaki Beach in Kagoshima

Kurasaki Beach in Kagoshima

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The crystal clear blue yet transparent water of the Kurasaki Beach in Kagoshima province of Japan is a truly unreal sight to behold. The shallow coastline water is just about ideal for snorkeling and diving. It’s just like a paradise for the coral reefs so you’ll find fishes aplenty here and that’s why it is known amongst some of the heavens of fishing in the country. While walking along the beach, the soothing sound of the waves helps you to relax whilst you enjoy the view of the sea.

Location: 885-4 Ashitoku, Tatsugo, Oshima, Kagoshima

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Though people don’t know much about the spectacular beaches in Japan, it is a really unique and beautiful country with all these gorgeous beaches. If beaches allure you, book your trip to Japan with TravelTriangle and don’t forget to visit these amazingly beautiful beaches!

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