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    Sea Creatures in Gulf of Mexico

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    For months, scientists at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) have been on an excursion of uncovering some of the deepest secrets of the Gulf of Mexico. Spectacular as it gets, these scientists captured the most striking sea creatures in Gulf of Mexico during this period and they are beyond your greatest imagination.

    Aboard the converted US Navy ship of Okeanos Explorer, a team of NOAA went on to conduct a study of the ocean depths of Gulf of Mexico last December. Continuing the project for over three months and with the help of submersibles controlled by remote, this group of scientists not only mapped the seafloor but also got up and close with deep-water sea creatures in Gulf of Mexico that make life underwater look nothing less than a breathtaking alien world. Take a look!

    Astonishing Sea Creatures In Gulf Of Mexico

    1. Say Hello To The Bamboo Coral Called Lepidisis Caryophyllia

    Lepidisis Caryophyllia

    Image Source

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    2. You Only Find Snake Stars & Sea Stars At The Depth Of 1,315 Feet

    Gulf of Mexcio 2017

    Image Source

    3. Male Red Crabs Coming Claw-To-Claw For Their Valentine Be Like

    Male Red Crabs

    Image Source

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    4. When The Shining Sea-Stars Hang Out Together

    Cluster of Sea-Stars

    Image Source

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    5. You Barely Witness A Marine Smelt At 900 Meters

    Marine Smelt In Gulf of Mexico

    Image Source

    6. A Colonial Tuscarorid Phaeodarean Shines Bright

    Sea Creatures in Gulf of Mexico

    Image Source

    7. An Angry-Looking Ophidiiform Cusk Eel

    Ophidiiform Cusk Eel

    Image Source

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    8. A Sea Toad Called Chaunax Suttkusi Captures The Earth In Its Eyes

    Chaunax Suttkusi Sea Toad

    Image Source

    9. An Octopus That’s Called Dumbo & Dwells Deep Down In The Ocean

    A Dumbo Octopus

    Image Source

    10. A Long-Nosed Chimaera Says Hello To The Submersible

    Sea Creatures in Gulf of Mexico

    Image Source

    Ever witnessed anything like these sea creatures in Gulf of Mexico? Well, you’re not alone in that! Making the travelers realize that they just occupy a tiny space on the land, there’s a lot more to the underwater world than what just meets the eyes!

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