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    Sekumpul Waterfall

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    Sekumpul waterfall is considered to be one of the most gorgeous waterfalls in Bali. It is a collection of seven narrow cascades that is surrounded by a lush green bamboo forest in a valley. The waterfall is named after the local village – Sekumpul. The village is located in the Buleleng regency of North Bali. From the Lovina beach, it takes an hour or so by car.

    If you are visiting Bali, then the Sekumpul waterfall tour is something that you must not miss out on.

    About Sekumpul Waterfall In Bali

    Sekumpul Village

    Image Source
    Located in the Sekumpul Village of the Sawan sub-district, the Sekumpul waterfall in Bali presents a mesmerizing panorama of seven waterfalls. In the local language, Sekumpul stands for “group” or “collection.” High cliffs separate the seven waterfalls, each having a different height and flow of water. The Sekumpul waterfall height is a maximum of 262 feet or 80 meters.

    Even a few years back, these waterfalls were only accessible to the locals, and a very few tourists came to visit the spot. However, it has acquired a lot of popularity over the last few years. The trek to the location offers you amazing views of the rainforest filled with coffee and cocoa trees. Even if you plan to visit Sekumpul waterfall without guide, you will not be missing out on much.
    Sekumpul waterfall entrance fee is something around 20,000 rupiahs. This is equivalent to 2USD. There is no additional cost for parking.

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    How To Get To Sekumpul Waterfall

    Reaching by Air

    Forest view

    Image Source
    If you are taking a flight, then you will have to get down at the Ngurah Rai International Airport. It is also known as the Denpasar International Airport. The Airport is around 15 kilometers from the city of Bali. Sekumpul is about 72 kilometers away from Denpasar. You will have to travel the remaining distance by car.

    Reaching by Road


    Image Source
    The road is the easiest way to get to Sekumpul. If you are going to Sekumpul waterfall from Ubud, it will take around 2 hours by road. If you are visiting Sekumpul waterfalls from Seminyak, then it will take a little longer – about 3 hours. The cars will not go directly to the waterfalls. There is a parking lot from where you have to walk all the way to the waterfalls. It is located quite close to the Lemukih Waterfall entrance – less than a couple of kilometers. The Sekumpul and the Lemukih village are adjacent to each other. However, walking to the Sekumpul waterfall can be a little difficult. You will have to go down a dirt road from the parking lot and then climb down hundreds of stairs. You may have to cross a few streams on the way too.

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    Best Time To Visit Sekumpul Waterfall

    Beautiful Scene

    Image Source
    You can visit the waterfall almost throughout the year. Since Bali is a tropical island, the best time is to visit it during the dry season, that is, from April to October. If you are looking for Sekumpul waterfall trekking, it is advised to start early in the morning. You can get to the waterfalls as early as 9 AM and can stay there till 3 PM.

    This time provides enough daylight to explore the surrounding areas and take breathtaking photographs. Since the waterfall is tucked away in deep rainforests, it is advised not to go when there is not much sunlight, or when the weather is not favorable. Depending on the time of the year, you may not get to see all the seven waterfalls. However, five of the waterfalls are visible almost throughout the year regardless of what time you go on Sekumpul waterfall hike.

    Places To Stay Near Sekumpul Waterfall


    Image Source
    There are numerous places to stay close to the Sekumpul waterfall. The Sekumpul Accommodation Guesthouse is a hotel that is located in Singaraja and is only half a mile from the waterfall. Moreover, getting to the other waterfalls from this guesthouse is also quite easy. It is around 20 kilometers away from the Gitgit waterfall and 27 kilometers away from the AlingAling waterfall.

    Another similar place to stay is the SugiGede Homestay. This four-star accommodation comes with free Wi-Fi and a terrace with lovely views. Some of the other places to stay are: SekumpulBnB, The KubuGalungan, Woodstock In the Village, Hardys Hotel Singaraja, KubuReod, Lafyu Bali and D Uma Tuma Retreat. More homestays and hotels are being constructed in the area. Therefore, you will get a lot of options, no matter what your budget is.

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    Things To Do At Sekumpul Waterfall

    There are a number of things that you can do near Sekumpul Waterfall. The fun is definitely ultimate, with awe-inspiring scenery left and right. Here is what you can give a try to

    1. Lemukih Hills

    Beautiful Scene of hills

    Image Source
    Before you get to the waterfall, you will cross the Lemukih hills. The hills itself are beautiful. The people of the Lemukih village converted the hills into rice field by terracing. You can take photographs of the rice field from the Lemukih hills.

    2. Trekking


    Image Source
    From the parking, you will have to trek through the forest to the Sekumpul waterfall. You will get to see the rice terraces after a 10-minute walk. From there, you will have to walk further to reach the waterfalls. You will have to climb down a lot of stairs and cross streams coming down the hill. During the entire trek, you will get numerous photo opportunities. The hils and the jungle provide you with innumerable subjects.

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    3. Swimming


    Image Source
    You can take a dip at the cool waters of the waterfalls. Swimming and diving are popular activities in that location. Since the water is shallow, it does not pose any danger. Moreover, after the long trek, spending some time in the natural pool helps you relax.

    4. Handara Gate

    Beautiful nature

    The Handata gate is quite a famous tourist location in North Bali, Indonesia. The gates are located right on the side of the road, making it quite hard to miss. The gates have become extremely popular lately, thanks to Instagram. The entrance fee varies. Typically, it is 10,000 to 20,000 Rupiah. This is something around 2 USD. There may be a lot of people depending on what time of the year you are going there. But you can take some quick photographs with the gates and the mountains in the background.

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    5. Lunch

    Delicious food

    Image Source
    After visiting the waterfalls, you can have lunch at a place of your choice at Bedugul. There are numerous hotels that offer you a large platter of Asian cuisines. You can enjoy the view of Lake Bratan from some of these places too. It is generally a good idea to have your meal after you visit the waterfall. Once you are done with your lunch, you can continue visiting some of the other nearby places.

    6. Bedugul Lake


    Image Source
    Pura Ulun Danu Beratan water temple is a major tourist destination as well as a place of religious significance. The temple is dedicated to Ida Batara Dewi Ulun Danu, who is the goddess of the lake. It was built back in the 17th century to worship the Hindu Gods Brahma, Shiva and Vishnu. The place is open from 8 am to 6 pm and provides great photo opportunities. You can also visit the Bali Botanic garden, which is officially known as Kebun Raya Eka Karya Bedugul. It is a wonderful spot to spend some quality time amidst the mesmerizing natural surroundings and at the same time get educated about the various tropical plants in the garden. It is open on all seven days from 8 am to 6 pm and accommodation is provided to those who want to spend the night in the garden.

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    With so many things to do and places to visit in Bali, you just cannot select the best ones in one go. Going for a longer duration is surely an option though! Plan your trip to Bali with TravelTriangle and know what awaits you in this mystic land of Indonesia!

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