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    Bangalore, the Silicon Valley of India, is also known for its pleasant weather all year round. But as we know, regardless of what people say, Summer in Bangalore can be really scorching and with all the stress of work it gets more annoying. Yes, we can all just stay in an airconditioned room all day and all night, but should that be enough? Life is too short for that.

    Summer is Bangalore lasts from April to June, with April being the hottest month. The temperature can soar as high as 33 degrees Celsius in April but rarely exceeds it. So, you see summers in Bangalore are not as severe as places in Northern region.

    Summer In Bangalore: Top Things To Do

    This list of 5 simple ways to beat the heat is foolproof and will provide you with relief from the scorching summer. So, now that the hot season is here, we must be ready with plans.

    1. Wonderla: Splash Around

    WonderLa Water Park

    Image Source
    Weather could get really hot during summer in Bangalore, and it comes without saying that the best way to beat the heat is playing around in the water. Wonderla is a blessing for the Bangaloreans, right from the kids to senior citizens. The rides and pools here suit people of all ages, including toddlers. International safety and hygienic standards are followed by the authorities. In fact, not only in summers, Wonderla offers heated pool during the winter season. So, we can say this is an all-year-round getaway for the city-dwellers.

    There are 7 multi-cuisine restaurants inside the park, serving delicious delights, making it a full-fledged waterpark.

    Entry charges: Starts from INR 1050 per person
    Timing: 11:00 am to 6:00 pm

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    2. Spa: Pamper Yourself

    spa session in bangalore

    Image Source

    When the heat strikes, you must pamper yourself with a rejuvenating session in a soulful spa. The humdrum of the city can get more stressful when the weather just won’t cooperate, and with all this happening, there are Ayurvedic spas in the city that offer a much-needed break, giving you peace of mind. When it comes to things to do in Bangalore in summer, turns out, the best option is to do nothing at all!

    Best spas in Bangalore: SPA.ce The Spa, Le Tranquille, Four Fountains De-Stress Spa Brookefields, O2 Spa Bangalore and Taman Buddha
    Approximate cost: INR 600-2500

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    3. Ice-cream: Go Flavour Hopping

    Ice cream cone

    Image Source

    Bangalore’s weather in Summer can be really discomforting, but what is it that makes the mood better any time any day? Well, ice cream of course! Thanks to many ice cream parlors in the city, you and your friends could get on to something chilling, quite literally! Right from the basic ice cream flavors, to the fanciest, insta-worthy delights, you can spend days treating yourselves.

    Best ice cream parlors in Bangalore : Haagen Dazs, Hokey Pokey Ice Creams, Natural Ice Cream, Milano Ice Cream, Stoner and Pabrai’s Fresh & Naturalle Ice Creams
    Tip: Head to Indiranagar for the bet ice cream parlors in the city

    4. Fine dining: With Your Family Or Your Better Half

    High Ultra Bar & Lounge in Bangalore

    Image Source

    We all know, summer in Bangalore, or anywhere for that matter, gets worst during the day. So, if you have been spending the day at the waterpark splashing around, or haven’t been doing anything and only relaxing at your home; you’d surely want to go out at night treating your taste buds with the best flavors and your soul with soothing ambiance! Well, regardless of your budget, you can fine dine in the city with your family or opt for a candle-light dinner with your beloved.

    Best fine dining restaurants in Bangalore: The Lantern, Punjabi By Nature, Windmills Craftworks, Rim Naam, High Ultra Lounge and Whitefield Bar & Grill

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    5. Quick Escapades: Make Weekends Fun

    Kudremukh Range In Chikmagalur

    Image Source

    When all else fails, making a quick weekend away from the Summer in Bangalore could be the best plan to execute. As you may know, there are many hill station in close proximity to the city, and many of them also provide world-class accommodation. You can be traveling in buses or hit the road self-driving as the scenic panorama unfolds before you. You could be a trekker or someone wanting a staycation, believe me, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

    Best places to visit near Bangalore in Summer: Horsely Hills, Nandi Hills, Kemmangundi and Chikmagalur are among the top hill stations near Bangalore to visit in summer.
    Approximate budget: INR 5,000-10,000

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    See, there are so many ways you can have fun in summer in Bangalore. Pick any activities and just grab your family and friends along to be your partner-in-crime. Whether you want to go on ice cream parlor hopping or are thinking of opting for weekend getaways from Bangalore, your summer season is sorted!

    Frequently Asked Questions About Summer In Bangalore

    Q: What are the seasons in Bangalore?

    A: Bangalore has usual seasons like other places. It observes summer, winter, and monsoon.

    Q: Which is the hottest month in Bangalore?

    A: April is the hottest month in Bangalore.

    Q: Why does it rain in summer in Bangalore?

    A: Due to oceanic depressions and cyclones, Bangalore experiences rainfall in summer.



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