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    After finding a perfect blend of modernity and then blending with tradition, Bangalore has managed to rise the ranks from merely being a garden city to become one of the most sought-after cities in the world. Some of these best restaurants in Bangalore are a testament to the changing times in Karnataka’s capital which has evolved into a rich and diverse food paradise for travelers and locals alike.

    As the old saying goes- “ for every job, there is a perfect weapon”. The same can be said about the food scene in Bangalore. These restaurants have not merely cropped up as per the adventurous exploits of restaurateurs, but also keeping in mind the cosmopolitan audience and diverse palette the citizens have developed.

    Here are some of the best restaurants in Bangalore that provide you with the perfect place to eat, socialize, and mingle for every specific situation.

    Best Restaurants In Bangalore For Foodgasms

    There’s nothing quite like a big-fat classic American Burger, Chicken Steak, or Butter Chicken to douse your hunger after a long and tiring day of work. We have a complete guide for the best places to eat in Bangalore for the ultimate foodie experience.

    1. The Only Place

    The Only Place

    Fill your plate up with tasty continental food at this incredible restaurant located in the heart of Bangalore. A jolly ambiance, lively staff, and aromatic food waiting to be gorged upon await you at The Only Place. This is amongst the best places to eat in Bangalore.

    Address: 13, Museum Road, Behind Post Office, Bengaluru
    Timings: Monday to Thursday (12 noon- 3pm, 7pm- 11pm)
    Cost for two: INR 1,200
    Specialty: Chicken and Beef Steak, and Lasagna
    Restaurant Type: Non-vegetarian

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    2. Truffles Koramangala

    Truffles Koramangala

    Truffles have built a reputation in Bangalore for having mean burgers and delicious steak. Out of all the best restaurants in Bangalore, this one, probably, has the most amount of reserved tables for a fast-food joint. The biggest advantage for the success of Truffles is its location in central Koramangala.

    Address: 93/A, Ground Floor, A Wing,4th B Cross, 5th Block, Koramangala, Bengaluru
    Timings: 12 noon- 10:30pm (all days)
    Cost for two: INR 800
    Specialty: Burgers and Steak
    Restaurant Type: Non-vegetarian

    3. Smally’s Resto Cafe

    Smally's Cafe

    Favorite among the regulars in Bangalore, Smally’s cafe gives away a small-town cafe charm with both indoor and outdoor seating to provide a pleasant ambiance for its visitors. Very few upcoming good restaurants in Bangalore have been able to make a loyal base of customers, and Smally’s is one of them.

    Address: 73, Brigade Rd, Haridevpur, Shanthala Nagar, Ashok Nagar, Bengaluru
    Timings: 12 noon to 11 pm (all days)
    Cost for two: INR 800
    Specialty: Snicker Shake, Thick Shakes, Peri Peri Chicken Steak, and Chicken Wings
    Restaurant Type: Non-vegetarian
    Website | Reviews

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    4. Treat Restaurant, Indiranagar

    Treat Indiranagar

    Finding good North Indian restaurants in Bangalore can often be a struggle. However, Treat in Indiranagar is a big exception to all those eateries that serve North Indian cuisine in Bangalore. With a North Indian team of cooks and an owner that has the exact know-how of what clients expect- this restaurant offers an irresistible experience of rich and delicious North Indian food. It is known for offering one of the best food in Bangalore.

    Address: 3047, 80 Feet Rd, HAL 2nd Stage, Indiranagar, Bengaluru
    Timings: 12 noon to 3 pm, 7 pm to 11 pm (all days)
    Cost for two: INR 800
    Specialty: North Indian, Butter Chicken, Shahi Paneer
    Restaurant Type: Non-vegetarian

    Restaurants For Dulce Delights And Sweet Craving

    Here is a list of the best restaurants in Bangalore, India where you can gorge on some delicious desserts and satiate your sweet cravings. Keep scrolling down and read along!

    5. Koshy’s Restaurant

    Koshy's Restaurant

    Koshy’s has managed to maintain its old-world charm in the changing times of Bangalore. One of the few good restaurants in Bangalore that has stuck to its original recipe of success and thrived under intense competition from cuisines that have come in along with the wave of modernity in Bangalore.

    Address: 39, St. Marks Road, Shanthala Nagar, Ashok Nagar, Bengaluru
    Timings: 9 am to 11 pm (all days)
    Cost for two: INR 700
    Specialty: Coffee, Chocolate Shake, Caramel Custard
    Restaurant Type: Non-vegetarian

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    6. Corner House Ice Cream

    Corner House Koramangala

    Another eating joint that has founded itself only at the turn of the millennium, Corner House Ice Cream is a sweet delight that goes on doing what it does best in providing some of the best Hot Chocolate Fudges, and Brownie Sundaes in Bangalore.

    Address: 1st Floor, No. 67, 1st A Main Road, 7th Block, Koramangala, Bengaluru
    Timings: 9:30am- 11:30am (all days)
    Cost for two: INR 250
    Specialty: Hot Chocolate Fudge, Brownie Sundae, and Apple Pie
    Restaurant Type: Vegetarian

    Restaurants For Authentic South Indian Food

    If you love South Indian cuisine then these restaurants should definitely be on your list. Want to know the names? Keep reading to know all about them!

    7. Mavalli Tiffin Room (MTR), Lalbagh Road

    MTR Lalbagh

    An old-time favorite for locals, Mavalli Tiffin Room or MTR (as it is more popularly known among the younger generation), is the oldest out of all the best restaurants in Bangalore on this list. A pure experience of authentic Kannada cuisine, MTR has a niche audience, to which they have been serving quality food for decades. This is one of the best veg restaurants in Bangalore.

    Address: 14, Lal Bagh Main Road, Sampangi Rama Nagar, Bengaluru
    Timings: Tuesday to Sunday (6:30 am to 11 am, 12:30 to 8:30 pm); Monday closed
    Cost for two: INR 250
    Specialty: Dosas, Idli, and Badam Halwa
    Restaurant Type: Vegetarian
    Website | Reviews

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    8. Shri Sagar CTR (Central Tiffin Room)

    Shri Sagar CTR

    Another iconic and legendary breakfast place in Bangalore, Shri Sagar CTR has its roots as old as independent India. While some may argue that the old must give way to the swanky and dynamic best restaurants in Bangalore, this place has defied odds and continued to excel in what it does best. It also offers some of the best street food in Bangalore.

    Address: 7th Cross Road, Margosa Road, Malleshwaram, Bengaluru
    Timings: 7:30am- 1:30pm, 4pm- 9pm (all days)
    Cost for two: INR 150
    Specialty: Dosas
    Restaurant Type: Vegetarian

    9. Nagarjuna (Andhra Cuisine)

    Nagarjuna Restaurant

    After having established a successful chain of restaurants across the country, Nagarjuna has become a household name for people that are fond of Andhra cuisine. Rich, aromatic, spicy, and irresistible would be some of the adjectives people use to describe the famous Andhra thali served at Nagarjuna restaurants.

    Address: #195, Indiranagar Double Road, Near HDFC Bank, Indiranagar, Bengaluru
    Timings: 12 noon- 4pm, 7pm- 11pm (all days)
    Cost for two: INR 800
    Specialty: Andhra cuisine
    Restaurant Type: Non-vegetarian
    Website | Reviews

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    Restaurants For Music And Craft Beer Lovers

    An enticing evening spent, sipping some craft beer and listening to electrifying music, sounds just like your thing? These restaurants will provide you both and will pamper the foodie in you with delicious snacks as well. Take a look!

    10. Toit Indiranagar

    Toit Brewery Indiranagar

    The king of cafes in Bangalore, Toit has set an unmatched standard amongst all the best restaurants in Bangalore. Freshly brewed beer, lively music, and a wide variety of international main course and starters combine to give this place a ‘must-visit’ tag for any first-timer.

    Address: 298, 100 Feet Road, Near KFC Restaurant, Indiranagar II Stage, Bengaluru
    Timings: Sunday-Monday (12noon- 11:30pm); Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday (12 noon- 12:30am); Friday and Saturday (12 noon- 1am)
    Cost for two: INR 1,500 (including alcohol)
    Specialty: Brewery
    Restaurant Type: Non-vegetarian
    Website | Reviews

    11. The Humming Tree

    The Humming Tree

    If you happen to live in Bangalore and are fond of music, then The Humming Tree is the place to be. Often known to promote independent artists and performers from the underground music scene, music lovers in Bangalore have made this place into a lively and happening scene every weekend.

    Address: No.949, 12th Main Road, Doopanahalli, Indira Nagar, Bengaluru
    Timings: Monday- Thursday and Sunday (12 noon- 11:30pm) Friday- Saturday (12 noon- 1 am)
    Cost for two: INR 1,400 (including alcohol)
    Specialty: Music venue
    Restaurant Type: Non-vegetarian

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    12. Big Brewsky

    Big Brewsky

    As the name suggests, Big Brewsky is an open-air microbrewery with an environmental ambiance to its restaurant. At the outset, it looks like another restaurant where you would ideally have a romantic date, but don’t go by its looks as it often into a happening party scene with plenty of vigor, noise, and atmosphere. All this makes this one of the best rooftop restaurants in Bangalore.

    Address: Sarjapur Road, Behind MK Retail, Before WIPRO Corporate Office, Bengaluru
    Timings: 12:30 pm to 1 am (all days)
    Cost for two: INR 1,600 (including alcohol)
    Specialty: North Indian, Finger food, and Craft beer
    Restaurant Type: Non-vegetarian
    Website | Reviews

    13. Windmill Craftworks

    Windmills Craftworks

    Not many good restaurants in Bangalore can call themselves an art project. However, Windmill Craftworks is one such artsy place that combines music, beer, food, and books in either a dim-lit ambiance or a glittering surrounding to light up your evening. It is also one of the most romantic restaurants in Bangalore.

    Address: No. 331, 5B Road, EPIP Zone, Whitefield, Next To L&T Infotech, Bengaluru
    Timings: Monday- Thursday & Sunday (11:30am to 11:30pm); Friday-Saturday (11:30am- 1am)
    Cost for two: INR 2,500 (including alcohol)
    Specialty: Microbrewery and jazz music venue
    Restaurant Type: Non-vegetarian
    Website | Reviews

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    14. Hard Rock Cafe Bengaluru

    Hard Rock Cafe Bangalore

    It is impossible to have a list of the best restaurants in Bangalore, without naming its very own Hard Rock Cafe. This cafe, probably, needs no introduction as it has become a household name amongst music and food lovers from all around the world. The brand has built such a reputation that the HRC often gets counted as a sightseeing place for any traveler going to a new city. This is amongst the best restaurants in Bangalore for lunch.

    Address: No.40, St. Marks Road, Opp LIC Building, Bengaluru
    Timings: Monday-Saturday (12 noon- 1am); Sunday (8:30am- 11:30am, 12pm- 1am)
    Cost for two: INR 2,500 (including alcohol)
    Specialty: Burgers and music venue
    Restaurant Type: Non-vegetarian
    Website | Reviews

    Restaurants For Asian Cuisine

    Here is a list of restaurants in Bangalore for dinner which serve Asian cuisines for all the food connoisseurs. Keep scrolling down and read along!

    15. Shiro’s

    Shiro Restaurant

    Shiros is the exact place you need to be if you are looking for an authentic, high-end sushi dining experience that would surpass all your expectations. Eating in Shiro is not only a dining experience, but it’s a healing of the mind, body, and senses for those who appreciate good Japanese cuisine.

    Address: 222, 3rd Floor, Triple Height, Vittal Mallya Road, Bengaluru
    Timings: 12 noon- 11:30pm (all days)
    Cost for Two: INR 3,000 (including alcohol)
    Specialty: Japanese cuisine
    Restaurant Type: Non-vegetarian
    Website | Reviews

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    16. Mamagoto


    After successfully establishing restaurants all across India, Mamagoto has packed its Sushi craze in a brown basket and served it up to the people of Bangalore. The taste and playful flavors of Mamagoto have been taking Bangalore by storm ever since.

    Address: 949, Ground Floor, HAL 2nd Stage, 12th Main Rd, Indiranagar, Bengaluru
    Timings: Tuesday- Thursday, Sunday- Monday (12 noon to 11 pm); Friday- Saturday (12 noon to 12 am)
    Cost for two: INR 1,400
    Specialty: Japanese and Chinese
    Restaurant Type: Non-vegetarian
    Website | Reviews

    Restaurants With Romantic Ambience

    Here is a list of restaurants that have the ideal romantic ambiance for an affair to remember. Keep reading along to know more about them!

    17. Grasshopper Restaurant

    You will not find a more magical and romantic restaurant in Bangalore than Grasshopper. Take your loved one out on a date that will sweep them off their feet with the delicious cuisine, heavenly ambiance, and warm service of this eco-friendly paradise for lovebirds. Grasshopper is the perfect option for a candlelight dinner in Bangalore.

    Address: 45, Kalena Agrahara, near Meenakshi Temple, Bannerghatta Road, Bengaluru
    Timings: Tuesday- Saturday (7pm- 11:30 pm); Sunday (12:30pm- 3:30pm); Monday closed
    Cost for two: INR 5,000
    Specialty: High-end romantic restaurant
    Restaurant Type: Non-vegetarian
    Website | Reviews

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    18. Koramangala Social

    Koramangala Social

    A little light on the pocket, but equally majestic in ambiance is Koramangala Social for a sweet and romantic Sunday brunch with your one. A lovely hangout place to breathe in the fresh air at one of the classiest rooftop restaurants in Bangalore for a gala time tasting the finest cuisines from around the world with your better half. It is also one of the top restaurants in Bangalore.

    Address: 118, 3rd Floor, Koramangala Industrial Area, 7th Block, Above Bodyworks Spa, Bengaluru
    Timings: 9 am to 12:30 am (all days)
    Cost for two: INR 1,500 (including alcohol)
    Specialty: Pancakes, Biryani, Mocktails
    Restaurant Type: Non-vegetarian
    Website | Reviews

    Restaurants For Midnight Cravings

    Here is a list of casual cafes for a lazy Sunday afternoon reunion. Do pay a visit to these cafes on your vacation. Take a look!

    19. Hole In The Wall Cafe

    The Hole In The Wall Cafe

    A great place to have brunch with your friends or loved ones, Hole In The Wall Cafe is a friendly eatery that is easy going on the eye and a delight for the stomach. Make sure you try one of its multiple variants of the English breakfast that provides a great protein boost to your daily diet. It is also one of the best cafes in Bangalore.

    Address: Door No 4, 8th Main Road, Koramangala 4th Block, Bengaluru
    Timings: Tuesday- Friday (8am- 3am, 5:30pm- 8:30pm); Saturday-Sunday (8am- 4pm); Monday Closed
    Cost for two: INR 600
    Specialty: Pancakes, Waffles, and English breakfast
    Restaurant Type: Non-vegetarian
    Website | Reviews

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    20. The Egg Factory

    The Egg Factory

    As the name suggests, if you feel egg dishes are your thing then The Egg Factory is the place to go. Yet another breakfast eatery that is a mix of Indian and continental taste, the creative menu and experimental dishes at the Egg Factory would leave in awe and admiration of the cook and the restaurant.

    Address: Ground Floor, Whitehouse Building, St. Marks Road, Beside Dewars Wine Store, Bengaluru
    Timings: 8am to 10:30pm
    Cost for two: INR 650
    Specialty: French toast, Bun masala, and Egg Kejriwal
    Restaurant Type: Non-vegetarian
    Website | Reviews

    Casual Cafes For A Cup Of Coffee

    Here is a list of restaurants that are perfect for all-night crawlers as they serve lip-smacking food. Take a look!

    21. Imperial Restaurant, Residency Road

    Imperial Residency Road

    Most of the best restaurants in Bangalore often shut their doors well before midnight. Therefore, this leaves a much-desired gap of feeding hungry party-goers that go out after the closing of restaurants and the closing of bars in the city. Two eateries in the list of best restaurants in Bangalore that cater to a hungry audience with some delicious roasted chicken and sumptuous Biryani till 2:30 am are Imperial Restaurant at Residency Road and Empire Restaurant at Church Street.

    Address: Plot No 94 – 95 Residency Road, Opposite Bharat Petrol Bunk, Bengaluru
    Timings: 9 am to 2 am
    Cost for two: INR 800
    Specialty: Chicken Kebab, Tandoori Chicken, Chicken Biryani
    Restaurant Type: Non-vegetarian

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    22. Empire Restaurant, Church Street

    Empire Restaurant

    3 outlets spread across Bangalore, Empire Restaurant is yet another late-night eatery that douses the hunger of many party-goers and odd-hours craving of many people of Bangalore.

    Address: 36, Church St, Shanthala Nagar, Ashok Nagar, Bengaluru
    Timings: 12:30pm to 2:30am
    Cost for two: INR 600
    Specialty: Paneer Tikka, Pepper Chicken, and Jumbo Shawarma
    Restaurant Type: Non-vegetarian
    Website | Reviews

    Theme Restaurants In Bangalore

    Here is a list of restaurants with all-indulging themes and which serve great food. Take a look!

    23. Mangalore Pearl

    Mangalore Pearl

    A lovely theme-based restaurant that brings the best of Konkani cuisine to the city of Bangalore. A major reason why out of all seafood joints, Mangalore Pearl is one of the best restaurants in Bangalore is because of its reasonable pricing and exceptional service.

    Address: 3, Coles Rd, Next To KC Das Sweets, Pulikeshi Nagar, Bengaluru
    Timings: Wednesday- Monday (12:30pm to 3:30pm, 7:30pm to 10:45pm); Tuesday closed
    Cost for two: INR 500
    Specialty: Seafood, Mangalorean
    Restaurant Type: Non-vegetarian

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    24. Nasi and Mee Asian Canteen

    Nasi and Mee Asian Canteen

    Generally, the best restaurants in Bangalore decide to take one cuisine and start in their quest to become a household name in the same area. However, Nasi and Mee Asian Canteen has successfully built a name for itself in many Asian cuisines like Chinese, Thai, and Singaporean.

    Address: 974, 4th Cross, 80 Feet Main Rd, 4th Block, Koramangala, Bengaluru
    Timings: Monday- Friday (12 noon- 3:30pm, 7pm- 11pm)
    Cost for two: INR 1,000
    Specialty: Thai, Singaporean, and Chinese
    Restaurant Type: Non-vegetarian
    Website | Reviews

    25. The Black Pearl, Marathahalli

    The Black Pearl

    Known as the biggest pirate-themed restaurant in India, visiting The Black Pearl is like experiencing a mini Disney World in Bangalore. The interiors no doubt, are the first thing that gets a client hooked onto the vibe of this restaurant. However, the real pleasure at this restaurant is derived from its mouth-watering barbecue dishes that add a variety of flavors and spices to your palette. It is another reason why this is one of the most famous restaurants in Bangalore.

    Address: Fourth and Fifth Floor, Swamy Legato, 20/7, Outer Ring Rd, Kadubeesanahalli, Marathahalli, Bengaluru
    Timings: Sunday- Thursday (11:30am- 11pm); Friday- Saturday (11:30am- 1am)
    Cost for two: INR 1,400
    Specialty: Barbecue
    Restaurant Type: Non-vegetarian

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    It’s safe to say that Bangalore is the perfect city for people who love culinary delights. These best restaurants in Bangalore are sure to get your taste buds tingling and your stomach-churning. Don’t wait, and start an amazing food adventure with TravelTriangle by booking a package to Bangalore.

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    Frequently Asked Questions About Best Restaurants In Bangalore

    Which are the best restaurants in Bangalore to try North Indian cuisine?

    Bangalore houses some amazing restaurants that serve delectable North Indian dishes. Some of them are:
    1. Treat Restaurant
    2. Big Brewsky
    3. Meghana Foods
    4. Amulya Veg Restaurant

    Which are the best non-veg restaurants in Bangalore?

    There are a plethora of non-vegetarian restaurants in Bangalore. Some of the best one are:
    1. Truffles Koramangala
    2. The Only Place
    3. Smally’s Resto Cafe
    4. Toit
    5. Windmill Craftworks

    Which is the famous restaurant in Bangalore that one should not miss?

    One of the most sought after restaurants in Bangalore is Grasshopper Restaurant. Serving mouth-watering dishes across various cuisines, this is also one of the most romantic restaurants in Bangalore. With chic interiors and live music, the restaurant also boasts a seven-course menu. Head to this restaurant for appetizing meals and a perfectly blissful time.

    What is the famous dish of Bangalore?

    Bangalore offers a diverse variety of appetizing dishes. From South Indian cuisine to Chinese cuisine, the city boasts a perfect blend of traditional as well continental cuisines. One of the many famous dishes of Bangalore is Masala Dosa. One must try the Benne Masala Dosa at CTR (Malleshwaram). It is certainly the most famous dish of Bangalore.

    How many restaurants are there in Bangalore?

    There are more than 500 restaurants in the city of Bangalore. Each of these restaurants is known for its quality of food and great service. You can get lip-smacking local as well as continental food at these restaurants.

    What is the famous food of Bangalore?

    There are several food items that can be easily found in the vibrant city of Karnataka, Bangalore. The list includes idlis, vada, and dosa that are also considered to be the staples here. For having a typical South Indian breakfast, Bangalore is known to be the best place.

    What is the famous food of Karnataka?

    Considered famous as well as the main food of the Indian state of Karnataka, Jowar and wheat Rotis along with buttermilk, pickles, and exotic curries are a must-try when you are exploring the culture of this place. There are many restaurants in Karnataka where you can find these dishes.

    What is the most famous sweet dish of Bangalore?

    The famous sweet dish that can be found in Bangalore is known to be Halbai, it is an extremely delicious delight that is enjoyed by both locals and tourists. Halbai is a dish with slimy consistency and is prepared using jaggery, ragi, rice, and coconut.

    What is the traditional food of Karnataka?

    In Karnataka, the traditional as well as the staple food is considered to be rice and Jola, which is called sorghum. You’ll essentially find steamed rice and ragi ball in the traditional cuisine served in the Indian state of Karnataka.

    What is Bangalore famous for?

    The city that is known for its IT sector and has a lot to offer to its tourists. When it comes to food, the city is known for Bisibele Bath and Masala Dosa.

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