Best Trekking Places Near Bangalore

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Are you planning a weekend dedicated to trekking near Bangalore? If so, our list of the best trekking places near Bangalore will come in handy when you begin your research. Let’s start the journey to the lesser known yet incredibly captivating trekking destinations near Bangalore that’ll give your weekend a new purpose.

It’s time to break free from the nerve-wracking hubbub of the city, pack your bag, and say goodbye to the chaos for a while.

15 Best Trekking Places Near Bangalore

Scroll down to find some of the best treks near Bangalore that should definitely indulge in for an unmatched adventure. Make a note of all the best ones you find.

1. Ramanagara – Trekking In The ‘Silk Town’

rock formation on Ramanagara hill

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Ramanagara—the shooting venue for the legendary Hindi movie ‘Sholay’, is one of the best trekking places near Bangalore. Famed for the silk market and a scenic trek, Ramnagara is popular amongst both amateur trekkers and professionals. It is also known for rock climbing, bird watching, and the ancient Pattabhi Rama temple, some of the many things that make it a perfect spot for weekend treks near Bangalore.

Distance Between Ramanagara And Bangalore: 50 km
Difficulty level: Moderate to difficult
Highlights: Pitch climbing and fishing in Kanva and Janapada Loka reservoir
Things to do: Camping, bird watching, trekking, shop for souveniers 

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2. Nandi Hills – Trek In Tipu Sultan’s Summer Retreat

hills covered by clouds

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Located at an altitude of 1478 m, Nandi hills or Nandidurg is one of the most popular places for trekking near Bangalore. One can climb up 1,200 steps to reach the summer palace of Tipu Sultan located on the top. It is a mesmeric location and offers breathtaking views of the surrounding hills and Amrita Sarovar. One can practice rock climbing and rappel from Tipu’s Drop – a famous rock outcrop of Nandi Hills.

Distance From Bangalore: 60 km
Difficulty level: Easy to moderate
Highlights: Most photogenic sunrise from Tipu’s drop (a rocky outcrop)
Things to do: Paragliding, cycling, shopping,

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3. Skandagiri – Every Trekking Pro’s Favourite

Trekking pro’s favourite place

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In Skandagiri, the trek starts from Papagani Temple that can be easily accessed from Bangalore, Nandi Hills, or Chikballapur town. One can find two caves in the entire stretch. This is a fairly tough trek and mostly taken by experts. Also known as Kalavara Durga, this is one of the most beautiful trekking places in Bangalore, especially for night trekking around Bangalore. Explorers planning road trips from Bangalore will love this little piece of beauty.

Distance From Bangalore: 61 km
Difficulty level: Moderate
Highlights: Camping and bird watching
Things to do: Fishing, bumper boat ride, jet skiing

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4. Anthargange – A Unique Little Place In Karnataka

Sunset view

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Volcanic rocks, boulders, caves, and small hillocks have made Anthargange one of the most frequently visited trekking places around Bangalore. This trail is a combination of trekking and cave exploration. This is a 3-km long journey that takes you through tough, tricky trails and some of the most gorgeous vistas. Considered to be one of the best places for solo trekking near Bangalore, the trek is of any easy level and absolutely scenic, which makes it one of the best treks near Bangalore.

Distance From Bangalore: 70 km
Difficulty Level: Easy to moderate
Highlights: Overnight camping in the caves
Things to do: Caving, trekking, visit Someshwara temple

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5. Savandurga Hill – One Of The Largest Monoliths In Asia

Savandurga hill

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One of the most picturesque trekking places around Bangalore, Savandurga is perfect for nature enthusiasts and adventure lovers. There are two popular trails in Savandurga: Karigudda and Billigudda. This is a more popular and challenging trek through the age-old fort of Kempe Gowda.

Distance From Bangalore: 70 km
Difficulty level: Easy to moderate
Highlights: One of the best places to trek near Bangalore during the night
Things to do: Night trek, visit Manchanabele Dam, visit Bhoga Nandeeshwara Temple

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6. Devarayanadurga – Amid Lush Green Forests And Caves

Amid lush green forests and caves

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With two temples, Bhoga Narsimha at the base and Yoga Narsimha at the top, the trekking of Devarayanadurga offer a mesmeric view of the surrounding. The region is dotted with numerous natural springs and Namada Chilume is one of them. One will also find a huge cave with idols of Rama, Laxmana and Sita, en-route, which makes it one of the most charming trekking places near Bangalore for pilgrims and adventure seekers alike.

Distance From Bangalore: 72 km
Difficulty Level: Moderate
Highlights: Cave festival of Sri Bhoga Narasimha Swamy from March to April
Things to do: Visit Nijagal fort, visit Yoga Narsimha Temple, trekking

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7. Makalidurga – Massive Granite Hillock To Climb On


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This is a moderately difficult trek through granite hillocks, wild shrubs, and other vegetation. Makalidurga boasts of its serenity and the sight of the ruined fort at the top delights every trekker. A one day trek near Bangalore, Makalidurga is trekked by adventure enthusiasts, especially from September to February. Since it’s only located 75 km away from Bangalore, it is one of the closest trekking places near Bangalore.

Distance From Bangalore: 75 km
Difficulty Level: Moderate
Highlights: Photography of the surrounding forests, curvy roads, and temple of Lord Krishna at the foothill
Things to do: Visit Sri Vani Science Park, visit Ghati Subramanya Temple, Kinvah Vineyards

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8. Madhugiri – One Of The Least Explored Trekking Spots

a giant rock hill in Madhugiri

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Madhugiri is the second-largest monolithic rock after Savanagiri and amongst the most beautiful offbeat places near Bangalore. On the way, one can see Madhugiri Fort built by Hyder Ali, which was infested with honey bee colonies soon after it was built. Though it’s among the best trekking places near Bangalore, the one and a half hours long trekking duration can be quite challenging at some stretches.

Distance From Bangalore: 100 km
Difficulty Level: Moderate
Highlights: Architectural ruins of Gopalakrishna Temple on the peak
Things to do: Visit Madhugiri fort, visit Sri Chennakeshava Temple, visit Pavagada Fort

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9. Channarayana Durga – Swear By The Beauty Of The Surroundings

Channarayana Durga Fort overlooking a lake and hills

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To enjoy the rustic beauty of the hills and the age-old fort, trek to Channarayana Durga. It is a moderate one day trek near Bangalore and takes about half a day to ascend and explore the Maratha fort, located atop. There are no proper signboards, so trekkers sometimes get confused with the direction. With so much to offer, it’s one of the best trekking places near Bangalore.

Distance From Bangalore: 100 km
Difficulty Level: Moderate
Highlights: The area grows shrubs and herbs with medicinal value
Things to do: Witness the sunrise, trekking, sightseeing

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10. Kunti Betta – For Some Excitement And Thrill

Kunti Betta View

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With a cocktail of the topography of rocky boulders, grasslands, and granite outcrops, Kunti Betta is one of the best trekking places near Bangalore known for night trekking. Overnight trekking near Bangalore in Kunti Betta is thrilling and worth the pain you take to trek it. People ascend at night and enjoy the most photogenic sunrise and stunning views of the surrounding paddy fields, forests and a sparkling lake.

Distance From Bangalore: 122 km
Difficulty Level: Moderate
Highlights: Stunning view of Thonnur Lake
Things to do: Visit Kunti Kund, visit Kunti Temple, visit Parikrama Point

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11. Bilikal Rangaswamy Betta – See The White Rocks

Bilikal Rangaswamy Betta trek

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Bilikal Rangaswamy Betta in the Eastern Ghats is one of the most popular trekking places in Bangalore situated near the famed Kanakapura town. It is also one of the highest hill towns in the area, thus making your trek all the more thrilling. It is also known as Bilikal Betta sometimes which means white rocks. It’s an excellent destination for short treks around Bangalore if you’re more into easy level trekking. Once you’re at the top, you can bask in the awesome views and visit the temple dedicated to Lord Rangaswamy. You can also visit at the time of the Rangaswamy temple festival at the top that locals celebrate there.

Distance From Bangalore: 75 km
Difficulty Level: Moderate
Highlights: Temple on top, breathtaking views
Things to do: Visit Chunchi Falls, visit Janapada Loka, visit Lord Ranga Swamy Temple

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12. Bheemeshwari – For Fishing Enthusiasts


Image Credit: RamBiswal for Wikipedia 

This is a small town which is situated in the Mandya district and popular amongst fishing enthusiasts. Bheemeshwari is also home to the Mahseer fishes which are known as the best game fish in the world. Amidst the tranquil beauty of nature, this place is truly paradise which is located just a few hours away from Bangalore. Alongside the flora and fauna, this place is also famous for other adventure activities like boating, trekking and camping. This place is also home to a wide range of birds and other wildlife creatures like leopards, crocodiles and wild boars. It is amongst the famous trekking spots near Bangalore.

Distance Between Bheemeshwari And Bangalore: 9.9 Kms
Difficulty Level: Moderate
Highlights: Fishing
Things to do: Bheemeshwari Wildlife Sanctuary, boating, fishing

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13. Kumara Parvatha – The 6th Highest Peak In Karnataka

Kumar Parvvatha

Image Credit: Prashanth bhat for Wikipedia 

Famously called Pushpagiri, Kumara Parvatha is known to be the highest peak in Pushpagiri wildlife sanctuary. This also holds a record of being the 6th highest peak of Karnataka. The Kumara Parvatha trek is one of the toughest and challenging treks of the South which takes around 2 days to complete. The total distance of the trek is 13 km and it is located at a height of 4000 feet. Situated at the Subrahmanya village, this is one of the ideal treks to experience by the adventure junkies. It is one of the best places to trek near Bangalore.

Distance Between Kumar Parvatha And Bangalore: 258 Kms
Difficulty Level: Difficult
Highlights: Scenic views, Village lifestyle
Things to do: Photography, camping, caving

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14. Mullayanagiri – Go For Mountain Biking


Image Credit: Avinash Kumar singh for Wikipedia

Resting at a height of 1930 ft above sea level, Mullayanagiri is a beautiful place situated at the Baba Budan Giri Range of Western Ghats. This is considered the highest peak which is located between the Nilgiris and the Himalayas. Surrounded by the beautiful view of nature’s finest beauty and grassland, this is one of the must-visit places for adventure lovers. This is a 4 km trek that starts from Sarpadhari and has a steep trail. There are other fun activities like mountain biking and road biking which is worth experiencing.

Distance Between Mullayanagiri And Bangalore: 264 Kms
Difficulty Level: Moderate
Highlights: Mountain biking trail
Things to do: Trekking,  mountain biking, visit Hebber waterfalls

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15. Tadiandamol – Second Highest Peak In Karnataka


Image Credit: Jyotirmoy for Wikipedia

This is one of the highest mountain peaks located at Coorg resting at an altitude of 1748 m above the sea level. Considered to be one of the best places for trekking and hiking, this is also an ideal trek for beginners. Known as the second highest peak in Karnataka, the Tadiandamol trek is a great option to spend time amidst nature and enjoy a great time.

Distance Between Tadiandamol And Bangalore: 268 Kms
Difficulty Level: Moderate
Highlights: Panoramic view of nature
Things to do: Visit Kabbe Hills, visit Chelavara Falls, visit Igguthappa Temple

Tips For Trekking Places Near Bangalore

  • If you’re a beginner start with an easy trek or go for group trekking
  • Do thorough research before going for the trek
  • Plan the itinerary well and avoid going for spontaneous trips 
  • Invest in good quality trekking shoes 
  • Use the trekking poles to get support on rough trails 

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There are plenty of best trekking places near Bangalore for a romantic and beautiful holiday in Bangalore. Thrill-seekers prefer to move to the hills for some adventure and that’s when our little guide comes to your rescue.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Best Trekking Places Near Bangalore

Which are the best places for night trekking in Bangalore?

Some of the best places for night trekking in and around Bangalore are:
1. Skandagiri
2. Ramanagara
3. Anthargange
4. Kunti Betta
5. Savandurga

Which are the most popular resorts near Bangalore?

Some of the best budget resorts near Bangalore for adventure seekers are:
1. Guhantara Resort
2. Shilhaandara Resort
3. Rd Nature Retreat
4. Jain Farms
5. Vana Resort

Is trekking allowed in Savandurga?

Yes, trekking is not only allowed in broad daylight, but this place is famous for trekking during the night time as well.

Are there mountains in Bangalore?

Bangalore is a well-developed city that is settled on the plains. While there are no mountains within Bangalore, there are many mountains near Bangalore where one could go for trekking and adventure activities over the weekends.

How can I go to the Skandagiri hills from Bangalore?

The best way to reach Skandagiri is from Chikballapur. One can get to Chikballapur from Bangalore via any state-run bus.

Is Bangalore a hill station?

No Bangalore is not a hill station. It is a metropolitan city that is located in the plains.

What is Bangalore famous for?

Bangalore is famous for being the Silicon Valley of India as it is the leading state in India when it comes to the field of IT. Apart from that, it is famous for its architecture, and the famous sweet of Mysore Pak.

Is night trekking allowed in Skandagiri?

Yes. Skandagiri is one of the best places for trekking near Bangalore where one can also experience night trekking.

What is the best time to visit Skandagiri?

For those who love to enjoy the picturesque views from the top of the mountains, and for all trekking enthusiasts, the best time to visit Skandagiri would be from the months of November to January.

Which is the best hill station near Bangalore?

Coorg and Chikmagalur are the two hill stations near Bangalore that are not to be missed by any of the travelers on their next trip.

Which is the most popular place of trekking in Bangalore?

There are more than 11 best treks near Bangalore. Ramanagara is one of the best trekking places near Bangalore. It is famous because one of the legendary movies Sholay, which was shot here in this hills.

Which are the best places for night trekking in Bangalore?

Some of the best places to night trekking in and around Bangalore are Skandagiri trek, Ramanagara trek, Anthargange trek, Kunti Betta trek and Savandurga trek.

Which is the hardest trail near Bangalore?

Bilikal Rangaswamy Betta trail is one of the hardest trails near Bangalore. It is the highest hill in the area, this makes the trek more thrilling.

What is the apt time of trekking in Bangalore?

As summer ends and monsoon begins, this is the perfect time for trekking in Bangalore. And the period of October to January end is also the apt time for trek near Bangalore, as the weather is stabilised at this period.

What are the important equipment you need to carry while hiking?

One has to wear trekking shoes while hiking. As it is a hilly area near Bangalore, a warm light jacket should be worn. Water bottle and some refreshments should be packed in a bag when you are going for trekking near Bangalore.

Which is the least explored trekking spot near Bangalore?

Madhugiri is the least explored spot for trekking. The duration of this trail is two hours with some stretches on the way. It covers like 100 kms to reach Madhugiri from Bangalore. One can enjoy the architectural ruins of famous Gopalkrishna temple which is situated on the peak.

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