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    Flower market

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    Bangalore, a pulsating hi-tech city has wonderfully evolved over the years from being the Garden City of India to the Silicon Valley of India. Bangalore is famed as the third largest city of India and is loved for its congenial weather, stunning gardens, and scenic lakes. Bangalore is not just about massive offices and being the IT hub but is also known for its nightlife and shopping.
    The city is loaded with ritzy malls, luxury stores, and markets that speak of the rich culture and tradition of Bangalore. The city is a perfect brew of old and new, offering the visitors numerous options of shopping from both high-end malls to the local street markets. So, let us explore, party, and shop in some of the famous markets in Bangalore.

    16 Best Markets In Bangalore

    Mentioned below are some of the best markets in Bangalore where you can shop at your heart’s delight. Mostly restricted to street shopping, you  can expect to find stylish, impeccable and a whole range of items, all at affordable prices. Make sure you are ready to bargain as some markets can prove to be extremely cost-effective. So, here are some for you: 

    • Commercial Street – For Antique Stores
    • Indiranagar Market – Branded Apparel
    • Chikpet Market – Old Commercial Place
    • Residency Road Market – For Genuine Handicrafts
    • Jayanagar 4th Block – Dreamland For Shoppers
    • Dubai Plaza – For Nominal Rates
    • Majestic Market Bangalore – Buy Imported Goods
    • National Market – For Economical Rates
    • Malleshwaram Market – An Admired Market
    • Shivajinagar Market – Top Affordable Items
    • MG Road – For Serious Shoppers
    • Jyoti Nivas College – Best Street Shopping
    • Avenue Road Market – Get A Colonial Vibe
    • Gandhi Bazaar – For Local Spices
    • SP Road Market – For Affordable Electronics
    • Brigade Road – For A Range Of Items

    1. Commercial Street – For Antique Stores

    A market in Bangalore

    Image Source

    Commercial Street is a fairyland for street shoppers in Bangalore. This market comprises garments, apparel, imitation jewelry, footwear, home decor, spices, and sports goods. The narrow street is full of shops ranging from cheap to costly and will make you wonder where to start. The market is also well known for its antique stores offering beautiful pieces of artwork. Commercial Street is generally crowded and cramped up, one should be prepared to walk a lot. This is one of the best Bangalore cloth market!

    Location: Tasker Town, Shivaji Nagar, Bangalore 560001
    Timings: The shops open at 10:00 AM and close by 9:00 PM
    What to Buy: Clothes, Jewellery, and Spices
    Shopping Tip: Always bargain with the shopkeeper.
    Must Try: Mouth-watering Biryani and tea from Sulaiman Chai stall

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    2. Indiranagar Market – Branded Apparel

    Thailand markets

    This is your ideal option for shopping in Bangalore that houses plenty of branded clothing shops located in a 100 ft. road. Find the top brands like Park Avenue,  Wrangler, Reid & Taylor, Levis, Allen Solley, Peter England, Lee, etc. as the items are directly bought from factory outlets and sold at pretty affordable prices. This is your ideal option for effectively buying  a lot of fancy goods at almost 10 percent of the price – which is quite affordable, isn’t it!

    Location: Indiranagar, Bangalore 560008
    Timings: Shops open at 10:00 AM and close by 10:00 PM
    What to Buy: Clothing, shoes
    Shopping Tip: Bargain hard as the price is meant to go down

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    3. Chikpet Market – Old Commercial Place

    A market in India

    Image Source

    Chikpet is a must-visit market for visitors and travellers as it is one of the best wholesale markets in Bangalore for saree and dress materials. Chikpet market Bangalore is amongst the oldest commercial street market, with a history dating back to 400 years. The market boasts of the largest saree collection in Bangalore to match any occasion and having different prints, styles, and colors. If you are looking forward to the latest and unique collection, then visit during the festivals in Bangalore at great bargains. The locals love the Chikpet market and swear by the quality of the fabric available in this top Bangalore cloth market.

    Location: Chikpet Road, Chikpat, Bangalore
    Timings: The shops open at 9:00 AM and close by 9:00 PM
    What to Buy: Sarees, Dress Materials, Wedding Cards, and Lights
    Shopping Tip: As the area is large and crowded it is advised to stick on Main Street to avoid the hassle of finding your way out

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    4. Residency Road Market – For Genuine Handicrafts

    shopping in mathura

    Here is a famous market known to offer genuine handicraft items for you to take back home and gift a loved one. In the middle of crowded streets and jungles of buildings, lies a striking market selling brass ware, iconic textiles, jewelry, hand-crafted artifacts from almost every Indian state. Remember going to all the museums in Bangalore and looking at traditional products? Well, here you will be able to buy those traditional items.

    Location: Ashok Nagar, Bangalore
    Timings: Shops open at 10:00 AM and close by 10:00 PM
    What to Buy: Handicrafts, jewelry, textiles 
    Shopping Tip: Do take a look at the Utkalika emporium, a precious work from Orissa

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    5. Jayanagar 4th Block – Dreamland For Shoppers

    Pottery market

    Image Source

    This massive shopping complex is located just opposite the main bus stand in Bangalore. Jayanagar shopping centre is the largest and best wholesale market in Bangalore. The shopping complex is a dreamland for shopping lovers having options for groceries, sweets, flowers, spices, condiments, confectionery, artwork, pottery, sculptures, toys, footwear, and household items. The market has tonnes of retailers and wholesalers both inside the complex as well as at the roadside.

    Location: 32nd E-Cross Road, 4th Block, Jayanagar, Bangalore 560011
    What to Buy: Food & Confectionary items, Sweets and Condiments
    Shopping Tip: Try to bargain and be prepared to walk
    Must Try: Indulge in some delicious South Indian snacks at Shenoy Stores, Chaat at Rakesh Kumar, Sandwiches at Hari Super Sandwich, and desserts at Cool Point.

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    6. Dubai Plaza – For Nominal Rates

    Shoe store

    Image Source

    Dubai Plaza is a gigantic shopping complex encompassing an array of imported products. The shopping complex is located on Rest House road and trades in imported cosmetics, bags, footwear, perfumes, accessories, clothes, and electronic items. The basement of the complex comprises of Tibetan things like quirky scarves, funky lingerie, belts, wallets, stylish bags, utility purses, and trendy apparels at nominal rates. It is one of the cheapest market in Bangalore when it comes to buying imported goods.

    Location: Rest House Road, Shanthala Nagar, Banglore 560001
    Timings: Shops open at 10:00 AM and close by 9:00 PM approximately.
    What to Buy: Imported Goods and Products
    Shopping Tip: Do check the items before buying for any possible defects. Bargain to your best

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    7. Majestic Market Bangalore – Buy Imported Goods

    Shop At Local Markets

    Majestic Market Bangalore is a market selling electronics, apparel and perfumes at a very affordable price. One of the best places to experience street shopping while traveling to Bangalore, it is filled with little shops specialized in selling imported goods, mostly. With the National Market located nearby, your street shopping options just got broader. After shopping, don’t forget to get a bite at some of the best restaurants in Bangalore, located close by.

    Location: National Market Road, Gandhi Nagar, Bangalore 560009
    Timings: Shops open at 10:00 AM and close by 9:00 PM
    What to Buy:  Electronics, clothing, footwear
    Shopping Tip: Burma Bazaar Bangalore & HongKong Market are located nearby, so take time out and visit

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    8. National Market – For Economical Rates

    A market in India

    Image Source

    What plonks National Market in Bangalore apart from other street markets is the best-budgeted prices. The national market is loaded with ‘first copies’ of branded shoes, clothes, accessories, phones, cameras, tablets, and bags that look exactly like the original. The market is famous for its collection of duplicate Apple accessories and at economical rates. It is one of the cheapest market in Bangalore for clothes, accessories, and gadgets.

    Location: 5th Main Road, Gandhi Nagar, Banglore 560009
    Timings: Shops open at 10:00 AM and close by 8:00 PM
    What to Buy: Duplicate shoes, clothes, and gadgets
    Shopping Tip: Ensure that the item has no defects and do quality check

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    9. Malleshwaram Market – An Admired Market

    A market in India

    Image Source

    Malleshwaram market is pure bliss if visited in the mornings with streets full of fresh, vibrant, and fragrant smell of flowers. It is one of the most admired traditional markets in Bangalore and is famous for flowers, herbs, spices, vegetables, handicrafts, and utensils. The market is flooded with shoppers buying flowers for occasions like puja, religious ceremonies, and weddings.

    Location: Sampige Road, Malleshwaram, Bangalore 560003
    What to Buy: Flowers and Spices
    Shopping Tip: Try to visit early in the morning to experience the old-world charm and gaze at the countless varieties of flowers
    Must Try: Do not miss the visit to Kaddu Malleshwara Temple and the street food is every food lover’s fantasy

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    10. Shivajinagar Market – Top Affordable Items

    enoying the market hopping

    Welcome this street market in Bangalore at its best, due to the range of items and at an affordable tag you could only imagine about. Find blankets, sarees, trendy shoes, cane goods, synthetics and whatnot, all within stellar budgets. You can also find cheap apparel, home decor and porcelain jewelry. So, don’t wait for the prices to soar, as they do soar, one day, some time and head to the Shivajinagar to get the best buy possible today!

    Location: Shivaji Nagar, Bangalore
    Timings: Shops open at 07:00 AM and close by 11:00 PM
    What to Buy: Home decor, antiques, shoes
    Shopping Tip: For an even better bargain, visit the market early

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    11. MG Road – For Serious Shoppers

    A market in India

    Image Source

    MG Road is a popular address for high-end fashion shops. This market is for serious shoppers keen on buying exclusive items. The market has very few street vendors. It is a great place to buy silk sarees mainly at Prasiddi & Deepam Silks, handicrafts especially from Cauvery Emporium, books from Higginbothams (India’s oldest bookstore since 1844), and kids apparels from the famous Kids Kemp.

    Location: MG Road, Bangalore
    Timings: Shops open at 10:00 AM and close by 9:00 PM
    What to Buy: Books and handicrafts made from Sandalwood, Rosewood, and Brass
    Shopping Tip: Make sure to complete your shopping by 6:00 PM as MG Road gets crowded after 7:00 PM

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    12. Jyoti Nivas College – Best Street Shopping

    Street Market

    The streets around this popular girls’ college are filled with all types of shoe stalls, clothes, gift shops and a hell lot of eateries. With a shopping culture of its own, this is a shopping market famous among a lot of students as well as tourists. Get the appropriate retail therapy and find some of the best things to buy in Bangalore here, like stylish kurtis, electronics, shoes and make up.

    Location: Jyoti Nivas College Road, 5th Block, Koramangala, Bengaluru
    Timings: Shops open at 10:00 AM and close by 10:00 PM
    What to Buy: Jewelry, Apparel, Footwear
    Shopping Tip: A shop called Psybaba offers the best boho-chic clothing

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    13. Avenue Road Market – Get A Colonial Vibe

    A market in Bangalore

    Image Source

    To enjoy an affordable shopping in Bangalore, visit the Avenue Road, filled with old heritage buildings that will give you a colonial vibe while at this market. It is one of the best street markets in Bangalore for bookworms and book collectors. The stores’ house old and new books of various genres and languages in good condition and nominal rates. You can also find some rare editions for your collection. It is also a great place to buy stationery, gift packing, and decorating materials.

    Location: Avenue Road, Bangalore
    Timings: Shops open at 9:00 AM and close by 8:00 PM
    What to Buy: Stationary and Old books & Novels
    Shopping Tip: Look out for rare and exclusive editions of books.

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    14. Gandhi Bazaar – For Local Spices

    Flower market

    Image Source

    Gandhi Bazaar is located in Basavanagudi in Bangalore. The market is famous for spices, condiments, religious items, and trinkets. The street side is loaded with stalls and vendors selling flowers, fruits, and vegetables. The locals come here especially to buy turmeric, chilli powder, and a range of local masalas.

    Location: Basavanagudi, Bangalore
    Timings: Shops open at 10:00 AM and close by 7:00 PM
    What to Buy: Famous for Spices and local masalas
    Must Try: Do not miss the delicious food at Vidyarthi Bhavan

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    15. SP Road Market – For Affordable Electronics

    Phone Cases

    Image Source

    Here is a market that comes straight into sight due to its popularity as an Electronic Market. Gadgets, spare parts, mobile accessories, cameras, handy cams and almost everything required to sustain day-to-day electronic needs is fulfilled by the SP Road Market. Situated in a narrow lane, you will be overwhelmed by the entirety of shops selling spares and repair gadgets. Strike a good deal and you save a lot of money in one of the most affordable electronic markets in Bangalore.

    Location: Sadar Patrappa Road, Dodpete, Nagarathpete, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560002
    Timings: Shops open at 10:00 AM and close by 9:00 PM 
    What to Buy: Electronics, hardware, mobiles, tablets
    Shopping Tip: Do carry cash with you as this market does not encourage card payments too much

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    16. Brigade Road – For A Range Of Items

    A market in Bangalore

    Image Source

    Brigade Road is a shopping street between MG Road and Residency Road. The shopping street is famous for both branded and non-branded stores selling garments, footwear, jewelry, accessories, and electronics. You will also come across many hawkers selling key chains, wallets, t-shirts, and watches at affordable rates.

    Location: Brigade Road, Bangalore
    Timings: Shops open at 10:00 AM and close by 6:00 PM approximately
    What to Buy: Apparels, footwear, and electronics
    Shopping Tips: Be ready to bargain

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    Be prepared for some retail therapy with these best and excellent shopping places in Bangalore. Shopping in Bangalore is an exhilarating experience, all you need is to be street smart and have bargaining skills and you are sure to take some amazing steal deals back home. Plan your travel to Bangalore with TravelTriangle now and make the most of it.

    Disclaimer: TravelTriangle claims no credit for images featured on our blog site unless otherwise noted. All visual content is copyrighted to its respectful owners. We try to link back to original sources whenever possible. If you own the rights to any of the images, and do not wish them to appear on TravelTriangle, please contact us and they will be promptly removed. We believe in providing proper attribution to the original author, artist or photographer.

    Please Note: Any information published by TravelTriangle in any form of content is not intended to be a substitute for any kind of medical advice, and one must not take any action before consulting a professional medical expert of their own choice.

    Frequently Asked Question About Markets In Bangalore

    What are the best markets in Bangalore?

    Bangalore is famous for its malls and street-side markets mainly MG Road, Dubai Plaza, Chickpet Market, Malleshwaram Market, Commercial Market and numerous more.

    What food is a must-try when in Bangalore?

    The traditional Kannada cuisines give these international flavours a stiff competition. Some of the must-try dishes are Idli, Vada, and Dosas, Chitranna, Mangalore Buns, Obbattu, Bhajji, Akki rotis, Mysore Masala Dosas. Road-side eateries serving delicious chaat items, dosa varieties, and momos are a culinary delight.

    What one must buy in Bangalore?

    One can literally find everything to shop for in Bangalore. Some of the must-buy souvenirs in Bangalore include sandalwood products, Mysore Pak(sweet), Mysore Silk Sarees, Channapatna wooden towns, Rosewood Inlay work, and Dharwad Peda (sweet).

    When can I visit Bangalore?

    The weather in Bangalore is always pleasant and you can plan your trip all through the year. Summers are warm and winters are cold and both these seasons are ideal for sightseeing and shopping. During the monsoon season from May end to August, Bangalore receives heavy rainfall and could hinder your itineraries.

    What are the famous shopping malls in Bangalore?

    VR Mall, Phoenix Market City, Royal Meenakshi Mall, Forum Value Mall, Garuda Mall, and UB City top the list of malls in Bangalore for their grandeur, brand, outlets, and size.

    How far is commercial street from Bangalore Airport?

    Commercial street is about 35 km away from Bangalore Airport and it could take an hour to reach.

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