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We fell in love with European cities the day we all watched DDLJ, isn’t It? But, there are some magical places in Europe that even our favorite movies have failed to explore. The Winter Wonderland of Sweden is one of them. The magical landscapes, frozen lakes, unique heritage, and the quaint cities of Sweden will leave you enthralled with its charm. And if you visit during winter, you can also enjoy the bliss of Swedish Christmas festivities. Sweden in December is the perfect choice if you want to take a leisurely trip to an offbeat European destination that promises snowy landscapes and a festive spirit. From the best places to visit to things to do, we’ve got it all sorted in the list given below.

Weather In Sweden In December

During December, Sweden is said to be completely drenched in snow. It is the best month among snow lovers and the ultimate place for fun winter activities. The average temperature in De cember ranges between -1.0°C and 3.0°C. Sweden in December receives around 6 hours of daylight and the rest of the time it remains dark.

6 Places To Visit In Sweden In December

Find below some of the best places to visit in Sweden in the winter season for a snow-kissed vacation in Swedish landscapes dotted with Christmas trees.

1. Stockholm

stockholm city view

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If you are planning to travel to Sweden in December, then Stockholm should and must be on your vacay list. You can head to Stockholm’s Gamla Stan – Old Town, which is an epitome of medieval architecture, Swedish history, and culture. One of the best things about paying a visit to Stockholm is that, during December, everything remains open. In the course of your visit to Stockholm, you can take Christmas Old Town Walking Tour By Lantern, to witness Swedish Christmas traditions and enchanting beauty of Stockholm under the light of lanterns.

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2. Lapland

astonishing view

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One of the most wonderful destinations to visit in Sweden is Lapland. Most of the tourists head to Lapland to experience the magical Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights. It’s a game of luck to spot these Aurora Borealis, yet you can increase your chance by visiting Abisko. Abisko is a small village enveloped by mountains and the most recommended place to relish the astonishing view of Aurora Borealis.

Apart from these, you can take part in some of the outstanding winter activities carried out in Abisko like Snowmobiling and Dog-sledging. If you have a keen interest in Sami Culture then you can visit Jokkmokk. Here you can also watch Reindeer Racing and buy handmade products sold by Sami people.

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3. Gothenburg

another major attraction of Sweden

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Gothenburg is another major attraction of Sweden, worthy of your visit. This one-of-a-kind place hosts a myriad of Christmas markets and Gothenburg’s markets are believed to be the top in Nordics. You can find a number of markets surrounding the area, but the most famous are the ones that take place in Liseberg. Liseberg is the biggest amusement park in Scandinavia, that hosts several performances like a version of Dickens’ ‘A Christmas Carol’ on ice and many others.

Also, the amusement park is famous for all the fun-filled rides and major attractions. If you are looking for a serene and peaceful place, then you can head to the islands of Branno and Galtero, where you can witness the mesmerizing beauty of nature.

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4. Dalarna

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Dalarna doesn’t get the same attention as other destinations in Sweden, but trust me Dalarna is a miniature of Sweden. Dalarna is dotted with amazingly wooden Scandinavian craft, architecture, delightful mountains, and lakes. This marvelous place is popular for its artistic culture and a wide range of music festivals take place throughout the year.

If you are a keen enthusiast to experience the exhilarated winter activities, then Dalarna is heaven for you. Here you can participate in different activities like alpine skiing, ice skating, snowmobiling, dog sledding, and nordic skiing. So, all as a whole, Dalarna should be considered as a must-visit place in your itinerary.

5. Ystad

awe-struck location

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Henning Mankell mentioned this excellent place in “Wallander novels”. Ystad receives attention from both domestic and international tourists, as it amazes with its awe-struck location by the sea, cobbled stone streets, and traditional cottages. Ystad Studios Visitor Centre is one of the main attractions of this place, that display objects of sets and props of locally made films and TV shows. If you are in Sweden, then do visit Ystad to relish the stunning vistas of the Baltic Sea and hilly landscape.

You can also take a short stroll to some of the beautiful museums, local markets, restaurants and bars around Ystad. Sweden’s most mysterious place, Ales Stenar and the 13th-century abbey are among the other recognizable landmarks to visit during your trip to Sweden in December.

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6. Malmö

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Malmö is known for some of its Scandinavia’s tallest buildings, exceptional museums, beautiful parks. Malmö is a very cool city to visit in Sweden, and one can find trendy shops, high-design stores, bars and restaurants in the proximity of the high-end hotels, resorts, and hostels here. If you are eager to know about Sweden’s culture, history, traditions, and lifestyle, Malmö is the place to be.

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7 Things To Do In Sweden In December

See all the wonderful things you can do in Sweden in the month of December. From sledding, skiing, to watching the Northern Lights dance in the sky, there’s myriad experiences you can have here in the winter season.

1. Ice Skating

ice skating

Ice skating is one of the most loved adventure sports among many Swedes in the winter season. Experience a massive adrenaline rush in your body as you glide through a lake that reflects the enchanting winter landscapes around you. There are beyond 70Km Ice Skating trails on lakes of Orsa, Siljan, and Runn in Dalarna. Some of the other popular ice skating trails are between Dala and Floda, and between Falun and Borlänge, as well as between Orsa and Mora.

While Skating through the Hjälmaren in the county of Örebro, you can visit Lindholmen Island, where you can enjoy a drink. Stockholm is also one of the best places that offer the best Ice Skating opportunities.

2. Alpine Skiing


Alpine Skiing is the other most popular sport in Sweden, mainly carried out in the region of Stockholm. Through Alpine Skiing, you will be able to witness the picturesque view of Stockholm from the top of the slope. Sälen, Idre Fjäll, Säfsen, Orsa Grönklitt, and Bjursås Säfsen are several ski destinations in the region of Dalarna. Between the beautiful towns of Gislaved and Jönköping lies the famous Isaberg Mountain Resort which is known the world over for offering skiing opportunities for even young travelers.

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3. Northern Lights Tours

beautiful view in the northern light

Swedish Lapland is an ideal place to witness the winter phenomenon of northern lights and capture some amazing pictures of nature. There will be many guided tours who will take you to this place. Northern Lights are mainly spotted in Kiruna, and Abisko along which you can also take part in winter activities like Snowmobile Safaris to spot moose, snowshoeing, helicopter flights and driving sportscar on ice.

4. Dog Sledding

Dog Sledding

Dog Sledding is all about a thrilling experience when you get onto the snow-filled trail with a sled pulled by dogs. You can literally feel the cold winds touching your face while flying across the white wilderness of Tundra regions. There are many places in Sweden where you can experience the fun-packed activity of Dog Sledding. Among them, Dalarna, Skellefteå, and Västerbotten are the famous spots to enjoy this adventurous sport.

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5. Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking

If you want to indulge in the true bliss of nature, then MountainBiking is the most exciting thing to do in Sweden. The Gotland Island in Sweden, located in Slite has the largest MTB park of more than 240Km routes that have different difficulty levels. Whether you are MountainBiking through gravel roads or demanding terrain, the spellbinding beauty of Gotland Island will make your heart ponder.

6. Snowmobile Tours

discover the fascinating mountains of Sweden

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Alvdalen, Idre Sarna and Salen in Dalarna County are some of the important regions where one can discover the fascinating mountains of Sweden. For snowmobiling in these regions, you will get many trained trails or you can hire a local guide to lead you throughout your tour.

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7. Kayaking On The Coast

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Imagine paddling into the sea between the islets and islands wrapped in the snow. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience the true grace of this place. Bohuslän, on the West Coast of Sweden, is known for hosting this activity. The sparkling water on both sides and a little sunshine is all you need to make your Kayaking experience a pleasant one.

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December is absolutely the best and the cheapest month to visit Sweden. What are you still waiting to hear? Just pack your bags and book a delightful vacation in Europe and see the undying charm of Sweden in December. And when you’ll be visiting Sweden in winter with your family or friends, just make sure to add all of the above-mentioned places and activities to your itinerary.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Sweden In December

Is Sweden worth visiting in Winter?

Yes, Sweden is worth visiting in winter, when the weather is snowy and there are Christmas vibes all around.

Is Sweden a safe place to visit?

Yes, Sweden is a safe place to visit and the nation has recorded less crime rate in recent years.

What is there to do in Sweden in winter?

Ice Skating, Dog Sledding, Kayaking on the Coast, Mountain Biking, Snowmobile Tours, All-Level Alpine Skiing, Horse Tours Through The Forest, Island Hopping in the Archipelago, etc.

Where is the best place in Sweden to see the northern lights?

Abisko National Park, in Sweden Lapland, is the best place to spot the Northern Lights

What is the best place to stay in Sweden?

Stockholm, Malmø, Gothenburg, Uppsala, and Solna are some of the best places to stay in Sweden

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