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Although Thailand is a Southeast Asian country known primarily for its tropical beaches, palaces as well as Buddha temples, once you visit the country you realize that it also houses a variety of desserts. The desserts here are both delicious and healthy. People here have an immense love for sweet food and they are also conscious about making desserts that are low on fats and calories. These exotic Thai desserts use fruits which make them healthier and tastier. Most of them boast about being gluten-free, which is why even the ardent fitness freaks can enjoy these delicious items.

15 Mouthwatering Thai Desserts

This blog showcases the best Thai desserts that aren’t just tasty to eat but are also healthier, making them even better than most of the western-style desserts. Here is a list of Thai desserts that are extremely mouth-watering:

1. Custard-Filled Bread

Custard-filled bread

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Thai desserts are surely one of world’s best delicacies and it is no wonder they are loved so much by the tourists that visit the country. This is one such dessert that the tourists as well as locals are extremely fond of. This dessert is made of bread and is available in almost every of Thailand’s markets. The buns consist of different toppings like the green tea flavoring or also the mouth-watering chocolate syrup.

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2. Thai-Style Crème Caramel

Crème Caramel

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Very easy to make, this is a Thai coconut dessert version of the delicious crème caramel dessert that melts in your mouth. Not just that, it is also tastier and healthier than the traditional crème caramel. It uses coconut milk instead of crème as coconut milk is very helpful so as to lower your cholesterol. Hence, if someone is lactose-intolerant, this is probably the best dessert choice for them. One of best Thai desserts with coconut milk, it is a must-try for anyone who is visiting the country.

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3. Mango Sticky Rice

Mango Sticky Rice

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Mango sticky rice is without any doubt one of the most popular desserts in Thailand. This dessert is something you have to try while you’re holidaying in the beautiful country of Thailand. To prepare this dessert, chilled mangos are first sliced fresh and then they are put over steaming hot sticky rice. This amazing combination is then put in thick coconut milk, which gives it a unique and a very fascinating taste.

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4. Thai Jelly

Jelly bean

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If you love jelly and if it is something that excites you a lot, then Thai Jelly is a must-try for you as it is very similar to the jelly that you get in the western countries. The only difference is that in Thailand, the jelly is sliced up and adorned with toppings like coconut shreds. This makes the jelly even tastier and you are sure to like it even more than the normal jelly. It is prepared using sugar, flour as well as coconut milk, which is why it is so delicious. This amazing dessert literally melts in your mouth. Do try it when in Thailand as it is one of the most delicious Thai desserts with coconut milk.

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5. Sticky Rice In Bamboo

Rice food

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Sticky rice is one of Thailand’s most popular desserts and it can serve as a spectacular add-on to any meal. Sticky rice in bamboo is a very unique and innovative way of serving this rice. Mixed with red beans, sugar as well as coconut cream before being put in the bamboo cylinders, this is undoubtedly among the most delicious Thai sticky rice desserts. The concoction is then cooked until all the ingredients melt and become one combination before they are served.

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6. Banana Leaf And Sticky Rice

Coconut milk and sticky rice

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Made with sugar, black beans, coconut milk and sticky rice; this is a blessing for all the vegans as it is one of the most scrumptious vegan Thai desserts. All the constituents are placed in a banana leaf, making it one amazing dessert. Although it looks very strange from the outside, it consists of a plenty of taste and flavor and is thus, one of Thailand’s popular delicacies. Also, the banana leaf wrapper gives it a very unique and attractive look. Do not miss on this dessert whilst you are in the fascinating country of Thailand.

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7. Tapioca Mango Pudding

extremely scrumptious tasting

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Very easy to make, this pudding is something that will surely tingle your taste buds. As Tapioca is completely gluten-free, the Tapioca Mango Pudding is perfect dessert for all the fitness freaks. And unlike other desserts or puddings that consume hours to prepare, this amazing dessert can be prepared within only 30 minutes or less. The mango is optional, and although one can find the tapioca pudding very delicious without it, the mango is recommended as it gives the pudding a very rare and unique flavor that is worth tasting. Prepared using coconut milk, this tops the list of the best Thai inspired desserts.

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8. Starfruit In Mango Orange Sauce


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This unique and delicious dessert is beautiful as well as it takes very less time to prepare. Not just that, with slices of fresh star fruit, it is very healthy as well. It is same as the apple in accordance with the taste and the texture. It can be eaten afresh, but the experience can be enhanced by lightly cooking the star fruit slices and then topping it with a mango-orange sauce. This is a very innovative dish that is hardly found anywhere else other than Thailand.

9. Grilled Pineapple Pops

Grilled Pineapple Pops

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If you are having a BBQ party, this Thai dessert will make sure your party has a sweet and lovely ending. The pineapple spears can be prepared in advance and can be grilled during the party and served. To add more flavors, you can add some sauces or you can also use a few dips that make it even more delicious. On top of that, you can have as much as you want of this dessert as it is very healthy. This tropical tasting dessert should definitely be on your list.

10. Tropical Thai Fruit Salad

Fruit Salad

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This exotic Thai dessert is without a trace of doubt a taste of paradise. Comprising of a combination of tropical as well as local fruits, the dessert is prepared by putting all the fruits together in a coconut-lime fruit salad dressing that makes the luscious taste of the fruit even more exquisite. It can be served with whipped cream as well which enhances the taste of this spectacular dessert. As it consists of nothing but fruits, it is very healthy and can be a perfect dessert for all those on strict diets.

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11. Coconut Rice Dumplings


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Both good looking and scrumptious tasting, this Thai dessert surely satisfies your appetite as it is a delicious combination of coconut and rice dumplings. The combination is cooked on hot grills to give it a great taste. This is a very popular dessert in Thailand and you can find it being served even by street vendors in the nooks and corners of the country. This delicious dessert is usually topped with green onions or corn which makes the taste and flavor even better.

12. Thai Roti

Thai Roti

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One can also have fun while watching how this dessert is prepared. A signature dessert in Thailand, it is very famous amongst the tourists and every tourist makes it a point to taste it whilst touring the country of Thailand. Vendors can be found on almost every corner, grilling up this sweet dough, especially near the famous tourist places of Thailand. This dough is made very thick before it is forced onto the grill. Toppings and fillings such as Nutella, chocolate and bananas adorn this beautiful dessert.

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13. Coconut Ice Cream

Ice cream

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The perfect dessert to beat the heat in Thailand, Coconut ice cream is a hit with all. This is amongst the tourists’ favourite dessert as they feast on it while visiting various tourist spots of the country. Most vendors offer a wide variety of toppings like peanuts, sweet syrups as well as sweet corn to adorn the dessert. Many a times, it is also served in a coconut which has been scraped out to make room for the ice-cream.

14. Mango Sorbet

Mango Sorbet

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One of the easiest Thai desserts to make is the mango sorbet. With no requirement of stove, the dessert can be prepared very quickly. What is required is just a blender or a food processor. Creamier than most desserts, the Mango sorbet lies halfway between being a sorbet and an ice cream. But still, it has a pure mango flavor and is very light. The best thing about it is that you can either have it whipped up or make it a bit solid in the freezer in just 20 minutes.

15. Kao Tum Mud

Kao Tum Mud

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Kao Tum Mud is a common and traditional Thai dessert. The base ingredient that goes inside it is sticky rice. The base made of sticky rice in mixed with coconut milk to form a dough. Then small parts and taken and filled with sweet mixture. It is then covered with a piece of Banana leaf and steamed. Koa Tum Mud is eated with black beans, banana and tamarind. There’s also a saying based on this dessert, that it symbolises a couple’s life. This is because generally two Kao Tum Mud are tied together with a bamboo strip.

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These Thai desserts are one of Thailand’s best delicacies that are loved by the locals as well as the tourists. The aforementioned 13 desserts are the most spectacular and mouth-watering sweet dishes that one must definitely try whilst touring the amazing country. Take a trip to Thailand and taste these desserts right away. You will not be disappointed!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Thai Desserts

Which are the most popular Thai desserts?

The most popular Thai desserts are coconut ice cream, Thai jelly and Mango sticky rice.

Where to buy Thai desserts in Bangkok?

There are many popular places in Bangkok to buy sweets and desserts. You can buy authentic desserts of Thailand in Bangkok from famous shops like Klao Pi Nong, Wan Damron and more.

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