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Given that this is the 21st century and taking a trip to Italy is no biggie, you’d surely find a ton of articles floating around on the internet suggesting things you must do in Italy or places you cannot afford to miss. However, there won’t be many who would help you with the things not to do in Italy and save you from the last minute hassle or embarrassment. But worry not because we’ve got your back!

Here’s a list of 10 things that you should totally avoid doing for actually exploring Italy like the Italians do! Make sure you take a note of each and every one of them for a hassle-free vacay!

12 Things NOT To Do In Italy

Be it ordering in a restaurant or planning your sightseeing tour, there’s a lot that you need to be wary of. Take a look at these 12 things not do on vacation in Italy!

  • Breakfast – Expect A Lavish Spread
  • Train Ticket – Board Without Validating Your Ticket
  • Coffee – Order A Latte (Please Don’t)
  • Clothes – Wear A Tube Top Or Shorts To A Church
  • Water – Ask For Still, Thinking It’s Tap
  • GPS – Believe Google Is Your Best Friend (Not Always)
  • Freebies – Take ‘Em Thinking They Are Free
  • Planning – Schedule Sightseeing Tour On Sundays
  • Luggage – Carry Heavy Suitcases
  • Money – Rely Only On Your Credit Cards
  • Food – Eat Pizza With Your Hands
  • Restaurants – Dine Near Major Tourist Spots

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1. Breakfast – Expect A Lavish Spread

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‘Most expectations lead to disappointments.’ has been very rightly said and is true in a relationship, at workplaces, and also when you’re having your breakfast in Italy. Remember that you’re not at home and a lavish spread is the last thing that to expect in Italy. Italians often have only a cookie or two with their coffee fix in the morning and that’s about it. So, prep yourself in advance if you’re expecting a heavy complimentary breakfast at your hotel.

2. Train Ticket – Board Without Validating Your Ticket

train tickets on a map

The tickets for the regional trains in Italy neither have a date nor any time, merely for a reason that one is able to use it at the time of his or her own need. But irrespective of that, what you must not do is board a train without validating your ticket because that is easy to forget. Set a reminder if needed and look for a machine nearby at the station to validate your ticket before you hop on. After all, the last thing you’d want is to get fined.

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3. Coffee – Order A Latte (Please Don’t)

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Memorize or take a written note, ‘latte’ in Italian literally translates to milk. Therefore, do not order a latte if a coffee is what you desire, instead use the term ‘caffe latte’. Also, Italians avoid having coffee during their meals during the noon, so try and hop to a bar that serves coffee if you’re craving for a coffee fix badly. This is one of the most common mistakes under all the ‘what not to do in Italy as a tourist’ list of bloopers, so be wary.

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4. Clothes – Wear A Tube Top Or Shorts To A Church

exterior view of siena in italy

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Unlike the churches in your city, the cathedrals in Italy house important works of art inside and signs posted outside askings visitors to avoid entering the church with shorts or bare shoulders. The least you can do at the last moment is use a scarf to wrap around, but the best is to dress accordingly and appropriately. Else, you could always pack your clothes according to what not to wear in Italy whilst keeping your itinerary in mind.

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5. Water – Ask For Still, Thinking It’s Tap

still water in italy

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Unlike most cities in the U.S., there’s no such concept of tap water in places or restaurants in Italy because the Italians always prefer to drink bottled water. Beware when they ask you to pick from still or sparkling water at a restaurant or a bar, because irrespective of which one you choose with your meal, you’d be expected to pay for it. Remember still doesn’t always doesn’t mean tap.

6. GPS – Believe Google Is Your Best Friend (Not Always)

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We all get it, Google has become a life savior and our best friend when it comes to navigating our way through in unknown districts or cities. But not in Italy! Most streets or districts in Italy have the same names while they are located in different regions. So, do not trust your GPS. Rather, carry a map along and track where you want to go for real, even if you wish to do it on your Google maps’ app.

7. Freebies – Take ‘Em Thinking They Are Free

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All those little souvenirs might seem too attractive on the street, especially when a smiling street vendor or a costumed character is the one giving it to you. But, remember it is not a free gift. Be it a posed picture or a flower, you’d be expected to pay for it. So, don’t get duped and stay alert during your free walking tours.

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8. Planning – Schedule Sightseeing Tour On Sundays

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Unlike most places, Italy is a country where businesses usually stay closed on Sundays and popular attractions are mostly brimmed with the crowd. So, do not over plan. Make sure that you utilize your Sundays exploring the plazas at your own pace and not in a queue at some popular museum. In fact, if you’re actually looking for things not to do in Florence, Italy, out of all other places, this will prove to be really helpful. You’d definitely thank us later!

9. Luggage – Carry Heavy Suitcases

travel light to italy

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Travel light and travel easy is true word by word, especially if you’re on a trip to Italy. Most streets are bumpy, have steep hills and usually a lot of pedestrians around, which would make dragging a heavy suitcase a tough task. Not just this, but there might be situations where you’d have to lift your bag by yourself, like while boarding a train or at a heritage hotel that unfortunately wouldn’t have a life or a concierge. So, a heave suitcase definitely falls under ‘what not to bring to Italy’ category!

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10. Money – Rely Only On Your Credit Cards

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Your credit card might be your best friend in your own city, but don’t depend or rely on it blindly when you’re holidaying in Italy. Most stores or shops do not accept cards and take payment only in cash. So, it’s best to carry a lot of local currency with you. It won’t only come handy, but also save you from the hassle of exchanging money or the last moment stress.

11. Food – Eat Pizza With Your Hands

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Adhering to your table manners would help you loads during your Italy trip! Don’t just pick your pizza slice and start biting into it if you wish to avoid the angry stares of the locals passing by. Instead, use a knife and fork to enjoy this Italian delicacy to the fullest!

Holidaying in Venice? Forget about what to do. Let us tell you what not to do in Venice, Italy to make your trip hassle-free. For starters, you’re not supposed to share your pizza with anyone, no matter how close that person is to you!

12. Restaurants – Dine Near Major Tourist Spots

italy restaurants dining tip

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Don’t forget the golden rule for eating out, not just in Italy but in all other places as well. We know you’re super tired after you’re done exploring some big tourist attraction and just want to sit and eat the moment you walk out its gates. But, don’t! The cafes, restaurants, and diners concentrated near major tourist attractions will always only offer a less than happy Italian dining experience out of an overpriced menu. So, go where the locals are headed by walking just a few blocks from the attraction you just visited, and you’ll end up discovering cheap and authentic food for sure.

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Now that you know what to do and what not to do in Italy as a tourist, we are sure that you’re ready to take off for your trip to Italy with TravelTriangle. Just keep these notes handy and feel free to drop in a comment if you have more doubts or questions related to your Italy holiday. Until then, Au Revoir!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Things Not To Do In Italy

Looking for more tips? See if these help:

Is English spoken in Italy?

Only 29% of Italy’s population speaks English. So, it’s always better to be familiar with a few common Italian terms so that there is no miscommunication.

Can you bring coffee back from Italy?

Yes, you will be allowed to bring coffee from Italy, as long as you are able to produce an authentic invoice of the same at the customs checkpoint inside the airport.

What can you not wear in Italy?

Pair your leggings with long tunic tops and or wear black leggings, as they can be considered as too casual in Italy.

What should I pack for Italy?

Pack yourselves pants and trousers, dresses, a light jacket or a wrap. Walking, sunglasses, and shorts or skirts.

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