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People associate Andaman and Nicobar islands with beaches, colonial history, and coral wealth, often wondering if they can take a part of this charming heritage home with them. Well, good news for you shopaholics – you can! Against what people think, there are loads of things to buy in Andaman for all kinds of travelers. Handmade goods in Andaman can make great souvenirs and memorabilia, gifts for family and friends, and home decor items to make your abode beautiful. Listed below are some fabulous things you can buy on your trip to the islands at more or less reasonable rates. Make your vacation all about a fun shopping spree in Andaman and have a blast while you splurge all that you got!

10 Best Things To Buy In Andaman

Here are a few of the finest items you can purchase here to remind you of your memorable trip to Andaman with your loved ones. Keep scrolling down and read along to know more about the best things to buy in Andaman and Nicobar Islands!

  • Pearls
  • Spices
  • Fishbone Articles
  • Timber Crafts
  • Shells
  • Jute Items
  • Nicobari Mats
  • Sarongs And Hats
  • Cane Goods

1. Pearls


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A gift for your special someone or close friends? Wondering what to buy in Andaman? What can be better than some shining pearls straight from the Bay of Bengal! They are the best kind of go-to items you can buy in coastal areas. While they are plenty of jewelry stores and local artisans claiming to sell authentic and good quality pearl items like ornaments, home decor, purses, accessories, and more, make sure you always do a quality check before you proceed to purchase them. The Andaman Islands have a huge variety of these gorgeous riches from the sea.

Where To Buy: Aberdeen Bazaar
Starting Price: INR 500

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2. Spices


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You can buy superior quality of spices and herbs including the likes of cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, vanilla, betel, and black pepper that is grown and nurtured in abundance in the Andaman islands. These aromatic spices are some of the best things to buy in Andaman and Nicobar for your own home and for gifting to others. You’ll find various spice gardens and plantations in Andaman, and you can visit any of them to find the authentic flavors of this part of India.

Where To Buy: MG Road
Starting Price: INR 20

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3. Fishbone Articles

Fishbone Articles

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Though it sounds weird, fishbone items are quite a rage now and make great articles for home decor and gifting. For starters, fishbone dolls make awesome souvenirs and gifting items. Usually made from the bones of the fish that is either dead or has been eaten, these splendidly unique items will surely look fabulous in the showcase and keep the viewer what they’re made of! Crafted by the skilled artisans of Andaman, these are essentially best-out-of-the-waste craft items that will make some of the best things to purchase in Andaman and should not be missed out.

Where To Buy: MG Road
Starting Price: INR 100

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4. Timber Crafts

Timber Crafts

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Wooden items tend to be beautiful and always end up catching attention. The finesse of the wooden goods in Andaman and Nicobar is so eye-catching that you won’t be able to resist the temptation to buy loads of articles from the stores and markets here. From home decor items, toys, accessories, ornaments, to kitchen apparatus, you won’t have a dearth of timber-based things to buy in Andaman and Nicobar islands. It is also one of the best things to do in Andaman.

Where To Buy: Andaman Handicraft Emporium
Starting Price: INR 100

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5. Shells


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While collecting shells from the beaches of Andaman is a strict no no, it doesn’t mean you cannot bring back home these beautiful pieces of the ocean. Instead of going through the trouble of collecting them from the beaches, you can simply buy them from various stores and handicraft centers that sell them. You can either buy them in the form of lampshades, ashtrays, vases, ornaments, accessories, bags, wall hangings, buttons, key-chains, or as packets of colorful and raw shells that you can convert into something beautiful on your own later. Don’t forget to keep the receipt safe, as you’ll be required to show that at the airport during security checks.

Where To Buy: Beach Markets
Starting Price: INR 50

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6. Jute Items


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Jute handicrafts are available in abundance in Andaman and make for some of the most famous things to buy in Andaman. It’s among the most important and flourishing industries in Andaman and Nicobar that have started to gain all the more importance nowadays since various local sellers and big marketplaces are shifting from plastic bags to jute and cloth bags in order to help save the environment. You can select from a wide range of jute goods like bags, footwear, hats, jewelry items, clothes, and more. You can either buy jute from the local markets or the big emporiums here.

Where To Buy: MG Road
Starting Price: INR 50

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7. Coconut Handicrafts

Coconut Handicrafts

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Who doesn’t love some refreshing coconut water and the tender coconut pulp? But what if we tell you that even the hard shell can be used for making something good and doesn’t have to be thrown away? That’s right. You’ll come across various shops and stores in Andaman selling beautiful bowls, showpieces, vases, wind chimes, home decor items, toys, animal figurines, bags, and lampshades made out of coconut shells cut into various shapes and sizes. And they’ll be so pretty and eye-catching that you won’t be able to say no to buying them!

Where To Buy: Sagarika Government Emporium
Starting Price: INR 50

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8. Nicobari Mats

Nicobari Mats

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The tribals of Nicobar islands are known to be skilled in weaving beautiful mats and hangings made out of various natural and locally grown items. Though you can’t really visit the Nicobar Islands as per a ban imposed by the Indian government long ago safety purposes, you can buy these unique articles from select markets and emporiums in Andaman. These mats and tapestries are made by the tribes of Nicobar and they are representative of the vivid culture of these people, indigenous in every way. They are some of the quirkiest things to buy in Nicobar.

Where To Buy: Andaman local market
Starting Price: INR 100

9. Sarongs And Hats


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Sarongs as well as hats are a necessity in Andaman, as you need the latter for your trip to the beach and the former will protect you against the harsh tropical sun of this place. The best part – there’s no need to get it from your home destination, as various colorful, quirky, and reasonably priced varieties of these are available for purchase almost everywhere in Andaman. You can find comfortable sarongs made out of simple cotton and/or georgette fabric that makes it wavy and trendy. You can find hats of various shapes, sizes, and colors here made out of material like jute.

Where To Buy: MG Road
Starting Price: INR 100

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10. Cane Goods

Cane Goods

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Don’t forget to buy authentic cane and bamboo products in Andaman that make up a crucial part of the local markets of Andaman. You can find them in plenty of forms like trendy hats, bags, pitchers, vases, mugs, wall hangings, keychains, photo frames, flutes, and much more. You will be able to find pretty items made from cane and bamboo at almost every gift shop and local market in Andaman and will make for great gifting items, souvenirs, and home decor items. These markets are usually surrounded by some of the must-visit places in Andaman.

Where To Buy: MG Road
Starting Price: INR 100

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We hope we have helped you sort your shopping list for Andaman! Make sure you bag plenty of quirky and chic items for your friends and family before you return from this tropical paradise. And while there are various more things to buy in Andaman, these are the most popular ones that you shouldn’t miss while you’re on your holiday in Andaman.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Things To Buy In Andaman

Which are the famous spices of Andaman?

Cardamom, vanilla, betel, cloves, cinnamon, and black pepper are grown in abundance on the islands of Andaman. These spices the best things to buy in Andaman.

Which are the famous gift items that you can buy in Andaman?

The fishbone dolls and fishbone wall hangings are the famous gift items that one can choose to buy when in Andaman. The fishbone decors are in vogue. You can easily find all these things in the markets in Andaman at an affordable price.

Where can we find the timber-based decor items in Andaman?

The wooden crafted materials are famous in Andaman. It can be found in any craft market in Andaman. The decency of these timber-based decor items is beautiful and tempting when kept in a house.

Is it necessary to keep the receipt of the bought gift items in Andaman?

The receipt of the crafted materials for the decor as well as the gift materials must be bought along with the receipt. Many times, receipts are important for checking out at the airports in Andaman.

Are good quality jute items available in Andaman?

The best quality jute items are available in Andaman. They are available in abundance and are the most famous craft items of Andaman.

What are the best handmade home decor items available in Andaman?

The coconut handicrafts are the best handmade traditional home decor items that one can buy from the markets of Andaman. The hard shells of coconut are used for making figurines, lampshades, and bags for decorating purposes.

Where can we find the famous Nicobari mats in Andaman?

Beautiful bags and hangings made up of Nicobari mats are available throughout the islands of Andaman. The tribal people of the Nicobar Island are well skilled in weaving the Nicobar mats. One must buy these beautiful handicrafts from Andaman.

Which all bamboo products are found in Andaman?

There are bamboo and cane products available in abundance in the markets of Andaman. From trendy hats and bags to pitchers, vases, and mugs as well as wall hangings, beautiful keychains and flutes are made up of bamboo wood. They are less expensive and elegant.

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