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    a man surfing on high tides

    Bentota is a small quaint resort town strategically located towards the southwest coast of Sri Lanka. The place was previously a major trading hub where spice trade was very prominent. The charm and beauty of this fascinating island entice visitors and local residents alike.
    Travelers can indulge in various Bentota activities such as diving and fishing while catching a glimpse of some of the exotic species of aquatic life. Some of the other things to do in Bentota include paragliding, parasailing, snorkeling and gazing dolphin dance etc.

    For those who are historically inclined, there are many places that are steeped in history. This destination is also best suited for an adventure enthusiast.

    1. Therapy at Saman Villas

    a woman taking fish spa

    Those tourists who are pondering over the question what to do in bentota may proceed to Saman Villas.
    Saman Villas house spectacular spas where one can rejuvenate for a fresher and lively mind and soul. It
    is well equipped with diverse therapeutic facilities such as reflexology, aromatherapy, fish spa, and hot
    stone therapy. For a unique spa experience, check out this place during your visit to Bentota. Travelers
    need to book an appointment much in advance to avail the services of Saman Villas. They are required to
    carry a pair of clothes along with them.

    2. Cycling

    a man cycling in an old town of Sri lanka

    The age-old prominent Hindu places of worship ‘Katukoliha temple’ and the panoramic paddy fields in an
    idyllic setting is an ideal spot to indulge in cycling. During the course of your journey,t you will come
    across the stunning mural painting inscribed on the walls of ‘Mullegoda temple’ and turquoise waters of
    ‘Dedduwa Lake’. It is undoubtedly one of the best things to do in bentota.

    3. Brief Garden

    a garden with structures

    Among other best things to do in bentota is to visit the Brief Garden. It is an enchanting garden, which
    was designed by a renowned and skilled Sri Lankan artist named ‘Bevis Bawa’. This place stretches over
    five acres of land and is an embodiment of swaying tropical trees, sculptures, art and magnificent
    imposing structures. It is a charming and lovely spot to get lost from the hustle and bustle of the city. The
    entry fee is 350 Sri Lankan rupees. The garden is opened to the public from 8 AM to 5 PM daily.

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    4. Shopping at Ambalangoda, Bentota

    wooden Sri Lanka traditional masks ss01052018

    After you have arrived at Bentota and done scouting around for the top things to do in Bentota you
    might as well head to Ambalangoda. It is a coastal town, which is located at a distance of about
    twenty-four kilometers away from the city of Bentota. This town boasts otf its ancient devil masks and
    devil dancers. It is located at an altitude of about thirteen meters above the sea level. The town has
    plethora of antique shops who supplies unique fancy jewellery items at unmatchable prices.

    5. Trekking/Walking trail

    a man standing near a waterfall

    Take part in trekking/walking trail across the jaw-dropping paddy fields of Bentota-Aturuwella areas. It
    houses a shrine named ‘Katukoliha temple’, which is as old as one-hundred and twenty five years. There
    is multitude of residential buildings that were constructed in Dutch styles of architecture. It is also an
    ideal spot to enjoy the sun set. This place is a breeding ground for vast number of migratory birds. Those
    visitors who are searching for suitable bentota things to do should definitely pay a visit to this place
    during their trip to Bentota, Sri Lanka.

    6. Stroll on the Bentota beach

    a lady wearing colourful clothes walking on a beach ss01052018

    The town of Bentota has in store plenty of serene and stunning beaches. Out of which Bentota beach is
    one of them which greets the tourist with swaying coconut trees and picturesque landscapes. It is
    indisputably an ideal place for nature lovers where they can indulge in recreational water sports
    including swimming, diving and snorkeling. If you happen to be one of those travel enthusiasts
    pondering over the question ‘what to do in bentota Sri lanka’, a stroll on this lovely beach is the best

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    7. Nature Hike near Madu river in Balapitiya

    a black bird sitting on a branch

    Another top bentota things to do is a visit to the Madu river. It is literally termed as the ‘Madu Ganga
    River Safari’ located towards the southern part of Galle district. This area is a paradise for both nature
    and bird enthusiasts since it consists of rich profusion of mangrove trees, exotic varieties of birds etc.
    Cruise along the rivers of Madu where the tourists would come across more than one hundred eleven
    species of birds in their natural habitat. There are approximately three hundred species which are
    indigenous to this region.

    8. A visit to the Kosgoda Turtle hatchery in Bentota

    a lady carrying a large turtle

    One of the must include bentota things to do is the Kosgoda Turtle Hatchery. It is a haven for sea turtles
    and tortoises where the eggs are gathered and preserved until they are hatched. A project named ‘Turtle
    Hatchery Project’ was introduced with the objective to conserve these species and enhance their
    survival. The total cost charged for an adult is one hundred whereas no fees are charged for a child.

    9. History lessons at Kande Vihara

    a giant statue of Buddha ss01052018

    Other top things to do near bentota Sri Lanka is checking out ‘Kande Vihara’ which is exclusively meant
    for those who are historically inclined. Those who wish to have a sneak peek into the history of Bentota
    and its surrounding areas should definitely pay a visit to this place. Perched atop hill is owned and
    operated by the Government of India.

    10. Surfing and Diving at Cinnamon Island

    a man surfing on high tides ss01052018

    For fun and gaiety, head straight to Cinnamon Island where you can relax in the sand and indulge in
    other recreational activities like surfing, scuba diving and much more. If you’re an adventurer looking for things to do in Bentota, you must visit the island. It is a charming and lovely small island where travelers can learn the techniques of producing and harvesting cinnamon.

    Bentota is a great place to capture the spirit of the island life. From surfing to hiking, it gives you many opportunities to make your holiday special.

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