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    Tourists enjoying the flowing river at Chakrata

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    Chakrata in Uttarakhand is a scenic hill station, surrounded by the gorgeous Himalayan range. Snuggled in the Dehradun district, this quaint and charming hill retreat is best known for its serenity and spellbinding views around.

    Chakrata is not a very popular holiday destination and is thus far from any touristy chaos or noises. It is a really small hill town that offers a few local attractions and some exciting activities. The range of most fascinating things to do in Chakrata includes some sightseeing and a bit of exploration & adventure as well.

    16 Popular Things To Do In Chakrata

    Wondering what to do in this petite hamlet up in the hills of Uttarakhand? Well, we have brought you a range of activities you can try here during your trip:

    • Kanasar – Camping And River Rafting In Chakrata
    • Tiger Falls – Trek All The Way To It
    • Deoban – Bird Watching
    • Budher Caves – Venture In!
    • Chilmiri Neck – Admire The Scenic Sunsets
    • Yamuna Adventure Park – Water Activities
    • Deoban Forest – Rock Climbing
    • Kimona Falls – Waterfall Rappelling
    • Chakrata Forest Check Post – Horse Riding
    • Makhti Pokhari Village – Walk Or Bicycle
    • Lakhamandal Temple – Marvel At The Architecture
    • Mundali – Go Skiing
    • Ram Tal Horticultural Garden – Have A Picnic
    • Enjoy Local Cuisine
    • Witness Fairs And Festivals
    • Hanol – Seek Blessings At Mahasu Devta Temple

    1. Kanasar – Camping And River Rafting In Chakrata

    A shot of the Blue Canvas Resort that offers camping

    Image Source

    Going from Dehradun to Chakrata, you will realize it is a backpacker’s paradise! Camping in this quaint hill station is one of the exhilarating things to do. You can bring your own tents and other camping equipment or else, many Chakrata camps offer luxury tents and with all basic amenities. Such camping packages are a good deal – ‘cause then you need not worry about stay or food. Also, they plan a few adventure activities, such rock climbing, waterfall rappelling, and river rafting in Chakrata.

    Besides camping in Chakrata, tourists can indulge in adventure activities like nature walks and bonfire. Plus, stargazing is an all time delight for hill station campers.

    Location: Koti Kanasar, Chakrata, Uttarakhand 248123

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    2. Tiger Falls – Trek All The Way To It

    A beautiful snap of the flowing water at the Tiger Falls in Chakrata

    Image Source

    A popular attraction in Chakrata, Tiger Falls is also a nice picnic spot. Slightly difficult to walk, the path to the falls makes for a small trek of 5 km. Once you reach there, you will be surrounded by luxuriant deodar vegetation and a breathtaking waterfall, cascading down the hill to form a small pond at the bottom. Enjoy the serenity of the falls and the surroundings by having a small picnic beside the pond.

    Location: Kanaser Range, Chakrata, Uttarakhand 248123

    3. Deoban – Bird Watching

    A picture of the Hodgson's Hawk Cuckoo

    About 13 km from Chakrata is Deoban – one of the highest view-points located at an elevation of 2200 m. It is surrounded by dense deodar forests and offers captivating views of snow clad peaks and lofty ranges and is one of the most popular Chakrata tourist attractions. One of the most exciting things to do there is to watch different types of birds.

    Come to Deoban to spot beautiful rare birds like Russet Sparrow, Yellow-Crowned Woodpecker, Himalayan Woodpecker, Common Hawk Cuckoo, Chukar Partridge, and Cinereous Vulture among others.

    Location: Chakrata

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    4. Budher Caves – Venture In!

    Tourists take a walk through the Budher Caves in Chakrata

    Image Source

    Best known for their stalactite and stalagmite formations, Budher caves are ideal for some exploration adventure. About 30 km from Chakrata, they are believed to be built by the Pandavas.

    One of the offbeat things to do near Chakrata, exploring Budher caves is a lot of fun if you are looking for adventure in Chakrata. However, those who have done it say that the expedition is quite rigorous. Here is a first hand experience of Budher Caves exploration.

    Location: Bagani, Uttarakhand 248123

    5. Chilmiri Neck – Admire The Scenic Sunsets

    A snap of the gorgeous views from Chakrata

    Image Source

    Just 20-30 minutes away from Chakrata main town, Chilmiri Neck is the highest peak in the town, and thus offers a breathtaking view of the surrounding mountains and peaks which makes it one of the many popular Chakrata attractions. Rohini Peak, Swarga Peak and the Bandarpunch Massif can be seen from here. It falls within the cantonment premises and is also popular for sightseeing in Chakrata.
    Dense forest around ensures a lovely time for the birders. Beautiful birds, colorful, butterflies, and scenic views make it one of must see places in Chilmiri Neck. For couples, watching the stunning sunset at Chilmiri Neck tops the list of things to do in Chakrata.

    Location: Rikhnad Range, Uttarakhand 248123

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    6. Yamuna Adventure Park – Water Activities

    Adventure junkies trying river crossing at Chakrata

    Image Source

    Yamuna Adventure Park is one of the key attractions in Chakrata. Come here to indulge in water activities like rappelling, swimming, river crossing, and bridge slithering. There’s no end to the fun water babies can have in this small yet exciting part of Chakrata.

    Location: Chakrata

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    7. Deoban Forest – Rock Climbing

    A woman tries rock climbing

    Image Source

    Amid other adventures, rock climbing in the Deoban forest area is quite an interesting thing to do in Chakrata. Commonly offered by many private getaway organizers as part of their weekend getaway to Chakrata, mostly solo travelers, office groups, and friends opt for it. Other than adventure activities, the park is also famous for birdwatching owing to the varied species of aviaries it is home to or that migrate to it.

    Location: Chakrata

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    8. Kimona Falls – Waterfall Rappelling

    A person tries waterfall rappelling that is one of the best things to do in Chakrata

    Image Source

    Rappelling down Tiger Falls is sure to give you thrills. It is one of the most adventurous things to do in Chakrata. With not much crowd around, it is a wonderful experience to go waterfall rappelling with friends or family. Again, if you are opting for a weekend package, you can include it easily in your itinerary.

    Location: Chakrata

    9. Chakrata Forest Check Post – Horse Riding

    A man goes for horse riding at Chakrata

    Image Source

    You can go for a thrilling horse ride, which is done on a small trail from Chakrata main town till the Forest Check Post. Ask your hotel staff to get in touch with people who can arrange horse riding for you. Riding a horse through the tall pine jungles and over the winding roads of this delightful hamlet will definitely be one of the most fascinating memories of your Chakrata tour.

    Location: Chakrata

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    10. Makhti Pokhari Village – Walk Or Bicycle

    A group of people cycling in Chakrata

    Image Source

    Another one of the many popular Chakrata attractions, Makhti Pokhari Village is one of its kind thing to do in Chakrata, village visits are organized with the aim of promoting village tourism. Such trails take you to the Makhti Pokhari and Jaunsari villages, where you can meet and interact with the locals; and know more about their lifestyle, customs, and traditions.

    You can also explore the villages on a bicycle, as cycling is also among the best things to do in Chakrata.

    Location: Chakrata

    11. Lakhamandal Temple – Marvel At The Architecture

    Lakhamandal Temple in Chakrata

    Image Source
    The Lakhamandal Temple is an ancient Hindu temple located just 100 km from Chakrata and it is a significant place of historical and mythological importance in India. Lord Shiva is the prime deity of the temple that people come to worship from near and far. The Archaeological Survey of India had found various artistic works during the excavation process here, which is why it is an important heritage site. Popular among the Shakti Cult, this temple is believed to end all misfortunes. What makes visiting this shrine one of the best things to do at Chakrata is the fact that it is here that Duryodhana had tried to kill the Pandavas during their stay at the house of wax, according to the Hindu epic Mahabharata.

    Location: Lakha Mandal, Uttarakhand 248124

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    12. Mundali – Go Skiing

    skiing in Mundali in Chakrata

    Image Source
    The popular destination for skiing in winters near Chakrata, Mundali offers great views of the majestic Himalayas and is situated just 36 km from Chakrata. It is among the most favorite skiing destinations for skiers and snowboarders in India after Auli and even has a training school for amateurs. But skiing isn’t all that it offers. Travelers can also visit during the summer months to enjoy the lush foliage and verdant nature-scapes all around. It’s also a great place for trekking and nature walks among adventure enthusiasts and couples.

    Location: Chakrata

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    13. Ram Tal Horticultural Garden – Have A Picnic

    Ram Tal Horticultural Garden in Chakrata plum trees

    Image Source
    The Ram Tal Garden is a tiny garden located next to a pond 12 km away from the main Chakrata town. It’s a charming spot for a picnic, a morning walk, a romantic stroll with your partner, or simply a green space to unwind and rejuvenate in the lap of nature. The pond houses a range of plants and trees including that of apple, plum, and rhododendron, making it a complete attraction in itself. It is also a haven for birdwatchers since one can find a number of species here including the Oriental Turtle Dove, Grey Treepie, and the Black Headed Jay, among others.

    Location: Ramtal Resort, Dehradun District, Chakrata, Chakrata, Uttarakhand 248123

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    14. Enjoy Local Cuisine

    Enjoy Local Cuisine like guchhi mushroom in Chakrata

    Image Source
    Chakrata is a relatively small town and does not have a lot of fancy dining options. But even in the limited number of restaurants and cafes that it does have, visitors will surely find some really good Indian, hilly, and Chinese cuisine there. If you enjoy the local hilly food like Gucchi, then you should definitely check out the local dhabas and restaurants here for a culinary experience you’ll always cherish.

    15. Witness Fairs And Festivals

    Bisu ki Sankranti fairs and festivals in Chakrata

    Image Source
    Chakrata plays host to a number of beautiful fairs and festivals almost every month like the Maroj in January, Aathon in March, Bisu ki Sankranti in April, Khainda Sankrant in May, Paancho in July, Jatra in August, Nurai in September, and Diai in November. A reflection of the charming culture and colors of Chakrata, these festivals will surely be one of the most memorable episodes of your life if you visit this town during them. They surely are some of the best things to do in Chakrata, Uttarakhand.

    16. Hanol – Seek Blessings At Mahasu Devta Temple

    Places to visit in chakrata

    Image Source

    Hanol is a small village located in Chakrata. It is known for offering picturesque views and Mahasu Devta temple. People from far off places visit this village to seek the blessings in the temple. You can also pray and savour the beauty of the surroundings.

    Location: Hanol, Uttarakhand 248199

    P.S: Apart from these there are also many Chakrata camps where you can plan your stay at to know the meaning of thrill.

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    So, wait no more! Head to the scenic hill station now and try these fun and adventure activities in Chakrata. Book yourself an exciting escapade to Chakrata and get a taste of all the fun and frenzy it has to offer. And if you know of any more things to do in Chakrata, let us know in the comments below.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Things To Do In Chakrata

    Q. What is there to do in Chakrata?

    A. There are many interesting things to do there that will keep your interest in the place alive. Some of the best things to do are trekking your way to Tiger Falls, witnessing the most beautiful sunset at Chilmiri Neck and enjoying the local cuisine.

    Q. What is famous in Chakrata?

    A. Ram Tal Horticultural Garden, Tiger Falls, and HathniKund Barrage are some of the most famous things in Chakrata. The destination is also known for its amazing weather throughout the year.

    Q. Does Chakrata receive snowfall?

    A. Yes, Chakrata does receive snowfall during winters. December and January are the two months when it snows in Chakrata and heavy woolens will be required.

    Q. Is Chakrata worth visiting?

    A. Yes, Chakrata is definitely worth a visit. The amazing weather it experiences throughout the year and the many tourist attractions account for reasons. Also, if you like isolated places that are untouched and lesser-known yet great then too Chakrata is a great option.

    Q. How far is Chakrata from Haridwar?

    A. Chakrata is just 143 kilometers away from Haridwar and it will only take around 4 hours to reach from one destination to another.

    Q. How far is Chakrata from Dehradun?

    A. Chakrata is just about 87 kilometers away from Dehradun and the drive is quite scenic and smooth and just 2.5 hours long.

    Q. How can one get to Chakrata?

    A. There are three ways by which you can reach Chakrata which are by air, by train, and by car. The nearest airport is the Jolly Grant Airport which is 116 kilometers away from the main city. You can hire a taxi or cab from the airport and reach the destination in just 3 hours. The nearest railway station is located in Dehradun and is around 87 kilometers away from the main city. The best way to go to Chakrata is by your own conveyance or by hiring a cab or taxi.

    Q. How do I get from Delhi to Chakrata?

    A. You can choose any of the three ways; by air, train or road to reach Chakrata from Delhi. There are many flights that ply between Delhi and the nearest airport to Chakrata. Trains from Delhi to Dehradun run on a daily basis. But the best way to go from Delhi to Chakrata is by road. The distance between the two destinations is 323 kilometers and it will hardly take you 7-8 hours to reach Chakrata from Delhi.

    Q. How can I reach Tiger Falls, Chakrata?

    A. You can choose to trek for 5 kms from Chakrata to Tiger falls or take a cab till 1 km away from the falls. From there you will have to walk till the spot.

    Q. How far is Chakrata located from Mussoorie?

    A. Chakrata is located at a distance of 51km from Mussoorie. It will take almost an hour to reach Chakrata from Mussoorie.

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