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Our world is full of beautiful places that we cannot possibly visit their entirety. All out beautiful continents have places that we must explore to know them in a better way. Africa is a huge continent that holds a key position in the existence of human life. Many histories and key civilizations have come out of the place giving to it the current significance. We will not be able to tour the whole continent. So, it is best to choose some key places. Here we will talk about Ghana which is a key country present in West Africa. Let us begin with our journey of exploring the country and some of the best things to do in Ghana.

10 Things To Do In Ghana 2023

Here is the list of top of things to do in Ghana that will let you explore the place like never before and give you a heartwarming experience. Take a look!

  • Surfing
  • Local Food
  • Kejetia Market
  • Jamestown
  • Kakum Canopy Walk
  • Palm Wine
  • Skybar 25 In Accra
  • Republic Bar And Grill
  • Rural Life Tour

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1. Surfing


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When you are by the Atlantic Ocean it is evident that you need to explore the coastlines. One of the best ways to do it is by going surfing in the beach destinations. Even the local kids are interested in surfing so you will get kiosks that help you to learn surfing. Just learn about the different schools and their courses on the internet. Then you can contact them for lessons so that you are able to enjoy the waves to the fullest. You will definitely like this new experience due to the thrill attached to it. These are amongst many fun things to do in Ghana, Africa.

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2. Local Food

Local Food

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You cannot possibly know a place if you haven’t tasted their local food. Ghana is known for homely and tasty food that you will get in roadside shops. These are generally known as the ‘chop bars’ and the people eat on low lying tables. When you are in Ghana you have to taste their Fufu, a dumpling made of cassava and plantain and Banku which is a fermented corn dumpling. These are often coupled with delicious stews which are rich for one’s health. Eat where the locals eat to get the best taste of the place.

3. Kejetia Market

Kejetia Market

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Ghana is known for its lively crowd which often live in a close-knit community. They still have the bustling market culture in them where they buy from familiar places. Kejetia Market is a prominent marketplace of Ghana. This is often regarded as the largest market in West Africa. You can find everything from food to clothes to second-hand items when you are in this market. These days’ certain tours are held where the guides show the market to the tourist and it is done in great details. It is always recommended to bargain when someone visits this market.

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4. Jamestown

Have A Walk Through Jamestown

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When you are in the city of Accra in Ghana, you need to go through the districts of Jamestown and Usshertown. They are the oldest in the city and often tell you about the culture and heritage of the people. They are the reflection of the colonial past that existed in the country as a whole. The tourists often visit the lighthouse which looks forward to the James Fort. Another key attraction of the place is the Chale Wote Street Art Festival which brings in people from all over the world. You will be able to see the different street arts when you visit this district of the Accra city. There are a lot of things to do in Accra, Ghana.

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5. Kakum Canopy Walk

Take Part In The Kakum Canopy Walk

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Would you like to walk through an unusual part in a forest? If yes, then you should experience this place and the walk. This is a canopy walk through the thick tropical forest and they are hanging bridges resting on trees situated 130 feet above the ground. The pathways are made in a safe way so that the visitors never face a problem or have a fatal accident when they are on the walkway. If you are on a hiking trip in the Kakum National Park, then definitely take part in this activity.

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6. Shopping


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Fabrics of this country are not only colourful but really good in quality. You will see that the local people really like their colourful fabrics and they make beautiful dresses out of it. The traditional Ghana fabric is known as the Kente Cloth which is handwoven by the local weavers. Another eye-catching fabric is the Northern-Gonja cloth which has layered stripes in them. These attractive fabrics can be purchased from the street vendors available at most streets around the country and also in the important markets. Tourists also have the option to sew traditional dresses from the tailors that are available close by.

7. Palm Wine

Palm Wine

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Traditional drinks are often an integral part of a culture. When you are a place like Ghana you will get to see a lot of the local people enjoying Palm Wine. This is a drink that is simply derived from the sap of the Palm tree. The sap is meticulously collected by people by cutting different palm trees like the coconut palm, date palm, raffia palm, and oil palm trees. After they take down the collection of the sap it starts fermenting and turns into wine in just a few hours. This is a very old tradition of the country and it produces a weak alcoholic beverage liked by many locals.

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8. Skybar 25 In Accra

Enjoy Lunch At Skybar 25 In Accra

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Along with the local and heritage, food one also needs to see the modern part of the country. Accra is a city in Ghana which is ever expanding and is quite modernized. So, if you want to enjoy a lunch date with your family or a special someone, then this premium rooftop restaurant is a good choice. It is housed in the tallest building of West Africa, so you are going to get one of the best views. Do not forget to book a table as the place often has special events or gets crowded.

9. Republic Bar And Grill

Republic Bar And Grill

Image Credit: pasevichbogdan for Pixabay

We recommend you to visit the Osu neighborhood of the Accra city which is known for its lively nature. The bar is much more than just a place where you get served alcohol. They define themselves them as a creative movement where you are in a space where you get to hear good music while sipping on your drink. Their drinks are popular all around the city, especially their beers. They have seasonal delights like the passionfruit which is quite unique. The bar also has drinks made of cane spirit known as the “Akpeteshie” which is regarded as a local equivalent to Cachaca.

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10. Rural Life Tour

Explore The Rural Life Of Ghana

Image Credit: lapping for Pixabay

We as tourists need to understand that most of the people of Ghana still reside in the rural areas of the country. The countryside of Ghana is still the lifeline of the country and visiting them would really give you an insight into their daily life. These days you can take part in the tours which show you the rural side of Ghana or you can do the task on your own. We definitely recommend you to explore to see the real Ghana through the eyes of the locals.

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So, here are some of the things do in Ghana. It is possible to explore all these things in Ghana without any problem. We hope that you have a nice time and gain real experience in the country when you are taking part in these. The memories will always stay with you without any fail. So, plan a trip to South Africa with TravelTriangle, head to Ghana and have the quality time of your life.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Things To Do In Ghana

What are the interesting things to do in Ghana?

There are many interesting things to do in Ghana that will keep a tourist’s interest in the place alive. Some of the best things to do in Ghana are trying Palm Wine, shopping for Kente Cloth (Traditional Ghana fabric) and Northern Gonja which can be used to make beautiful dresses.

What is Ghana well known for?

Ghana, when translated from Soninke language to English means “Warrior King”. The place is well known for being the first nation that was colonized in the Sub-Saharan countries of Africa and also because of being home to many popular tourist attractions and the many activities it offers.

Is it safe to visit Ghana during covid times?

The Government of Ghana has issued some important protocols if you wish to explore this amazing country. Vaccinated and unvaccinated visitors, both have to provide a negative RT PCR test done 72 hours prior to departure and another test on arrival, in order to explore Ghana without any hassle.

What are the best attractions to visit in Ghana?

Some of the best attractions to explore during your visit to Ghana are Accra, Kakum National Park, Mole National Park, Kumasi, Busua Beach, St. George’s Castle, Nzulezu Ghana, Lake Volta, Kokrobite Beach, Paga Crocodile Pond, Labadi Beach, and Lake Bosomtwe.

Is Ghana a safe place to visit?

Yes, Ghana is a safe place to visit. It is currently one of the safest countries in Western Africa with a lower crime rate and if you are careful and generally cautious than safety won’t be an issue here.

What is the best time to visit Ghana?

The best time to visit Ghana is from November to March which is the dry season here. It is the shoulder season in Ghana. From April to October, the weather in Ghana is wet making it slightly difficult for the traveler to step out.

What are some of the best things to eat in Ghana?

Akotonshi, Banku, Chichinga, Omo Tuo, Tuo Zaafi, and Waakye are some of the best things that you can try in Ghana. Explore some of the best places to eat and experience some of the most appetizing cuisines of African culture.

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