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A meal is not complete unless you have your desserts. They are the perfect ending to a delicious meal. Each country has different kinds of deserts and they are equally tasty. In this article,, we would list some of the best Ghanaian desserts that would leave you wanting more. We would not only list the name of top 10 desserts in Ghana that would lure you but would also give you a small insight about them which would make you crave them more. Here are the top names of deserts in Ghana that are listed below.

9 Best Ghanaian Desserts

Nothing can satisfy you, other than that sweet tasty dish when you crave for desserts. Starting from chocolates to cakes to puddings, anything sweet can be your favorite dessert. The local deserts in Ghana are not only tasty but have a great texture and look which intrigues you to eat more.

1. Peanut Brittle

Peanut Brittle

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Peanut Brittle also is known as the Nkate Cut is the perfect mixture of sweetness with the crunchiness of the nuts. All you would need for this recipe is sugar and roasted peanuts. The recipe is also quite easy and this dish can be made in a very small time. So, don’t forget to savor this delicacy while you visit Ghana next time with your friends and family and treat the foodie in you like never before!

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2. Condensed Milk Toffee

Milk Toffee

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It is a great idea which would not only taste great but is a great option to suppress chocolate addiction of children in a smarter and homemade way. This recipe also needs two very easy ingredients which are a condensed milk tin and some butter. Instead of trying to make this at home, it is suggested that you must try it where it tastes the best, at its very original place in Ghana! Be sure not to miss this dessert!

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3. Ripe Plantain Cake

Special Cake

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This beautiful gourmet cake is made to perfection with fresh and ripe plantain. The tangy and sweet cake is one of the most favorite desserts in Ghana. The creamy and the light weighted cake would melt your heart right away once you take a small bite. But, don’t just stop there! Sweets like these are surely savoured the best with the bigger quantity!

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4. Pancakes

Creamy Pancakes

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This is one of the most famous dishes all over the world and the Ghanaians are no exception. I am talking about the beautiful, tasty and easy to make pancakes. They are very delicious and is quite famous in Ghana as well. You would get various options for pancakes to try from but if you take our suggestion, the banana pancake is the most delicious one. With the sweetness of banana, crunch of nuts and goodness of maple syrup, you would fall in love with this dessert

5. Brukina


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This is one of the classic sweet drink come dessert in Ghana and it is very easy to make as well. This millet drink is a great and healthy alternative to the regular desert as it uses the goodness of millets in it. The consistency is so rich and creamy that you would get a roller coaster ride of taste when you opt for this desert cum sweet drink.

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6. Asaana

dessert cum sweet drink

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This is another dessert cum sweet drink which would make you drool once again. This simple yet amazing Ghanaian dessert is made up from caramelized sugar and fermented corns. When served with ice and milk, this drink would keep you full for much longer and also leave you refreshed. You can get this drink almost in any place in Ghana and we would suggest you not to miss this out. The concept of incorporating corn as a desert is truly unique and as the taste is quite different, people get excited when they taste this unique drink.

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7. Sobolo

amazing flavor in bottles

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Ghana is obsessed about the concept of drink cum dessert. And why should they not be? The amazing flavors make the dessert stand out from anything else and anyone who takes a sip of Sobolo would fall in love with this. Enriched with the goodness of hibiscus, this Ghanaian drink is made up with rosselle leaves which are also known as bissap. The blood red color of the drink makes it very attractive and the great taste makes it famous among all the Ghanaians. In case you are more health conscious and is skeptical about trying a desert than do remember that along with having a great taste, this dessert also has a huge health benefit.

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8. Popsicles


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Now they are famous all around the world. Who in the world does not like ice cream? But Ghana has added a touch of their taste on the otherwise ordinary ice cream and has made popsicles stuffed with milk and cookies. The rich chocolaty taste of the cookies, the crumbs that would come to your mouth would make it stand out from any other desert. If you are a ice cream lover who also loves cookies, then you should definitely try this one.

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9. Strawberry Fool

Strawberry Fool

With rich creamy and milky base and freshly cut strawberries, this is more of a gourmet dessert that would satisfy your sweet cravings after a full course meal. The main highlight of this desert lies in the freshly cut fruits which when comes to your mouth with the creamy base would burst multiple flavors in your mouth. You would also love to see the way how it looks and it can come in the consistency of cream or liquid depending on the milk base.

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All these are the local desserts in Ghana and many people have loved them when they tasted it. The highlights of the desserts are its simplicity and rich taste which makes it very famous among all the Ghanaians. So, plan your trip to Ghana with TravelTriangle and taste the best cuisines that this gorgeous country has to offer!

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