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    Hue is one of the most ancient cities in the province. Also it is one of the most explored tourist destinations in comparison to other province. It was once the seat of the Nguyen Dynasty and known for its palace and shrines. The city glorifies the imperialism in Vietnam which you can see in its citadels and architecture.

    Top Things to Do In Hue

    It comprises of heritage sites which were damaged in the Vietnam War. Hue was the only city which attained a lot of damage from the war. However, there are plenty of tourist attractions to visit in Hue. Some of them are listed below.

    1. Thien Mu Pagoda


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    One of the things to do in Hue is to visit Thien Mu Pagoda which is situated on the northern side of the Huong River, just 3 km from the Citadel. Thien Mu Pagoda is considered as one of the spiritual hubs in Vietnam. Tourists can easily reach here either by a bicycle or through a dragon boat by crossing the river Huong River. This building attains its existence way back in the year 1844; it is characterized by a few golden Buddha portraits. These portraits are situated at the base accompanied with a large bell and a turtle made from stone with an inscription of the 17th century. This holy place is an adobe for many monks and also attracts a number of tourists.

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    2. Dong Ba Market: Shopping


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    Shopping in Hue is one of the most comforting things if you are wondering what to do in Hue. If you wish to rediscover Hue, it is highly recommended that you go to Dong Ba Market. This market is flooded by plenty of traditional products and other items. It becomes difficult for every tourist to come out from the market easily as they get easily entangle amidst the plenty of items available. Plenty of traditional items like Hien Luong scissors, Phu Cam conical hats, Ke Mon Jewellery, Phuoc Tich pottery, Nam Thuan sweets, Tinh Tam lotus, and several bamboo products. This market is also a source of other items like beef noodles, bean puddings, shrimp cakes, pancakes, clam rice, and sour shrimps etc.

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    3. Ho Quyen: Hike up to the Tiger Fighting Arena


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    Ho Quyen is one of the most interesting places to visit in Hue. Trekking up the Ho Quyen, is also known as the Tiger Fighter Arena, is one of the fun things to do in Hue. It is where a fight between tiger and elephant was conducted on annual basis. Essentially it was considered a place to facilitate and entertain the Emperor’s family and his other nobles. The sadder part of this place is that it is now being overlooked by the tourist at a large scale. This place consists of 2 round thick walls, round an earthen embankment, the stairs on one side leading to the highest point for the Emperor and his family and the other side for the court and the public. It is one of the best things to do in Hue.

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    4. Brass work: Relish the art

    Special art

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    Brass work is one of the lesser known facts of Hue City and admiring the art is one of the unusual things to do. But this is something which every tourist must try. While coming from Tu Duc Tomb, visitors can take a stop at this Brass Works. It is a heaven for the people interested in buying brass items. Basic techniques and tools have been used for creating these mesmerizing brass items.

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    5. Hue City: Discovering on Bicycle


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    Discovering the city on a bicycle is one of the fun things to don Hue. Bicycle tour makes the entire visit more adventurous. Hue is also one of the best cities in Vietnam for cycling. The main reason behind cycling is that the traffic here is very less and the local people are not in a hurry thus making it convenient for tourists to visit the entire city by bicycle. The cycle ride begins from the banks of Huong River over the Truong Tien Bridge to the Citadel surpassing a series of aircraft displaying the American War. The ride surpasses the local shops of hairdresser, clothes shop, coffee shops etc. another idea is to join the cycling tour where the tour begins from Da Nang alongside the coastal road and climbing up to Hai Van pass. If you have 1 day in Hue, this is what you should be doing.

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    6. Fishing


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    Fishing is one of the most beautiful things to do in Hue and cherish the experience like locals. It is so much common that you can witness it everywhere in the city ranging from ponds to royal palace. However, the tradition of Hue says that the best way of fishing is to visit the authentic fishing restaurants. In these restaurants you can come with your group and catch different kind of fishes and releasing them simultaneously. At the same time you can also relish certain kind of drinks like beer, coffee, ice cream etc.

    7. Hue Festival


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    One of the top things to do in Hue is to attend the vibrant Hue festival. It is one of the biggest cultural events of the city held in every two years. There is a week for each of the festive seasons which is a way of signifying honor to cultural values. The first Hue festival took place in the year 2010. The festival is marked by a grand opening powered by colorful dance performances by different art groups hailing from Vietnam and some other countries. It is a platform for a lot of people to exchange cultural grits. Several events like Hue Poetry Festival, Art Exhibitions, Traditional Kite Flying, Boat Race, Human Chess or watching shows like Ao Dai, Grand Show, and Oriental Night Show etc.

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    Next time you plan a vacation to Vietnam, make sure you visit this historical province that will introduce you with the true colors and culture of Vietnam. It is indeed a must-visit place on your South-East Asian trip.

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