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Only a travel enthusiast or someone who constantly keeps on updating their general knowledge will know about this place that we are going to talk about here. Mahe is one of the four districts that Puducherry has. First of all, the Union Territory Puducherry itself is a very tiny place. Secondly, Mahe is the smallest district in India. Well, these two facts were worth mentioning, as with that you can imagine the number of tourist spots that this place can have and their distance from each other. Now you might be thinking that if it is such a small place, with almost nothing in it, then why are we even talking about it? Well, the answer lies in the question itself. Mahe is a highly underrated place in India. You might not find more places here, but the ones it has are truly blessings of nature. Before you start putting so much effort into your head, let us just tell you that this place is surrounded by the Arabian sea and geographically it is part of Kerala and yes, there are many interesting things to do in Mahe which makes it worth it. Wasn’t that enough to give you an idea of how beautiful this place is? We think it was.

Top 6 Things To Do In Mahe

So, here we are going to talk about some of the things to do in Mahe that you can do if you are planning to visit this one hell of a place. Check out the list we have here and see what all you must not miss out.

1. Visiting Tagore Park

Visiting Tagore Park

Mahe is the smallest district in India. This makes it very clear that it doesn’t have too many centers of attractions. However, all the spots that are there are just beautiful. One of the most beautiful out of all is the Tagore Park and visiting the place is one of the top things to do in Mahe. This park is situated just near Mahe River. There is a walkway just behind the park. There is this path alongside the park that can take you to the lighthouse that was built when were the rulers of this place. So, not just the park is beautiful, but the things that are near it are also worth seeing. If you want to spend a good time in Mahe, come to Tagore’s park in the evening. You will get to see the beautiful sunset view alongside the Arabian sea. You can’t imagine how beautiful it turns, till the time you visit the place in reality. The beauty of this park and the things around this are so mesmerising that people call that this is the only thing that they find good in Mahe. However, there are a lot of others too, and we will find them in the section below.

Location: Mahe River Side Walkway
Timings: 6:00 AM to 11:45 PM

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2. Walkway Along The River

Walkway Along The River

Image Credit: Bergundies for wikipedia

Well, if a river is well maintained and people take care of it properly, then it has walkways built along with itself. It’s a general thing. However, the walkway that we are talking about is not a general or a usual kind of walkway. First of all the views of the river, Mahe is so great from here that this becomes the first reason for you to visit this place. Apart from that, it is well lit and has enough space for making your walk comfortable. With its lights and benches, it looks like a tiny park in itself. The walkway is so beautiful that people say it is like a diamond necklace on the neck of the river Mahe and taking a walk here is one of the best things to do in Mahe. When your walk ends and you reach the last point of this walkway, there is a pictorial description of a novel. The name of the writer is Sri. M.Mukundan, who is also known as the storyteller of Mahe. The novel is Mayyazhi Puzhayude Theerangalil. Apart from that, the place is surrounded by lush greenery. The greenery and the water make a deadly combination and make this place what it is.

Location: Banks of Mahe river
Timings: 24 hours
Entry Fees: None

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3. Seek Blessings At St. Theresa Shrine


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If we look at the number of shrines in India, then there are many of them, but do you know which one is the oldest? It is said that St. Theresa Shrine of Mahe is one of the oldest shrines of India and the oldest one of Malabar and visiting it is considered to be one of the holiest things to do in Mahe. If you look back to the history, it was this shrine where Rev. Father Ignatius A.S. Hippolytus, O.C.D. dated 2nd July 1757, Rev. Father Dominic of St. John of the Cross, O.C.D. an Italian came and established the mission “De Missione Mahinensi in Malabaribus Commentarius” in the year 1723. It was the time when King Bayanor, the Raja of Kadathanad near Badagara was the ruler. There were few of the Christian people living in this region and with their will and support, this shrine was established in Mahe in the year 1736. So, with that, you can imagine how old this shrine is. It still is the center for Christians. Outsiders who love history can come here.

Location: K Kumaran Master road
Timings: 24 hours
Entry Fees: None

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4. Witnessing Natural Splendor At Hillock

Witnessing Natural Splendor At Hillock

Image Courtesy- mahe.gov.in

This is a picnic spot in Mahe that has a blend of natural and man-made beauty. It is designed in such a manner that none of the amenities are left. You won’t find such a place anywhere else, as it is not just designed by the men, but nature too has blessed this place with all beauty. It has a park-like bench, a restroom for your convenience and wide pavements to walk on. This is the place, where we have that historic and iconic lighthouse. When you will stand near the walkway, you are going to have a serene view of the Arabian sea. This beauty beside it makes it the most beautiful sunset sights ever. Since you need to stand on height here, so there are iron rods all around for safety. It means you can come here with your kids too, making it one of the best things to do in Mahe with kids.

Location: Besides the Mahe river walkway

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5. Azhimukham

sunset view

Image Courtesy- mahe.gov.in

We mentioned in the beginning only that Mahe is the smallest district of India. Therefore, it could be easy for you to understand that all the locations that we are talking about are just a minute or two away from each other. Now, Azhimukham is an estuary of the Mahe river and the Arabian sea. The view that we get here is just incredible and could not be explained in words. Tagore Park, which we talked about in the beginning is situated here. The Mahe river is also called the Mayyazhi river. This word means beautiful and this one is so true to its meaning. If are planning to visit this place in recent times, then you are on the right path as visiting the place is one of the top things to do in Mahe. The intention is to make a walkway coming from the river towards the estuary. The Mahe bridge too is included in it. When you will end your walk and will reach the last point of this walkway, then you will be able to see the government house.

Location: Near Tagore park

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6. Puthalam Temple

Old Puthalam Temple

Image Courtesy- mahe.gov.in

Puthalam Temple is a Bhagvati temple in Mahe. The meaning of Bhagvati is a goddess. This temple is very old and was established at the time of French rule only which makes visiting it one of the colloquial things to do in Mahe. Not many things, but you can get a few points related to the history of Mahe after coming to this temple. Those who know about this temple well will tell you the stories of the temple and can relate that to the incidents that happened during the France and India conflict. Every year, there is a festival celebrated here and it is called as “Thirayattam”. This festival is celebrated in March. The best thing about this festival is that you get to see the Kerala performing art form Theyyam, which is enacted by the local artists. If you don’t want to miss this festival, then you should come here in the first fortnight of March.

Location: The exact location of this place could not be found on paper, but if you ask about it to any of the locals, then thru will tell you its address.
Timings: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

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Mahe is an offbeat places and not everyone knows about it, but while you are planning your trip there, make sure to include all these things to do in Mahe in your itinerary. This list will provoke you to experience these things in person. We know there are not many places to visit and many activities to do, but Mahe is one of those destinations, every metropolitan fellow wants to come and stay, to avoid that chaos for some time. Despite all the difficulties, you can come here directly by train or a flight. If you are planning a trip to Kerala, then also you can come easily. The best time to visit this place is the month march when you will come to know about the real culture and traditions.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Things To Do In Mahe

How can one reach Mahe?

There are different ways to reach mage and your convenience of reaching this place depends on the fact that where are you coming from. Mahe is a district of Pondicherry, but it is also a part of Kerala, geographically. So, if you are at a place near to Pondicherry, take a train or flight from there. If you are near to Kerala, then you can do the same to reach Mahe from there.

What is the exact location of Mahe?

Mahe is located in Pondicherry, which is now known as Puducherry. It is one of the four districts of this Indian union territory. If we talk in the geographical terminology, then it is a part of North Malabar, which is a part of Kerala.

What is Mahe famous for?

Mahe is called one of the eyebrows of the Arabian sea. There is not anything great at this place, but it is a naturally blessed region. You have some of the most peaceful and calm sites in this district. One can just imagine a place that is surrounded by water all the sides.

Where is the river Mahe situated?

A part of the Mahe river flows in the state of Kerala and goes to Puducherry, forming its coastal exclave. The district Mahe is situated on the banks of river Mahe and that is the reason it is named after it.

Are there temples in Mahe?

Yes, there are temples in Mahe. One of the most notable ones is Puthalam temple. It is the temple of Bhagvati.

What could we expect so see at museums of Mahe?

The museums at Mahe are not the usual ones and they don’t have many things to show. The government there is still trying to collect the things that belong to this district and could be able to depict the history of this place.

What places we could visit in Mahe from the historical perspective?

First of all, it is the smallest district of India, so expecting too many attractions could be quite unfair. You probably won’t find many places to know about the history of Mahe. All that can help you with it is the museum and a few of the churches.

What is the center of attractions near the river Mahe?

The very first thing that will attract you near this river is the walkway that has been made on the river for the visitors. Other than that, there is a water sports complex, Tagore park and other such just nearby the river bank.

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