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While there’s so much to do in the north African country of Morocco, picking out the best is surely a task. Having a combination of picturesque mountains and vast deserts comprising of pristine golden sand dunes as far as the eyes can see, you’ll be surprised to see one of the most vibrant places in the world in this country! Be it the colourful souks or a fun trek amid the Atlas peaks, there isn’t a single thing that would go unnoticed in the country when you’re out and about in the land.

So, when it’s time to do things Morocco style, take a look at this list of best things to do in Morocco that offer an out-of-the-world experience! Ready for it?

Top 22 Things To Do In Morocco

With a mesmerizing view of desert on one hand and lush mountainscapes on the other, take your pick from this list of amazing experiences in the scenic land!

1. Fez Tanneries

Fez Tanneries

Image Courtesy: Pexels

If you haven’t been to any leather bazaar so far, well, this is surely your pick! The main source of the leather-made products that the city of Fez is famous for, comes from the region of Old Medina. The entire process of how they dry the skin and prepare it to be dyed in the vats can be best viewed from the galleries above the Chaouwara Tannery courtyard. There might be more than a slight tinge in the air containing quicklime and feces of pigeons which is used in the process but the authenticity of these leather goods can be well confirmed here!

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2. Cooking Class

Morocco Tajine Casserole Moroccan Eat

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For a person whose planning a trip to Morocco for the first time, the experience of indulging in the delicious and spicy food can be a bit overwhelming. However, one can make the most out of it by taking a cooking class or two here and learning the various distinct methods of cooking in the Moroccon way! Sounds fun, doesn’t it? Well, to keep up with the latest trends, the best coaches take you to the markets for purchasing the fresh ingredients which will help you to get a better know-how in future and then lead you into the art of making it just the real way!

3. Djemaa el Fna

Djemaa el Fna

Image Source

For those who do not wish to learn how to prepare but only taste and soak in all the flavours at once, dining at the famous central square region located in the centre of Medina. Known for its street food, it is surely on every travelers bucket list on their visit to Morocco. You can spot various entertainers down the streets in this area around the nighttime when this place is filled with musicians, jugglers, and snake charmers. Dining at one of the cafes will let you witness these spectacular performances while relishing the delicacies of this region! Make sure you try one of the top 5 things to do in Morocco on your next trip!

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4. Traditional Hammam

Traditional Place

Image Source

A traditional hammam, also known as the public baths are engraved in the Moroccon history from ages. Earlier, these places served as a commonplace for for bathing to all those who couldn’t afford to bathe in private spaces and also served as a place where people would gossip. Although the number of hammams in the country have decreased significantly over a period of time, it is important to note that some do exist providing a wonderful experience of exfoliation and relaxed bathing while also having the opportunity to interact with the locals. If you’re looking for some of the unique things to do in Morocco, you know where to begin with!

5. Surfing


Image Source

Providing a thrilling experience, the atlantic coast of this country is every surfers dream. One of the best spots is a small fishing village, called as Taghazout, which is slightly ahead of Agadir. For those who are just beginning to surf and aren’t much experienced, head to Essaouira, which is where you can surf without any danger from those giant waves. The best time to visit this land of charming waves is from September to April, which is when the waves are favourable. Hence, this can be your best option while looking for some of the things to do in Morocco in March.

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6. Sahara Desert

View Of Sahara Desert

Image Source

The magical sands of the majestic Sahara, which is the world’s largest hot desert and has been featured in movies like Sahara and The Mummy for reasons well known. Earlier, without many facilities available, no one could think of staying amid this scenic beauty but now, it is possible. In fact, more than possible! You can spend a night under the illuminating sky camping in a Bedouin village. Booking a camel safari or a desert safari of four wheels is your best option to reach this point and witness one of the most serene sunsets amid this desert!

7. Souks Of Morocco

Souks Of Morocco

Image Source

A colourful sight to behold in Morocco, Africa is a must, especially if it’s the Souks, bustling with tourists and locals. Vendors selling souvenirs of all kinds, including Aladdin lamps, fabric of different colours and scents. You can take home the Morocco’s famous spices and carpets that look straight out of magic movies! Beware of the extraordinarily skilled sales people that will convince you by any means and may advertise any product falsely but be prepared to bargain too! If you’re planning to visit any time soon, make sure you don’t miss out on this one amongst the 10 things to do in Morocco!

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8. Trekking

Trekking And Mountains

Image Source

World renowned Atlas mountains await all the adventure-seekers, nature enthusiasts, wildlife photographers and most of all, trekkers who wish to climb these peaks with more than just a sporting spirit! Covering almost 1500 miles, these mountains are home to several accommodations along the hiking route along with the ancient mountain villages like Imlil which shall let you a sneak into their enriching lifestyle. Despite the fact that the route is not that difficult, taking a guide along is recommended. An idea time to visit this place is around the months of April and May.

9. Majorelle Gardens

Majorelle Gardens

Image Source

Situated close to Medina, Majorelle gardens have an enchanting vibes around the region. Originally designed by a French painter known as Jacques Majorelle in the 20th century, these gardens are exotic paradises of palms, flowers and water ponds. One can surely not miss the workshop turned museum which features Islamic art in all its glory! A perfect place to spend some quiet time amid the fresh vibes of nature, you can take a good book to read or plan a picnic here with your folks.

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10. Riad Stay

Staying place

Image Source

Staying in the traditionally styles homes of Morocco is a must have experience while you tour this extravagant land in Africa and it surely tops the list of cool things to do in Morocco for all kinds of travelers! You can find such homes mostly in the cities of Marrakesh and Fez offering utmost tranquility and peace, accommodating a central veranda having a water feature and galleries attached to the rooms. The exquisite tiled work with exemplary arches are an integral part of these homes. If you’re lucky, the best ones will also have a rooftop terrace or a serene pool.

11. Friouato Caves

Friouato Caves

Image Source

These caves are located in between the Rif and Middle Atlas mountain ranges. It is easy to access these caves from the northern city of Taza in Morocco. The journey to these caves is little difficult due to mountainous terrains but the splendid landscape and surrounding views make it a must visit destination in Morocco. The depth of these caves is around 270 kilometers.

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12. Bahia Palace

Bahia Palace

Image Source

If you are wondering what to do in Morocco? Visiting Bahia Palace to get a glimpse into the history and culture of Marrakech is a great idea. The palace is known for beautiful and brilliant architecture and is one of the most visited places in Morocco. Bahia Palace was built in the nineteenth century and is one of the most cherished historic sites in Marrakech. The palace hosts concerts of Arab-Andalusian music and art exhibitions. It is stretches over eight hectares and has about 150 decorated pieces of carvings and paintings.

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13. Chez Ali Fantasia Show

Chez Ali Fantasia Show

Image Credit: Angelo Giordano for Pixabay

One of the most exciting things to do in Morocco is to visit Chez Ali Fantasia Show. Celebrate in exhilarating environment where a group of people entertain you with a belly dance, fire-eaters, flying carpets, magician, and Chez Ali fantasia. Visit the place to popular mint tea and pastries.

14. Hassan II Mosque

Hassan II Mosque

Image Source

Hassan II Mosque is one of the most stunning mosques in Morocco and has the tallest minaret in the world. It took over seven years for the completion of this astonishing building with the help of 10,000 craftsman. The mosque has claimed 7th place in the list of largest mosque in the world. Visit the mosque to witness the spiritual atmosphere and grand structure.

15. Atlas Film Studios

Atlas Film Studios

Image Source

Atlas Film Studios is the world’s largest studio which spreads in more than 322,000 square feet of desert. The studio is located in Ouarzazate and is a famous tourist destination in Morocco. The place has served as a shooting location for many renowned Hollywood movies such as The Mummy, Star Wars, and The Living Daylights. One can witness many iconic things in the studio.

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16. Merenid Tombs

Merenid Tombs

Image Source

Merenid Tombs were built in the 14th century and were one of the most lavish places in Merenid. What remains now is just the ruins of the place because of many conquests and looters. The place has lost its original luxurious charm but the views from the ruins of the tomb are still remarkable. Visit the place to get a glance in the history of Morocco.

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17. Caves Of Hercules

Caves Of Hercules

Image Source

The Caves of Hercules are located at Cape Spartel, which is around 14 kilometers west of Tangier. According to the myth, Hercules slept in the caves when he was on the way to steal three apples from the Hesperides Gardens. The caves has two openings one faces the sea and other faces the land.

18. Tide Pools Of Essaouira

Tide Pools Of Essaouira

Image Source

A crucial port which is majorly used by Phoenicians, Portuguese, and Arabs and known for its purple dye and traditional music. Essaouira is a charming and captivating world of stone mazes and humid sea breezes. Over the parapet witness the dark and rocky tide pools. These pools are accessible and provide a striking view of the old city’s fortifications.

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19. University Of Al-Karaouine

University Of Al-Karaouine

Image Source

Al-Karaouine university is considered to be the oldest degree-granting university in the world. Admire the simple yet beautiful designs inside the university, the decoration of Andalusian art with Kufic calligraphy is well known. The library is well equipped with many precious manuscripts including the copies of the holy book of Quran. University is a focal point of spiritual and religious center for Muslim world.

20. Erg Chigaga

Caravan in the desert

Image Source

Explore the dramatic and steep dunes of Erg Chigaga where the days are long and hot. Witness the awe-striking sunset with mesmerizing shades of orange, pink, and yellow. The tourism is a little less here with few people coming to explore the windswept sand sea. One of the exciting things to do in Morocco is to explore the never ending ocean of sand in Erg Chigaga.

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21. Portuguese Cistern Of El Jadida

Portuguese Cistern Of El Jadida

Image Source

The area was occupied by Portuguese for around 250 years and it was retaken by Morocans in 1769. The area which was occupied by the fortress is now referred as Portuguese Cistern of El Jadida and it consisted of defensive walls, Churches, a synagogue, and a communal oven. In the centre there is overflowing pool. The blend of water on the floor and the light from the ceiling create a beautiful reflections.



Image Source

One of the best places to visit in Marrakesh is ANIMA, where the works of artist Andre Heller is displayed. Visit this tranquil and splendid place which is a perfect escape from the city’s mundane life. The entire place is a great work of creative and imaginative mind. The garden is lush green crammed with palm trees, roses, and cacti. Spot mystical paintings, photographs, and sculptures amidst the plants.

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If there’s anything that this country leaves you with, it’s memories! Make sure you capture all those epic moments while you’re in this charming African country and don’t forget to pack a few extra clothes in case this place changes your mind and you extend your vacay! So, what are you waiting for? Plan a trip to Africa for an enthralling holiday experience in this scenic land with your loved ones!

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