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    things to do in sumatra

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    Dreaming of a vacation in a tropical paradise like that of Sumatra Island? Well, who wouldn’t, for the lush tropical landscapes, rich and unique culture, the ominous volcanoes, limpid crater lakes, caves and wildlife – everything promises every visitor a holiday to remember. Listed below are some of the most interesting things to do in Sumatra that would make holiday planning a tad bit easier for you! Read on, and feel those nerves tingling to get you started to this Indonesian Island neighboring Java on its western side.

    12 Best Things To Do In Sumatra

    If you’re wondering what to do in Sumatra, then take a look at these that will give you an amazing experience you won’t get anyhwere else!

    1. Lake Toba: Explore the natural beauty of Sumatra

     the largest crater lake in the world

    Image Source
    One of the most popular tourist spots in Sumatra, Lake Toba is known to be the largest crater lake in the world, which was formed by the massive eruption of a now dormant volcano, years and years ago. Sightseeing in Lake Toba shall give you an insightful experience of the Batak group one of the indigenous groups in Sumatra. The tomb of Batak kings, the traditional Batak homes are fascinating sights at Lake Toba.

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    2. Orangutan: Trekking

    surprises in store for you!

    Image Source
    If a tryst with the wild is what youre hoping for, then Bukit Lawang, a site that lies at the beginning of the Gunung Leuser National Park has some surprises in store for you! Bukit Lawang is most renowned for its Orangutan Sanctuary, trekking through which would give you exciting glimpses of semi-wild orangutans, and even wild orangutans if you venture deeper into the jungles. The bat cave in this Orangutan Sanctuary and the tubing activities down the Bohorok River make a visit to Bukit Lawang one of the most exciting things to do in Sumatra.

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    3. Medan

    places in Indonesia for native culinary delights

    Image Source
    A city that is often merely an entry and exit point for tourists visiting Lake Toba and Bukit Lawang, Medan has much more in store if you take the time and effort to explore it. Medan, in fact, is one of the best known places in Indonesia for native culinary delights, where the local delights of Soto Medan and Nasi Padang, the coconut milk based soup, curried fried noodles and Mie Aceh have earned it the nickname of Culinary Capital of Indonesia among domestic tourists.

    4. Mentawai Islands: Surfing

    the best surfing conditions in Indonesia

    Image Source
    Located just off the coast towards west Sumatra is a cluster of volcanic islands known as Mentawai Islands, most popularly known for having the best surfing conditions in Indonesia. To reach here, one can take a ferry from Padang to the largest of the islands Siberut. Further, the smaller islands that boast of better surf breaks like Pulau Sipora can be explored from here.

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    5. Padang: Explore The Native Flavors

    platter of cooked rice served with small plates of vegetables

    Image Source
    Padang is yet another popular destination in Sumatra, known to be the go-to place for the best food in Indonesia. The most coveted Padang delicacies are the typical Nasi Padang – a tantalizing platter of cooked rice served with small plates of vegetables, curries and other accompaniments such as tofu or tempe (compressed soyabeans).

    6. Pulau Weh: Diving and Snorkeling

     popular sports here, the reefs and marine life

    Image Source
    One of the most beautiful islands in Indonesia, Pulau Weh is a must-visit location for the lovers of water sports. Scuba diving and snorkeling are extremely popular sports here, the reefs and marine life comprising of manta rays and whale sharks are worth exploring. The chance to swim through the deep trenches and canyons makes it all the more exciting, an experience that is enhanced by the fact that this island is less crowded than the others.

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    7. Banda Aceh: Visit The Tsunami Museum

     known more for the devastation

    Image Source
    More than its tourist attractions, Indonesia is probably known more for the devastation it met at the hands of tsunami in 2004. A very different side of this Indonesian life can be experienced at the Tsunami Museum in Banda Aceh the capital of the Aceh Province. One could also take the chance to visit the Grand Museum boasting of magnificent Islamic architecture, and visit some of the famous coffee shops in Banda Aceh.

    8. Nias: Surfing

    dare to flow

    Image Source
    For those looking for an escape from the touristy crowds of Kuta, the island of Nias is the perfect choice. It boasts of a well-established scene for those who love surfing. It is also a place known for fascinating local rituals such as stone jumping. Nias is claiming popularity due to its unhurried atmosphere compared to Bali and other tourist centric locations.

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    9. Mount Sibayak: Witness The Sunrise

    small volcano that is not dormant

    Image Source
    In the place renowned for its volcanoes dormant and otherwise, whats an adventurous holiday in Sumatra without exploring one- Mount Sibayak is a small volcano that is not dormant, but considered safe for trekking. If you are hoping to see lava, you probably wont, but bubbling mud and sulfurous steam vents that are as loud as a jetliner at take-off can be spotted. Though a tiring trek, the summit of Mount Sibayak promises one of the most breathtaking sunrises that youd have ever witnessed (if the weather permits).

    10. Supisopiso Waterfalls: Hiking

    most beautiful sights to see

    Image Source
    The tallest waterfall in Indonesia, the Supisopiso Waterfalls is one of the most beautiful sights to see in Sumatra. The pathway leading to the bottom of the falls is in a relatively good condition, which makes trekking here one of the exciting things to do in Sumatra. As water thunders down from 120 m above, the air is more humid and cooler as you go down, and forms clouds of mist adorning the verdant valley below.

    11. Watch The Bull Race

    man holding the yokes on two bulls in a race

    Image Source

    This is one of the best things to do in Sumatra, Indonesia if you want to be a part of something that’ll pump your adrenaline and make you bite your nails. Known by the name ‘Pacu Jawi’, bull racing is something you must witness if you’re visiting the countryside lying at a close distance to Batusangkar, then this is something you must witness. This experience will be simply unique and will definitely become one of the reasons you’ll plan to revisit Sumatra.

    12. Chilling At A Hot Spring

    hot spring surrounded with trees

    Image Source

    Not many people know about this aspect of Sumatra – this island of Indonesia has a great hot spring named Tinggi Raja. this hot spring can be compared to Pammukale in Turkey. This is one of the best places you can visit to unwind yourself after a long day and get ready for the new adventures to come. Tourists would totally love this place and therefore relaxing at this hot spring can be counted amongst the best things to do in North Sumatra.

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    Sumatra is an island of many natural wonders waiting to be explored, experienced and revealed. This fifth largest island in the world which is located entirely in Indonesia, is a buffet for nature lovers and adventure buffs. When thoughtfully tailored, a holiday with TravelTriangle can definitely be one of your most unforgettable experiences in life!

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