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    Things to do Townsville

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    Townsville is a radiant coastal city in northeastern Queensland, Australia. The coastal city is a beautiful combination of historical and modern architecture which ensures liveliness and scintillating vibes in the city. It has a very pleasant weather which is exemplary for tourists. From the serene beaches to the adventurous water sports, tourists have a wide range of fun activities to indulge in.

    You’ll be ensured a laid-back tropical experience along with wide range of recreational things to do in Townsville. Townsville has a wide range of astonishing activities for tourists. It offers various types of recreational experiences; one can enjoy the laid-back and calm environment of the city or go on an adventure spree.
    The city is inhabited by friendly locals who are always available for any kind of help which makes it feel like a home.

    Things To Do In Townsville

    One can either explore the depths of the ocean, go island hopping or visit the aesthetic national park. There is absolutely no limitation in any type of entertainment options. However, some of the top things to do in Townsville are:

    1. Australian Cuisine

    Australian Cuisine

    Image Source
    The mouthwatering Australian cuisine is sure to elevate the mood and make your heart feel content. All the foodies must try the authentic Australian cuisine in Townsville. Some of the famous restaurants are A Touch Of Sault, Seasoned, Michels, The Balcony Restaurant and several others.

    Vegemite, chicken parmigiana, pavlova, and barramundi are some of the iconic Australian dishes one must try while they are in Townsville. Australia is indeed a heaven for food lovers. Go uncover the foodie in you!

    2. Magnetic Island

    Magnetic Island

    Image Source
    Visit the enigmatic and secluded magnetic islands in a ferry. The ferry ride permits the tourists to enjoy the scenic and tranquil beauty of the ocean. This ride will sweep you off your feet as the beautiful ocean is sure to take you by surprise through its depths.

    This can be one of the romantic things to do in Townsville, as the breathtaking sight of the skyline and magnificent ocean is not just glorious but also romantic. The ferry operates from 6:30 A.M – 11:00 P.M, giving the visitors ample amount of time to explore the island.

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    3. Townsville scenic flight

    Townsville scenic flight

    Image Source
    Take a helicopter, ride and discover the beauty of the city from above. It is sure to be the most memorable ride of lifetime. Witness the spectacular tourist sights from sky, as the pilot glides through the wind while providing information on them.

    Look outside the window to see enormously stretched oceans, historic castle hill, the rivers reaching their ultimate destination and the exquisite township.

    4. Scenic tour

    Scenic tour

    Image Source
    Get to know the city from an insider, the tour guide will assist you throughout the entire tour and give a detailed history about the city and this tour will also help you plan your things to do in Townsville, Australia. Discover the city from inside as you visit Townsville’s most iconic sights.

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    5. Skydiving


    Image Source
    Enjoy a 20-minute flight, go skydiving and land on The Strand! It must be a dream come true for all the adventure lovers. Jump off the flight as the adrenaline rush becomes unbearable but also exciting as you jump into the beach of Magnetic island. Let us remind you, it is not for the faint hearted!

    6. Sailing


    Image Source
    Always wanted to be the sailors you see in movies? This is the place to do so. You can hire boats and go for fishing or just go around exploring your way! you can even hire luxury yachts or go for customised tours. What better way to for sightseeing into the ocean than a boat!

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    7. Snorkeling


    Image Source
    Witness the spectacular marine life and reach the depths of the ocean. If you are a certified diver, SS Yongala dive is a must, it is one of the best dive sites in Australia. Novice people do not need to worry either, as they can also immerse themselves in the vast marine biodiversity or take a guided Reef Eco tour with Andy, a marine biologist.

    Afterall, it is not everyday that we get to witness the beautiful corals and sea creatures around us!

    8. Shopping


    Image Source
    One can’t just visit such a beautiful city and not take souvenirs or go shopping. From bold patterns, vibrant colours, Coachella style to vintage, collectible items, the shops in Townsville has everything. Choose a store that suits your style and hop into the store.

    Window shopping here is also a satiating sight for the eyes. You can just go around the city and window shop if you want to take a day of your hectic tour schedule.

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    9. Meet The Bull With The Longest Horn

    Meet The Bull With The Longest Horn

    Image Source
    Put on your cowboy boots and get ready to meet the bull with the longest horn according to the Guinness book of world records. Take a trip in horse wagon, which will take you back to the old-west, in Leahton Park.

    You can also see American Bison, Scottish highland cattle, Kangaroos, Water buffalo, and African Watusi. watch these animals in their natural habitat.

    10. Take a beach horse riding tour

    Take a beach horse riding tour

    Image Source
    What can be better than riding on majestic horse as you hear the waves of the ocean softly caress the shores! Go for horse riding tour on the beaches of Magnetic island. One can also go swimming on horseback. This city surely provides some offbeat experiences!

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    11. Billabong Sanctuary

    Billabong Sanctuary

    Image Source
    One gets to hold the adorable koalas and it is a completely rare experience offered by very few places. Not just Koalas, you can even feed a crocodile, get up close with snakes, and watch the turtle race.

    This is surely a heaven for any animal lover as one gets to cuddle or touch the animals and see them closely.

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    12. Botanic Gardens

    Botanic Gardens

    Image Source
    Townsville has many botanic gardens- Queens Park, The Palmetum, Anderson Park, and Dan Gleeson Memorial garden. They have different types of plants and trees along with peaceful and calm environment, away from the hustle of the city.

    It is one of the best things to do in townsville, Australia to relax your mind and take a break from everything.

    13. The Civic Theatre

    The Civic Theatre

    Image Source
    The Civic Theatre is given a modern architecture and advanced with technology. It hosts many live shows and performances along with ballets and plays which one can watch during their leisure time.
    If you have a thing for art and are willing to know the culture of this place, then this can be one of the amazing things to do in Townsville!

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    Townsville has so many wide ranging and exciting activities that it is difficult to choose any one of them. The various choices of things to do in Townsville can be experienced if proper planning is done. The adventure sports, heritage sites, serene beaches, and boundless biodiversity of the national parks are some of the aspects that make this a famous tourist destination and blows one’s mind away. Have an amazing experience like never before while spending your vacation in Australia!

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