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    Things To Do In Vavuniya

    If you are looking for a promising experience in adventure, romance, and wilderness, then Vavuniya will keep you spellbound. One of the most famous towns of Sri Lanka’s Northern province, Vavuniya is full of amazing attractions which indubitably enhance the beauty of the city. It is one of the 25 districts of the country. The city holds a lot of significance because of its rich and extensive history. From historical sites to remarkable cultural attractions, Vavuniya has it all. Moreover, the restaurants and hotels in the city serve mouth-watering delicacies. An ardent traveler can never afford to miss the various ravishing sites at Vavuniya. In addition to that, there are a lot of inspiring and unique things to do in Vavuniya.

    12 Things To Do In Vavuniya

    This town can be seen as the microcosm of Sri Lanka, as the country’s culture is deeply imbued here. This culture can be experienced in various ways! Here is the list of top things to do in Vavuniya:

    1. Grand Jummah Mosque

    Grand Jummah Mosque

    Image Source

    Grand Jummah Mosque is one of the most beautiful places of worship in Sri Lanka. The mosque has a great reputation, and it is considered to be an influential platform for many believers. It is a holy place not just for Islamic worshippers but for non-Islamic people as well – as this is open for all.The magnificent Grand Jummah Mosque is colorful from outside, features modern architecture and is indeed monumental. Being the most eminent and major points of worship, the mosque is crowded throughout the year.

    The mosque is also a very popular photography site among the tourists in Vavuniya, the landmark is also unique as it is the only mosque in the city open to non-Muslim visitors. While the visit to this mosque can be only described as overwhelming, it’s a expression of Sri Lanka’s religious values, culture and diversity.This mosque is among the most iconic structures in the whole region. Situated at the center of a popular market in Vavuniya – this mosque will leave you in its awe.

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    2. Madukanda Vihara

    Madukanda Vihara

    Image Source

    People of Vavuniya and the nearby villages have a strong affinity with the Madukanda Temple. This is renowned Buddhist site with a strong ancient heritage. This site got famous as it the spot were King Mahsen rested in the journey of Buddha’s tooth relic in the fourth century. The holy destination is a resting spot for the visitors and pilgrims heading towards Jaffna and Vavuniya.

    The pilgrims and travelers get shelter and other basic amenities free of cost by the temple. Besides that, the temple contains diverse kinds of unknown ancient constructions. The miraculous age-old water distribution systems at this site are still working, and there are four ponds for the purpose of bathing. This place is a wonder and If you are looking for a divine and holy experience, you must visit this temple.

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    3. Kandasamy Kovil Temple

    Kandasamy Kovil Temple

    Image Source

    Besides being a Hindu temple, Kandasamy Kovil is a noteworthy and important tourist destination that you can explore with your loved ones. The photogenic temple has a very elaborately ornamented gateway tower and a gold-clad image in its sacred place. You need to explore the surroundings to appreciate the beauty of the temple as it is somewhat enigmatic.

    The God that people worship in this temple is called Murugan. The temple gets crowded during festivals because of the large number of devotees. Moreover, the temple also has a marriage hall where wedding ceremonies take place. The experience of visiting Kandasamy Kovil temple will be quite interesting and enthralling if you are captivated by different religious rituals.

    4. Enjoy The Lip Smacking Dinner At Lotus Restaurant

    Enjoy The Lip Smacking Dinner At Lotus Restaurant

    Image Source

    Lotus restaurant is indeed one of the best eateries in Vavuniya. It is situated in front of the Hotel Dwarka. The best thing about the restaurant is that it is extremely clean. Lotus restaurant does not have a printed menu, but you can take your pick from delectable string hoppers, flavorsome curries and much more.

    The covered open-air dining area of the restaurant makes the experience even better. The ambiance and the overall persona of this hotel give you the opportunity to fit into the royal spectrum. This signature restaurant serves exceptionally marvelous food in a nice cozy atmosphere. You can definitely taste the most authentic food over here.

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    5. Kali Kovil

    Kali Kovil

    Image Source

    Hinduism is widespread in this part of Sri Lanka. The renowned temple Kali Kovil is dedicated to the Goddess Kali or Mata Kali. Although the establishment is not very large, it attracts multitudes of people from all over the nation. The temple is quite famous for vivacious celebrations and religious ceremonies. If you are a follower of Goddess Kali, you must visit this temple and relish in the eternal tranquility. In order to get the best experience, it is suggested that you visit the temple in the early hours or early evenings for worshipping Goddess Kali.

    6. Archaeological Museum

    Archaeological Museum

    Image Source

    One of the most interesting things to do in Vavuniya is visiting the archaeological museum that holds tales of the history. Archaeological Museum is a regional museum situated in Vavuniya, Sri Lanka. The Department of Archaeology of Sri Lanka founded and operates this extraordinary museum. This regional museum exhibits archaeological objects that were discovered in Vavuniya and its nearby surroundings.

    Other than that, the museum features statues of a Hindu goddess, statues of Buddha, ages-old antiques and much more. If you are fond of archaeology, you must visit the museum and explore its exhibits. You can also get to know a lot about the history of Vavuniya once you are over here.
    You can find centuries old antiques over here and an intermix of Buddhist and Hindu statues of goddesses. Your journey to this wonderful city is incomplete if you don’t visit this museum that uncovers a lot about Vavuniya.

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    7. Clock Tower

    Clock Tower

    Image Source

    Clock Tower is indubitably one of the best attractions in Vavuniya. The tower is situated in the center of the city, and it is very ravishing. Its digital display is visually impressive, and that is why it attracts a large number of people on a regular basis. In addition to that, it is the only Clock Tower in the town. Visitors flock to Vavuniya mainly because they know that it has a lot to offer besides the usual treat. Don’t miss a selfie with the Clock Tower – something you will relish for life and make your visit to Vavuniya memorable.

    8. Royal Garden

    Royal Garden

    Image Source

    Royal Garden is located in Vavuniya Town, and you need to explore its magnificent beauty. The restaurant specializes in a variety of cuisines. Besides that, it is a function center as well as a guest house. The food served by Royal Garden is quite tasty. In fact, it is nothing less than a paradise for food lovers. The restaurant features an intimate dining area and phenomenal ambiance.
    Along with Chinese delicacies and pizzas, the Royal Garden offers Indian dishes too. The stark beauty of this place is timeless, and it is the only place where you can have a regal stay and yummy food.

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    9. Yasotha Hotel

    Yasotha Hotel

    Image Source

    Yasotha Hotel has been proudly serving mouth-watering delicacies since the year 1994. The hotel offers toothsome food, and the service is excellent. Tasty dishes such as roti and veggies are cooked right in the front window by the bus terminal. Furthermore, you can choose from chicken or beef, cheese and much more. It has an eye-catching aesthetic and fleet of Rolls-Royce Phantoms.
    Apart from the lovely ambiance, you can also enjoy exotic dishes from the restaurants serving virtually every national cuisine from around the world. This restaurant is not simply a food joint to eat, but a destination for stunning décor, cheerful ambiance and unforgettable culinary experiences.

    10. Ridmani Bakers

    Ridmani Bakers

    Image Source

    Although the bakery is small in size, but is just too popular among the locals and tourists. It offers a wide variety of delicious and fresh eatables to choose from. Ridmani Bakers is an apt place for gourmets. If you are a food lover, you can grab a few cookies or have chicken and fish, rolls filled with veggies, and a lot more. Their bakery items are the most soul-satisfying in this whole world. They also offer a few classic bakery items that are quite famous among local residents. One of the best things to do in Vavuniya is to explore the ultimate taste of their mouth-watering delicacies.

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    11. Iru Pothana Ruins

    Iru Pothana Ruins

    Image Source

    Iru Pothana holds a lot of historical importance since it is the birthplace of Nandimithra. It is undoubtedly the best natural attraction of Vavuniya. While passing through Mahakachchakodiya, you will get to see the unique Erupothana Reservoir, next to which the Erupothana Rock is placed. Kimbulagala Rock which lies close to the Iru Pothana Rock contains ancient Buddhist ruins. In addition to that, the Erupothana Rock has multitudes of drip ledge caves which have been used for the purpose of meditation by monks for a long time. The spot is absolutely perfect for those who love to explore fascinating ruins.

    12. Wilpattu National Park

    Image Source

    It is an amazing park with wonderful wildlife that one explore and experience at this national park. This is the best park in Sri Lanka to have a sight of and explore the lives of Leopards. This is one of the largest national park in Sri Lanka and definitely has among the most varieties of wild life. There are many natural lakes in this national park - a unique feature of this park. What’s more - you can also stay at the camps in the middle of the park right there in the woods. The park is around an 80 minutes drive from the center of Vavuniya.

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    Vavuniya is indeed an amazing tourist destination. There are several things to do in Vavuniya since the city is full of marvelous attractions. A trip to Sri Lanka remains incomplete without paying a visit to Vavuniya and exploring the various aspects of the city. This city is the perfect blend of both a rich culture and advancements in technology that truly complement each other.

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