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    Surfers in Weligama

    Weligama is a popular town in Sri Lanka. Located on the southern coast of the island nation, this town is a part of the Matara District. The area of this place is approximately 144 kilometers (89 mi) at the south of the capital city, Colombo. This city is situated at an elevation of 9 meters (30 ft) above the sea level. The name Weligama means “the sandy village”; this is even home to the sandy sweep bay.

    The city of Weligama had suffered several natural disasters in the past but it still managed to emerge into a popular tourist destination among both national and international tourism. From accommodating the tourists comfortably to providing them with the best of hospitality and offering them delicious recipes from intercontinental and local cuisines, Weligama has it all. Many hotels, restaurants, and eateries have been established here for the travelers’ comfort.

    The inhabitants of this region are extremely kind-hearted and welcoming. They never fail to show high respect to the visitors and consider them as their esteemed guests. Their welcoming nature will make you feel at home and thus your Weligama visit is sure to become a memorable experience.

    Out of the many things to do in Weligama, you may choose to involve yourself according to your choice and prepare a list for the same. Apart from assessing the scenic beauty and sandy beaches of this region, you can delve into many activities during your Sri Lankan trip.

    10 Popular Things To Do in Weligama

    Being home to several beaches, Weligama has become the perfect place for fishing, surfing, and many other watersports activities. It has many reliable surf destinations that are at a walking distance from several hotels. Beginners can obtain the surfing lessons here at an affordable price. More than this, there are some other things to do in Weligama, Sri Lanka that are enlisted below.

    1. Weligama Bay Dive Center

    Weligama Bay Dive Center

    Image Source

    Weligama Bay Dive Center will help you discover the beautiful dive sites in and around Weligama Bay and Mirissa. You can start diving in small groups like with your family members or friends. It is ensured youll have a great fun especially while you are assisted by experienced and trained dive guides here.

    Being one of the most popular Scuba Diving centers at a distance of mere 5 kilometers from Mirissa, it is a place where you can enjoy and relax for your complete rejuvenation. Friendly and trained staffs at the Weligama Bay Dive Center make your diving holiday a memorable experience.

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    2. Weligama Beach


    Image Source

    Plan your visit to one of the most visited beaches of Weligama in Sri Lanka. You can be accompanied by any English-speaking guide to enjoy hassle-free and safe swimming and snorkeling session on the Weligama beach. Before you do so, make sure you wear comfortable shoes and hike through the lush green forests to reach the Jungle Beach. It is the perfect spot for swimming and snorkeling in turquoise water, thus you are sure to undergo an unforgettable experience.

    On the beach, you can enjoy your precious time with family or friends. Usually, visitors enjoy the snorkeling for two hours before lunchtime. In the lunch, you are provided with the delicious and fresh local seafood. Have it and receive unlimited fun during your Sri Lankan tour.

    3. Kushta Raja Gala

    Kusta Raja Gala

    Image Source

    Kushtarajagala statue is one of the popular tourist attractions of Weligama in Sri Lanka. Situated on the old main road, this statue is just 12 kilometers away from the Matara town. This statue is believed to exist from the period of 7-9th centuries.

    Being one of the oldest statues of the Mahayanist Buddhism in Sri Lanka, this greater-than-life statue had been made from the solid rock. The name, Kushtarajagala has come from a king whose name was Kushta Raja. He once landed in the Weligama bay and got diagnosed with a severe skin disease and was treated by a local doctor.

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    4. Good Spa

    Good Spa

    Image Source

    If you are looking for the perfect Ayurveda treatment, then head towards Weligama in Sri Lanka and visit Good Spa here. It is definitely the best option to visit this spa after a long day of exploring around the city.

    Surrounded by the scenic and state-of-the-art setting, Good Spa offers you the best health and beauty treatment under the supervision of experienced and qualified Ayurveda specialists.

    5. Kosala Widhanage Yoga

    Kosala Widhanage Yoga

    Image Source

    Kosala Widhanage Yoga is a popular yoga center in Sri Lanka. Located in Weligama, this center is considered an ultimate place for the most amazing as well as effective yoga classes. It has professional and qualified instructors who support you learn this skill with ease and under reliable supervision.

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    6. Whale Watching Loop With Sunset

    Whale Watching Loop With Sunset

    Image Source

    People from across the world keep flocking to Sri Lanka and ensure they visit to the city of Weligama to experience the thrill of watching worlds largest Mammal – the Blue Whale. In addition to this, you also get to watch several other species of whales and dolphins in their natural habitat during the sunsets.

    Although you can see such rare water animals round the year, the time period between October to April is considered an ideal time for that. On the other hand, visitors also enjoy a swimming session in the warm waters of this tropical region. They can plan a stand-up paddle boarding session with their families and friends at the sunset.

    7. Sanctuary Spa

    Sanctuary Spa

    Image Source

    The Sanctuary Spa has several professionals to provide you with a range of healing treatments for multiple diseases in the peaceful and scenic setting infused with tropical flowers in its surroundings. It has many trained and experienced masseurs who use natural herbal oils to soothe away aches and pain, thus relieving your mind.

    Their charges are reasonable for all. So, you can consider this to be one of the best things to do in Weligama, Sri Lanka. Since it remains packed by tourists round the year, you must book an appointment well in advance to avoid the last minute rush.

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    8. Handunugoda Tea Estate

    Handunugoda Tea Estate

    Image Source

    Handunugoda Tea Estate is also one of the most popular attractions in Sri Lanka. Spread over an area of 200 acres (809,371 m2) and out of which 75 acres (303,514 m2) area produce the tea, the remaining area is being used for plantation of rubber, cinnamon and coconut.

    This tea garden has is its own well-equipped tea factory. It has the latest machines which have been brought from the United Kingdom. Several of the machines are believed to be over 140 years old and they still operate incessantly.

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    9. Buddhas Birthday

    Buddha’s Birthday

    Image Source

    Predominantly a Buddhist nation, the annual Buddhas Birthday is celebrated in Sri Lanka with pomp and show. People from all over the world flock here and plan a visit to the ancient and sacred Buddhist temples located across Weligama as well as in other areas to offer the special prayers for the Vesak Day.

    This festival is a popular one, celebrated to mark the birth and enlightenment of the founder of the Buddhism religion, Gautam Buddha. In the festival, people of all ages get dressed in white and get inside the temples to listen to the sermons. They light clay lamps to start the festival and re-impose their faith in Buddhism religion.

    10. Surfing


    Image Source

    Weligama is home to many popular surfing points. Some of them are the perfect options for the beginners while the rest are preferred for the experienced surfers. Some popular beach surfing points here include Beach Break, Reef Brakes Ram’s Point, Plantation Point, and Two Secret Point.

    If you are a beginner, you must get surfing lessons from the professionals first. You can plan your surfing tourism with family and friends. After surfing, indulge yourself in tasting some seafood in some of the finest restaurants and eateries located in various parts of the Weligama city.

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    Presence of several beaches in the city of Weligama makes your visit to this place truly amazing. You can plan to indulge in watersports such as scuba diving, swimming, boat racing, snorkeling, water rafting, surfing underwater football, and more. Make sure to book your trip to Sri Lanka well in advance if you are keen to engage yourself in some of the best things to do in Weligama. We reassure you that your tour will prove to be a momentous one.

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