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Kerala opens in front of you in multi-folds with its ethereal beauty and magnificent structures. The Thrissilery Temple in Wayanad is one of those architectural marvels you can visit on your trip to Kerala. Located in Wayanad, it is one of the country’s oldest temples with a rich history to whisper in your ears and mesmerise your senses. This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva, making it one of the main reasons why many tourists, historians, and architecture students visit Thrissilery Temple Wayanad, and we will try to explore all about it, which adds to its charm.

History Of Thrissilery Temple

Thrissilery Temple architecture in typical Kerala architecture

Image Source: Vinayaraj for wikimedia commons

The history of Thrissilery Temple Wayanad dates back 1000 years ago when the Chera Dynasty was ruling Wayand. The era manifests in an exceptional touch of architecture in this temple. The outstanding carvings on the wall and the tiled roof hold the legacy of the Chera architectural style and long-stone Thrissilery Temple history.

Later, this temple stood witness to the changes of rulers, and each dynasty left its impression on the architectural style of this temple. This temple was the centre of learning and spirituality during the mediaeval period. Therefore, it used to get scholars as visitors from far and wide.

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Deities Worshipped In Thrissilery Temple

A closer view of the walls and roofs of the Thrissilery Temple

Image Source: Vinayaraj for wikimedia commons

Before entering the temple, you will have to wash your feet. The water surrounds the shrine of Jala Durga. You will also find the shrines of Dharma Sastha and Balakrishnan. The deity of Shastha Pratishta is unique as he is seen with long matted hair. That’s why he is called ‘Jada Dhari.’

The deity of Nandi, a stone statue, is situated at the entrance. The main sanctum is inside the walls of the nalambalam. Here, the deity of Lord Shiva is worshipped in the form of Swayambhu, and the temple is otherwise known as Thrissilery Shiva Temple. There are also deities of Lord Ganesha and Parvathy.

Myths Related To Thrissilery Temple

A side view of Thrissilery Temple

Image Source: Vinayaraj for wikimedia commons

There aren’t many facts about Thrissilery Temple. What you can get here is folklore and myths related to the temple. According to legends, this temple was established by Lord Parasurama, who is also considered to be the founder of Kerala. According to myths, Parasurama established the temple and dedicated it to the deity of Lord Shiva to bring happiness and prosperity to the land.

Thrissilery is the name of the temple, which comes from Thri-Shaila, which means three mountains. It is believed that the temple is located at the joint of three mountains, which increases its sacred value. There is a shrine of Jal Durga inside the temple. It came into existence for Parasurama. As per myth, the water of the tank never dries inside the temple. So, natural phenomena have been merged with Hindu beliefs.

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Thrissilery Temple Timings

Inside decor of the Thrissilery Temple

Image Source: rajaraman sundaram for wikimedia commons

The first thing tourists must know is Thrissilery Temple timings. It is open from 6 AM to 12.30 PM and 5 PM to 7 PM. Also, you can avail free parking and mobile photography here.

How To Reach Thrissilery Temple

The exterior view of the mandir in Kerala.

Image Source: Vinayaraj for wikimedia commons

The temple is located in Wayanad District and on the Mananthavady-Mysore Highway. You can take buses from Mananthavady to reach the temple. Also, the nearest railway station is Mysore. So, visitors can avail of local trains too. You can also take auto rickshaws and taxis from Thirunelli to reach Thrissilery Temple.

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Places To Visit Near Thrissilery Temple

The Thrissilery Temple in Wayanad is a great place for tourists and pilgrims. However, there are several other places that you can visit around the historical temple. If you have time and want to visit, here is the list that will help you. Read on to know more-

1. Thirunelli Temple

Thirunelli Temple located in Wayanad

Image Source: Jaseem Hamza for wikimedia commons

It is said that visiting Thrissilery Shiva Temp remains incomplete if you don’t visit Thirunelli Temple, the temple of Lord Vishnu. Located on Brahmagiri Temple, this place was once known as the trade centre of Wayanad. Presently, it is a famous pilgrim centre. The rough and unpolished structure of Lord Vishnu is something you will adore here. Also, you can visit several sculptures and carvings near the holy water body. If you visit this place during Vishu, you will find these two temples in their grand appearance.

2. Koottamundu Glass Temple

pooja thaali.

Image Source: Shutterstock

The next place you must visit around Thrissilery Temple is the Koottamundu Glass Temple. This is an important pilgrimage for the Jains as it was established in honour of the famous Jain saint, Parshwanatha Swami. Located on the hillside of Vellarimala, this glass temple is where pilgrims show respect. The interior is made of mirrors that reflect the main image of the idols from the main temple.

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3. Edakkal Caves

A top view from the Edakkal Cave

Image Source: Kv vishnu for wikimedia commons

This is another exciting historical place to visit near the temple. It is said to have existed from 6000 B.C. The temples have two chambers and on the walls, you will find art, made by ancient people. There are animal figures and objects, used by humans of the ancient era. Besides tourists, this cave is a wonderful destination for excavation and archaeologists.

4. Chembra Peak

Chembra Peak, a nature’s gift

Image Source: Ravi Dwivedi for wikimedia commons

Are you looking for a weekend getaway from Wayanad? Then, you can offer puja at Thrissilery temple and plan a journey to the famous Chembra Peak near the temple. This place is perfect for trekkers. You can arrange this tour if you want to add some adventure to your trip. Located 2,100 metres above sea level, this place is a delightful destination for nature enthusiasts. Soak in the greenery and be relieved.

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5. Malampuzha Dam And Gardens

An aerial view of Malampuzha Dam Gardens in Wayanad

Image Source: Shagil Kannur for wikimedia commons

Take a small drive from Thrissilery Temple to Malampuzha Dam, a popular destination known for its scintillating natural beauty. If you want a recreational vacation, this place will always be at the top of the list. Besides the dam, you must enjoy the beautiful scenery of Malampuzha Garden, which is full of lush greenery, fountains, and fantastic sculptures.

6. Palakkad Fort

A pond located inside the Palakkad Fort

Image Source: Sivaprasadsujatha for wikimedia commons

Are you looking to explore some historical things on your trip? Then, arrange a trip to Palakkad Fort which is a historical landmark from the 18th Century. This fort is also known as Tipu’ Fort, which gives you a great view of the rich history and architectural tradition of Kerala. You can enjoy visiting this fort and enrich your knowledge of history.

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7. Nelliyampathy Hills

Clouds covered Nelliyampathy Hills

Image Source: Farhan faris for wikimedia commons

Take a scenic drive to Nelliyampathy Hills, a fabulous hill station on the Western Ghats. With the stretched tea plantations, lush forests, and multitudes of cascades, Nelliyampathy Hills gives you a pristine view of untouched nature. If you are a nature lover and want to spend some time in the lap of nature, Nelliyampathy Hills is the perfect destination for you. It only takes 6 hours to reach this blissful place from Thrissilery Temple.

8. Silent Valley National Park

Kunthipuzha River flowing through Silent Valley National Park

Image Source: Lijo Lawrance for wikimedia commons

For nature lovers, Silent Valley National Park is another place you must explore. Located only 80 km away from Thrissilery Temple, this pristine wilderness will show you extraordinary flora and fauna. Also, you will find some endangered species here, like the lion-tailed Macaque. For wildlife enthusiasts, this place is adorable.

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India is full of temples, which are not only places of pilgrimage but also the epitome of architectural wonder. Thrissilery Temple in Wayanad is one of those marvels, which stays hidden and is less explored. However, it is nothing short of an enchanting visit, which you must include in your next trip to Kerala. Make sure to learn a little before visiting the temple to ease the entire process.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Thrissilery Temple

What is the address of the Thrissilery Temple?

Thrissileri Temple is located in Wayanad in Kerala. The official address of this temple is V228+JJ9, Thrissilery Rd, Thrishilery, Kerala 670646.

Is there any dress code for Thrissilery Temple?

Men should wear Panche without shirts to enter here. Women must wear a saree to enter here. Any kind of shorts, mini skirts, t-shirts, etc. is not allowed inside the temple.

What is the history of Thrissilery Temple?

This temple was built by the Chera Kings more than 1000 years ago. The tiled roofs and the outstanding carvings on the temple walls hold Thrissilery Temple history of that age to the visitors.

What is the timing of this temple?

Thrissilery Temple timings are from 5.30 am to 12.30 pm. Then it is again open from 5 pm to 7.30 pm. So, visitors get enough time to offer puja and spend time here.

How to reach the temple?

Thrissilery Temple is about 8 km from Mananthavady. You can take the Mananthavady-Mysore Highway to reach the temple easily. Divert from Kartikulam and the temple is only four km. away from there.

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