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Japan, one of the oldest nations, having an illustrious history, replete with highs and lows, lies apart from the rest of the world. The land of the rising sun has a rich heritage, and the citizens of this country also bask upon its glorious past and unparalleled innovations in science and technology! The history of this nation is well documented and carefully preserved at the spectacular Tokyo museums. Tokyo is an impeccable city in Japan which is known for its delectable food, shopping spots, tourist attractions, and iconic museums. If you are a history enthusiast then you must plan a trip soon to this astounding city. To help you figure out the best museums in Tokyo, here is an intricate list which will take you back to the history of Japan!

6 Best Tokyo Museums

Take a look at the best museums in Tokyo which all history enthusiasts should visit on their vacation. Keep scrolling down and read along to know more about them!

1. Tokyo National Museum

Tokyo National Museum

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The oldest Japanese Museum, opened in the year 1872, is indeed a sight to behold! Brimful with Asian art, the museum takes you on an emotional ride into the history of Japan and other nations of the South East Asian subcontinent. Situated in Tokyo, this museum is a must-visit, whenever you pay a visit to Japan. With a plethora of Greco-Buddhist art, this museum stands apart from the rest.

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2. National Museum For Nature And Science

National Museum For Nature

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If you are a nature or science freak, this place is truly a haven for you. With its natural artifacts and never-ending remains of authentic Japanese flora and fauna. It also houses remains of ancient creatures like crested ibis, Honshu Wolf, and even the world-famous Hachiko! Amazing, isn’t it. With its breathtaking galleries, the national museum for nature and science is one specimen to behold.

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3. National Museum Of Modern Art

National Museum Of Modern Art

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This extravagant museum deals with modern and contemporary Japanese art and indeed is a place where Japanese and western artistic cultures amalgamate and resonate in an intriguing harmony. Located in Tokyo, this piece of history will provide you an indelible time in Japan and at the same time tranquilize you with its beauty.

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4. National Museum Of Emerging Science And Innovation

National Museum Of Emerging

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Famously known as the Miraikan, or the future museum, this place gives you a deep insight into the major technological innovations and experiments which can prove to be a game-changer for the future generations and this museum is definitely for those who have a geeky taste and an inner attraction to anything scientific!

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5. Samurai Museum

Samurai Museum

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If you are coming to the land of the rising sun, and do not catch a glimpse of the legendary ancient warriors, the rung of whose swords struck fear in the hearts of enemies! Yes, we are talking about the Samurais, the pride of Japan since time unknown. If you want to experience the way a samurai warrior lived his life or want an inner insight into their lives, this place is a must-visit for you.

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6. Fire Museum

Fire Museum

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A delight to visit with kids and family, the fire museum houses equipment and vehicles used by the firefighters of Japan since the year 1920! This place has trucks, Helicopters, cars, hoses and what not! With a special tourism program for kids, this museum will surely leave an unforgettable impression on the minds of your kids and will provide you with amazing family time.

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Tokyo fascinates its visitors with its rich heritage and history and milestones in science and technology. The unique culture of Tokyo leaves people spellbound and rooted to the spot. Its antique museums are an example of Japan’s unmatched potential and legacy. So, think no more pack your bags and plan your trip with travel triangle to embark on a journey like never before! Do tell us about your visit to Japan in the comments section below!

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