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Though the London Bridge is the bridge that is correlated with the popular nursery vowel-chime, it is the Tower Bridge that attracts the concentration of natives and visitors equally, for a blend of causes. A few even confuse the London Bridge for the Tower Bridge, but both are different in every single way that values a lot.

The primary purpose behind the invention of Tower Bridge is to facilitate vehicles and people to get through the other end of the river comfortably. The experience blended with doing so has long been preeminence in a process it cannot be seen on any of the other bridge in the town. The Tower Bridge commemorates the antiquity of the architecture and also offers the chance to have a look at London from 137 feet overhead the River Thames. It is an adventure that has provided the attraction to have a genuinely impressive impression on the capital.

Tower Bridge History

Tower Bridge History

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The bridge was created between the year 1886 and 1894; it was outlined to ease road traffic and pedestrian while maintaining entrance to a central stretch of the River Thames. A legendary rigid bridge at court level could not be created as it would act as a barrier to the passage for various high ships. In the year 1876, a race for bridge designs was organized, and ultimately, a bascule bridge was picked. Development began in the year 1886 and prolonged to eight years to give the final finish.
A pair of bridge towers constructed on wharves is conceivably the most discrete perspective of the Bridge. The elevated pathways amid the towers were just opened for the public in the year 1982 with the conception of the Tower Bridge Exhibition. The exhibition carries tourists throughout the Tower Bridge history and the rooms of the Victorian engine that initially empowered the raising of the bridge. In the year 1974, the primary mechanism of operating was for the most significant portion displaced by an electro-hydraulic operated system.

The bridge-raising isn’t like something that is operated as curious though. As per the Corporation of London Act 1885, the London City Corporation is needed to build the bridge for vessels that are registered with a superstructure or mast of thirty feet or even more. The assistance is offered without any cost, which notices it constructed around 850 times with each passing year.
This necessity displays the efficiency of the Tower Bridge and harkens back to the initial plans of the infrastructure, which is unmistakably yet being catered. Though, the Tower Bridge Exhibition analyses what it can intend to produce an experience that can be entirely autonomous of such utility.

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Tower Bridge Facts

Tower Bridge Facts

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The magnificent Tower Bridge is a place with lots of happenings and changes that have been made into the architecture and foundation of the bridge to resolve that issues in the daily life happenings. The list of Tower Bridge facts and figures about the Tower Bridge is vast, but today we are here with some of the facts that you may have rarely even heard of. Let’s polish up your mind about the adventurous tower bridge history that has made them a memory to which we keep on remembering. It is not only a bridge it is a great place where royal weddings, parties, and events are organized.

Boats crossing through the Tower Bridge need not to pay anything to open the Bridge; they merely require to be high sufficient to request it. The cost of Tower Bridge opening is backed by the Bridge House Estates, a capital that regards for the five bridges in the London central in England.

When Tower Bridge was opened initially, there was an issue that a few horses may not be powerful enough to draw their gigs up the slant to the Bridge. To avoid implied traffic troubles and retain London going, Tower Bridge held its own horses on the place, arriving at the feat when required. Drawbridges need chains or ropes to pick up the trail, but the path of Tower Bridge are too bulky to be opened this way. Alternatively, it is a bascule bridge that implies the pathways (bascules) go like two large teeter-totters and swivel the bridge’s opening and closing.

Rather horribly, during the Victorian eras, bodies supposed to soak up under the north side of the bridge regularly, and this site was dealt the title “Dead Man’s Hole”. A mortuary was formed to possess these bodies till the coroner collected them temporarily; gratefully it is not in demand anymore.

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Architecture Of Tower Bridge


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In the year 1917, Thomas Hans Orde-Lees hopped off Tower Bridge with a parachute that was made at home, to analyze and confirm its efficacy at low elevations to the Royal Air Force. They must have been overwhelmed as this has been attributed to the place where the parachute regiment commenced their journey. In the year 1952, a 78 number double-decker bus was passing through the bridge when the bascules started rising. Rather than slowing down and halting, Albert Gunton raised the speed and jumped over to the north bascule from the south bascule which had not begun to rise yet.

To commemorate the 2012 Olympics being organized in London, the Olympic rings were rejected from the pathway on Tower Bridge. To accomplish these bascules required to be opened completely and the bridge was blocked both over and under for 12 hours at that time around twelve-tonne rings were set into the tower bridge station. They did appear pretty wondrous when they are ignited at night and a spectacle that most likely won’t be viewed again.

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Tower Bridge Events

events at tower bridge

Retain your specific events inside the core of Tower Bridge. No matter you intend to plan a party, wedding, meeting, or dinner there is a place available to perfectly fit your tower bridge events inside the Defining Landmark of London.
Pick from 3-striking venue spaces, each one a memorable and unique perspective for festivities of every sort. The elegant Victorian Engine Rooms and picturesque high-level Walkways are available to hire for the private evening, while for smaller daytime functions the North Tower Lounge is the perfect fit.

To assist in planning and delivering your Tower Bridge event, the staffs there are associated with event management professionals that are capable enough to drive you a fantastic event.

Blending stylish and ingenious food, conscientious consideration to detail and an enthusiastic and professional team, formulate a truly unforgettable happening at each event, no matter small or large.

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London’s Tower Bridge is a fascinating and historical English symbol and is among the most prominent bridges around the globe. It has arrogantly persisted over the River Thames since the year 1894, joining the Borough of Tower Hamlets & Southwark collectively. It implies that there is no wonder that there would be numerous facts regarding the Tower Bridge. We have also discussed the tower bridge events that can be organized at the three beautiful venue area available inside the Tower Bridge. So, what are you waiting for? Plan your trip to England and embark on a fun filled journey in this land full of surprises!

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