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    For long, wallpapers and postcards showing fancy destinations and quaint places have inspired us to travel. Some of you might already be saving money and planning trips to all the awesome places you’ve scribbled down on your bucket list. But before you get over enthusiastic about your vacations that are yet to happen, there’s something we’d really like you to see. Flip to see the reality behind many destinations you’ve wanted to visit and the activities you wanted to indulge in. And while you’re at it, we recommend you have a box of tissues ready…

    Take a deep breath, scroll down, flip…..and take in the horror!

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    Disappointed? Chill. It ain’t that bad. All you need to do to save yourself from the these ‘travel shocks’ is to plan carefully and do some research before you set off to your dream destination. Know of any more travel let-downs? Let us know in the comments below. Also, Share this with your friends so that they too know what they’re up against!

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