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Havelock Island, one of the Andaman Islands’ most precious gems, is renowned for its beaches, coral reefs, and evergreen rainforests. Turtle Beach Havelock was aptly named because it had a history of being a turtle nesting ground where beach lovers and nature enthusiasts can go to enjoy themselves. The beach itself does not have many visitors compared to other places on Havelock Island. The isolation creates calmness allowing you to relax completely and absorb the natural beauty around you. Take a stroll along the water’s edge whilst feeling the sandy particles between your toes and get carried away by the sound of crashing waves.

Scuba Diving At Turtle Beach Havelock

Discover underwater wonders by scuba diving at Turtle Beach Havelock.

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Picture yourself swimming in a huge fish tank full of colourful fish, and maybe even a playful dolphin! That’s what scuba diving feels like here at Turtle Beach on Havelock Island. Turtle Beach is an ideal location for beginners who are trying out scuba diving as the water near the shore is shallow. The first thing you will witness is an explosion of colours. Underneath there are wonderful castles of colourful rocks called coral reefs. They house all kinds of sea creatures and are like underwater cities. Look carefully and you could see shy clams sticking out of the sand.

If you are an experienced diver, deeper parts of the reef are where even more incredible creatures live. Imagine gliding past graceful stingrays or spotting a fish whose wings look like they’re made of metal foil when they catch the sunlight. You may also occasionally see a grand manta ray or playful dolphin.

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Other Things To Do At Turtle Beach Havelock

Whether you prefer relaxation, adventure or rejuvenation, there are multiple things to do at Turtle Beach:

1. Swimming

Enjoy the refreshing water by swimming at Turtle Beach Havelock.

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Imagine your feet sinking into soft white sand while turquoise waves caress your knees with palm trees gently swaying overhead. This perfect setting provides an ideal atmosphere for swimming. You can construct a sandcastle or simply lie down on your back to feel the warmth of sunshine and let water take away all your troubles.

2. Snorkelling

Explore marine life while snorkelling at Havelock island for a memorable trip.

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It is one of the best ways to explore what lies under Turtle Beach. Wear a mask and fins to witness a magnificent underwater with corals and other marine species. You will witness species that cannot be seen on the surface from outside. Bright-coloured fishes may swim around coral formations while shy crabs lurk in crevices. Occasionally, sea cucumbers might be in line with sea slugs or spiny starfishes. As a result, snorkelling is perfect for everyone, irrespective of age differences or expertise levels, to explore life under the sea.

3. Yoga

Take up a yoga session at Turtle Beach Havelock to rekindle your senses.

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Escape from your busy life with yoga sessions on the beach that leave you refreshed. Close your eyes and imagine yourself lying on soft sand, with a light wind blowing over you and the constant sounds of waves. Learn some simple postures that stretch out the body, increase flexibility and reduce mental stress. Try to feel your breath while going through the postures to help you attain calmness. An early morning yoga session will amplify your energy level before starting a new day, whereas an evening one enables you to relax after a long day.

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4. Trekking

Capture the sunset from the mountain peak, best trekking expedition near Turtle Beach Havelock.

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Put on your hiking boots and take a nature trail through the rainforests that surround Turtle Beach. Now imagine walking along narrow paths under huge trees with leaves filtering sunlight creating green canopies above your head. The trails are full of diverse wildlife, providing a refreshing escape from the beach. Look out for colourful birds such as hornbills, paradise flycatchers or beautiful orchids among others. You might also come across some naughty monkeys playing on branches. Discover hidden waterfalls that slide over rocks which are covered in moss.

5. Sightseeing

Embrace the alluring beauty of Radhanagar Beach, a famous sightseeing spot.

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For those with enthusiasm for nature, Havelock Island is a paradise waiting to be explored. You can explore the exciting atmosphere and untarnished beauty of Radhanagar Beach or engage in a thrilling surfing experience at Kalapathar Beach. You can also join a guided tour or boat ride to familiarise yourself with the unique ecology of Havelock Island and the conservation efforts being made here. At night, lie on a hammock under palm trees and gaze at the stars.

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6. Kayaking

Paddle on the calm waters while Kayaking at Turtle Beach Havelock.

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A kayak can glide effortlessly on the calm waters of Turtle Beach. Paddle at your own pace as you travel along the coastal line passing through hidden bays and inlets. Lookout for dolphins playing joyfully as they catapult themselves out of the water or turtles swimming elegantly. Kayaking provides a different sight of the island.

7. Stand-Up Paddleboarding

Standup paddleboarding is a must try at Turtle Beach Havelock for a thrilling

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Standup paddleboarding allows you to balance yourself while you stand upright to get a view of the scenery. You can also consider standing tall on a large surfboard and going across the sea. This allows people to see the coastline from a different angle. It’s an exciting activity for people who want to do more than just float while in water.

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8. Night Kayaking

Enjoy night kayaking under a starry sky at Turtle Beach Havelock.

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Discover the magic behind night kayaking at Turtle Beach on Havelock Island. Join a guided night kayaking tour and watch bioluminescent plankton create a glow in the water. Night kayaking sets an ethereal backdrop through soft rhythmic sounds from waves. It is an unforgettable adventure suitable for those who love nature.

9. History Tour

Take a history tour to Neil Kendra cellular jail during your visit to Turtle Beach Havelock.

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Havelock Island shows how India was colonised. A brief sea trip will take you to Neil Kendra Cellular Jail at Neil Island. Explore the cages and learn about the freedom fighters who were imprisoned during that time with the help of a guide. You will go through this historical journey and glimpse India’s rich past. Learn about indigenous communities found on this island and their great cultural heritage. Interact with local people, understand their cultures, and respect their ways of life.

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Best Time To Visit Turtle Beach Havelock

enjoy the pleasant weather on the turtle beach

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The best time to visit Turtle Beach depends solely on your taste. Peak tourist season (November-March) gives pleasant weather with clear skies and calm water, but it is crowded and expensive. Shoulder seasons (April-May & September-October) offer a good climate with fewer visitors. Monsoon brings heavy rains and rough seas unsuitable for beach activities including diving.

Turtle Beach Havelock: How to Reach

Port Blair is the nearest airport to reach Turtle Beach Havelock.

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First, you need to reach Port Blair from your respective city. The easiest and fastest way to do so is by taking a flight to Port Blair (the Capital of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands). Direct flights are available from all the major cities, such as Kolkata, Chennai, and Delhi. Alternatively, you can travel by ferry from Kolkata, Chennai, or Vishakhapatnam to Port Blair.

Once you arrive at Port Blair, you can take a private chartered boat or a ferry run by government and Private agencies. It will take you approximately 2.5 hours to reach Havelock Island. Once you arrive at Havelock Island, you can take a taxi, auto rickshaw or rent a scooter to reach Turtle Beach.

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Turtle Beach Havelock has been designed for different types of visitors, including leisure seekers, adventurers, and those who usually associate themselves with nature. From sunbathing on a clean sandy beach and exploring vibrant coral reefs to trekking through thick forests and finding hidden waterfalls, Turtle Beach promises an unforgettable experience. Pack up your bags now! Break free from ordinary life and take a trip to Havelock Island where peace will rejuvenate your soul and memories will be made that will last till eternity!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Turtle Beach Havelock

Can we swim at Turtle Beach?

Yes, Turtle Beach has cool and shallow water, which is suitable for swimming, even for families with small children.

Are there turtles at Turtle Beach?

Earlier, there used to be many Turtles, but this is no longer the case. It is very rare to find turtles and you can freely swim to the beach without any fear.

Are there any shops or restaurants near Turtle Beach?

There aren’t many options for stores and eateries around Turtle Beach but some basic shops and eating places can be found near the jetty or on Havelock Island, where your hotel is located.

How safe is it to visit Turtle Beach?

Turtle Beach and Havelock Island are safe places for tourists, but you need to respect local customs and never leave your belongings unguarded when on the beach.

Can I book a scuba diving spot at Turtle Beach?

You should ideally pre-book all your dives, especially during peak season as finding a reliable operator with a decent track record is tough.

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