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    For Shopaholics Fancying An Astounding Experience!

    We know Vietnam is acclaimed for its charming beachscape, babbling rivers, lush greenery, monuments and culture. And everytime you take a stroll down its narrow lanes, you would want to take home some part of its beauty, and Vietnam shopping experience is something that will help you in that.

    Whether you are into big brands or love to bargain while street shopping, this list is perfect for you. We’ve covered ten places for the shopaholics, in two of Vietnam’s most popular cities- Ha Noi and Ho Chi Minh. As you read you’ll get to know what to shop for, location of the market, when it is open and also the timings.

    Shopping in Hanoi

    Hanoi is a shopper’s paradise with silk, handicrafts, rice paper products, souvenirs, bandanas and Ao Dais in a riot of colors! Here we take you to a tour on what to buy in Vietnam Hanoi and the best places for shopping in Hanoi.

    1. Street Night Market

    the Street Night Market is fun and peppy

    Image Source

    With nearly 4000 shops under the starry sky, the Street Night Market is fun and peppy filled with vietnam shops! You can shop for a diverse range of clothing, footwear, fashion accessories, household appliances, arts and crafts like water puppet figurines and souvenirs in a fraction of the price that would cost elsewhere. The Night Market offers massive street food options like bun thang, La Vong grilled fish, pho, banh mi, and bun cha and this market is the ultimate destination for cheap shopping in Vietnam.

    Location: Old Quarter
    Timings: 6.00 pm – 11.00 pm
    Days open: Friday, Saturday and Sunday

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    2. Quang Ba Flower Market

    place for vibrant blossoms of flowers

    This trading place for vibrant blossoms of daisies, cherry blossoms, roses, orchids and sunflowers is a treat for the eyes and soul. The aromatic experience of strolling through this market is something you will always cherish. You wouldn’t want to miss capturing this paradise in a picture! Shopping in Vietnam Hanoi is half done without purchasing a few fresh flowers here.

    Location: Au Co Street, Tay Ho
    Timings: 02.00 am – 12.00 pm

    3. Dong Xuan Market

    market sells all possible items

    Image Source

    This two-story indoor market sells all possible items, ranging from seafood, meat, vegetables, T-Shirts, handbags, fashion accessories to the Vietnamese conical hats and handicrafts – all at wholesale prices. The shopkeepers are friendly, giving a glimpse of the Vietnamese culture.

    Location: Dong Xuan Street, Hoan Kiem
    Timings: 06.00 am – 07.00 pm

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    4. Bat Trang Pottery Village

    sells all pottery products

    Image Source

    This pottery village sells all pottery products from high-end dishes to worship items to souvenirs. You can also engage in making your own custom piece by rotating the clay on the ceramic table under a potter’s guidance. This is the best place to buy best souvenirs from vietnam for making your trip memorable or to gift your loved ones.

    Location: Bat Trang Village, Gia Lam

    5. Hang Gai and Hang Bac Street

    shops that specialize in silk and embroidery

    Shops along these streets are the perfect place to shop for Do Paper (rice paper) products like greeting cards, watercolor and folk paintings, bamboo-bound notebooks, table lamps etcetera. The air-conditioned Hanoi Moment shop at the Hang Gai Street is a perfect place for shopping in Hanoi for souvenirs and much more, if you are too tired for street shopping! Hang Gai also has two or three blocks of shops that specialize in silk and embroidery!

    Location: Hoan Kiem, Ha Noi, Vietnam

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    Ho Chi Minh City Shopping

    Ho Chi Minh is a city with pulsating energy that hardly sleeps! Let us go on a shopping tour telling you what to buy in Ho Chi Minh. Remember, bargaining and Vietnam shopping go hand in hand.

    6. Ben Thanh Market

    shops here sell at affordable prices and at fixed rates

    This all-day market is lined with shops selling fresh produce, coffee beans and other dizzying arrays of beans for shopping in Vietnam Ho Chi Minh . At sunset, the market closes to make way for the shops selling clothing, apparel and souvenirs, making the place bustling with trades all through the day. Most of the apparel shops here sell at affordable prices and at fixed rates. This market is flocked with both tourists and locals alike.

    Location: Ben Thank
    Timings: 06.00 am to 12.00 am

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    7. Bin Tay Market a.k.a Cholon Chinatown Market

    largest wholesale market in Vietnam

    Image Source

    This is the largest wholesale market in Vietnam with 876 dedicated stores for food and spice products. It has all the things to buy in Vietnam Ho Chi Minh like clothes, household items, crafts etc.

    Location: 57 Thap Muoi, District 6
    Timings: 07.00 am – 6.00 pm

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    8. An Dong Market

    market is known for its fabrics and clothing

    Image Source

    This indoor market is known for its massive collection of fabrics and clothing. Souvenirs like carved incense burners, animal figures, tea sets, coasters etc are dirt cheap, attracting great number of shopaholics. The market is spread over many floors and has a capacity to park as many as 500 cars at a time.

    Location: District 5
    Timings: 07.00 am to 6.00 pm

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    9. Dong Khoi Street

    to shop for masterpieces of art

    Image Source

    Walk down the Dong Khoi Street to shop for masterpieces of art. You can bag duplicates of famous paintings, or something unique and authentic as well, the prices are very reasonable. The galleries like Le Xuan Art and gallery and Ben Thanh Art sell affordable Ho Chi Minh artworks. The Street also houses Apricot Gallery that sells paintings of high-end international standards.

    Location: Ben Nghe, Quan 1, Ho Chi Minh
    Timings: 10.00 am to 10.00 pm

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    10. Saigon Square

    for people who seek branded items

    Image Source

    Saigon Square is a shopper’s paradise for people who seek branded items but with reasonable price. The fashionable clothing at the stores here get more takers especially during the weekends. Thanks to its clean and chic ambience, you wouldn’t feel uncomfortable. Saigon Square is the perfect choice for the modern Vietnam shopping experience

    Location: 81 Nam Ky Khoi Nghia, Ben Nghe, Quan 1,
    Timings: 9.00 am to 9.00 pm

    Cai Rang Floating Market

    If land markets have bored you then we present the floating market of the country, the Cai Rang Floating Market. The whole market is based on the boats. It is the largest market of its own kind in the Delta region. It is a must visit just to feel the vibe of the market.

    Location An Bình, Cái Rang District, Vietnam
    Timings 4am to 9am

    Frequently Asked Question about Vietnam

    Q1: Which is the best place to shop in Vietnam?

    A: An Dong Market is great place to buy sovenirs.

    Q2: Which is the cheapest place to shop in Vietnam?

    A: Saigon Square is one of the cheapest places to shop in Vietnam.

    Q3: Are there any street shops for shopping in Vietnam?

    A: Yes, there are many great shreet shopping places in Vietnam.

    We hope this guide comes handy when you head for some Vietnam shopping. To get the best deal on your holiday to this paradise, browse through our Vietnam tour packages.

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