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    Bai Sao Star Beach, Phu Quoc

    With over 3000 kilometers of coastline that stretches like a thread through a needle, Vietnam has plenty of sun, sand, and surf for all beach-loving travelers. Here are some of the best beaches in Vietnam that are sure to add that extra bit of beauty to your holiday.

    Many of the Vietnam beaches are known for its soft sand and tropical trees that give it an appearance of an ideal stretch of land to soak some sun. The following assortment of 10 best beaches in Vietnam will give travelers a fair idea of what kind of beach would be the perfect place to visit for their Vietnam beach vacation.

    When to visit the best beaches in Vietnam

    With thousands of kilometers of coastline, comes an unpredictability of rainy seasons, tropical disturbance, and typhoons. Unfortunately, most of the Vietnam beaches have a few months in a year where the weather can be rough for a vacation. The south and northern parts of the country have different monsoon cycles. Therefore, it is essential to plan your vacation properly to make the maximum of this serene tropical country.

    In Southern Vietnam, the dry season ranges from December to April, and the rainy season goes from May until November.

    In the central part of the country, where famous Vietnam beach destinations like Nha Trang and Da Nang are located, the weather trend reverses completely. The perfect time to visit best beaches in Vietnam here is from March to August, avoiding the monsoon season that lasts from September until February.

    In Northern Vietnam, the warm and dry seasons begins from October and carries on till December. Later on, the months leading until March are dry and cold but the temperatures can often go into single digits.

    1. City Beach, Nha Trang

    City Beach, Nha Trang

    Image Source

    Located in Southern Vietnam, Nha Trang is a coastal city that is famous for its high rise building, fervent party atmosphere, posh resorts, and some of best beaches in Vietnam. As much as it is iconic, City Beach is the lifeblood of Nha Trang’s visitors and residents spurring a majestic infusion of culture and natural beauty.

    Ideal for: Family outing, casual stroll on the beach, and sunbathing

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    2. Doc Let Beach, Hon Khoi Peninsula

    Doc Let Beach, Hon Khoi Peninsula

    Image Source

    Just about an hour’s drive north of Nha Trang lies the pristine white-sand Doc Let Beach in Hon Khoi peninsula. Normally preferred by travelers who want a quieter retreat from the buzzing City Beach in Nha Trang, Doc Let Beach counts as one of the best beaches in Vietnam for its mesmerizing views alone.

    Ideal for: Quiet afternoon retreat with family, solo beach-goers looking for solace

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    3. Jungle Beach, Ninh Phuoc

    Jungle Beach Vietnam

    Image Source

    It is a rarity that you will find one of the best beaches in Vietnam as a well-kept secret. Most of the travelers who have visited other Vietnam beach destinations get recommended a visit to the Jungle Beach Vietnam.

    Located in the tiny village of Ninh Tinh, the beach holidaying experience here is unlike your typical tourist destination. Surrounded by eco-friendly resorts and the general aura of sustainable tourism, a visit to Jungle Beach Vietnam will surely bring you closer to nature.

    Ideal for: Eco-tourists, backpackers, and two day-trips for couples

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    4. An Bang Beach, Hoi An

    An Bang Beach, Hoi An

    Image Source

    There’s always a buzz around at all the best beaches in Vietnam. An Bang Beach is no exception to the same. Located 30kms from the international airport at Da Nang, the beach is an ideal getaway for tourists visiting central Vietnam. Visit this beach between the months of March and September to experience a scorching sun, soothingly mild waters, and clear blue skies.

    Ideal for: Leisure travelers (luxury and budget) and seafood lovers

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    5. An Hai Beach, Con Dao Island

    An Hai Beach

    Off the southern coast of Vietnam, lies Con Dao Island- home to some of the best beaches in Vietnam. One such beach located on the south side of the island is An Hai Beach. With a mountain in the background, followed by tropical trees, white sand beach, and aqua blue water, visiting this beach feels like walking into a painting.

    Ideal for: Swimming in calm waters and exploring the island coastline

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    6. Long Beach, Phu Quoc

    Long Beach Phu Quoc

    Almost all Vietnam beaches are known to stretch far and long making itself available for a huge number of people without it seeming overpopulated. However, having said that, even a 20-kilometer stretch of white sand is something you would find very rare in Vietnam. Long beach is one such place where beauty collides with the endless (literally) white sand to culminate into a magical experience.

    Ideal for: Romantic couples, water sports enthusiasts, and sunsets

    7. Quy Nhon Beach, Binh Dinh

    Quy Nhon Beach

    Image Source

    One of the more luxurious cities in Vietnam, Quy Nhon is a popular city to live among the elite in the country. Naturally, the affluent class would carefully handpick their homes around some of the best beaches in Vietnam. Quy Nhon Beach has scenic boulevards, a vibrant fishing community, and luxurious resorts for travelers of all kinds.

    Ideal for: Enjoying culinary delights (seafood), luxurious resort vacation, and swimming

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    8. Non-Nuoc Beach, Da Nang

    Non Nuoc Beach, Da Nang

    Image Source

    Non-Nuoc has the honor of being recognized by travelers from around the world as one of the first few Vietnam beaches worth visiting. Since then, decades have passed and the tourism industry has flourished in Da Nang making Non-Nuoc as one of the best beaches in Vietnam. What adds to the appeal of this beach is the fact that it is ideal for watersports such as surfing and jet skiing.

    Ideal for: Luxury travelers, explorers, and watersport enthusiasts (surfing and jet skiing)

    9. Bai Sao (Star Beach), Phu Quoc

    Bai Sao Star Beach

    Image Source

    This beach is straight out a dream. One place a beach lover would curse themselves for missing. Bai Sao (Star Beach) is the showstopper of the dazzling display of the best beaches in Vietnam. Pristine white sand, lush-green vegetation, aqua blue waters, and sparse tourists- what more can a traveler want on a beach vacation in Vietnam.

    Ideal for: Honeymoons, secluded getaways, and leisure trips

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    10. Mui Ne Beach, Phan Thiet

    Mui Ne Beach

    Image Source

    A major reason why Mui Ne is regarded as one of the best beaches in Vietnam is that of it being recognized as the kitesurfing capital of Asia. Initially, Mui Ne had been only visited by travelers who dared to go out in the unexplored areas of Vietnam for an adventure. However, things have changed and now Mui Ne has built a bustling tourist scene of its own

    Ideal for: Explorers, adventure sports (kitesurfing), and family outings

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    With an array of options to choose from, the best beaches in Vietnam promise its visitors a world-class holiday. Book a Vietnam tour package with TravelTriangle to experience the warm hospitality, scenic views, and delectable cuisine a Vietnam beach holiday has to offer.

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