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    a waterfall in Coorg

    Coorg—Scotland of East, is a divine and magical destination in Karnataka endowed with mystic hills and aromatic coffee estates. Also, there are sparkling waterfalls in Coorg that attract not only locals but tourists from all over the country.

    The waterfalls look gorgeous and spectacular—gushing down the forested hills. They form magical sights during monsoons—i.e., June to September, pulling tourists for day picnic, excursion, trekking and waterfall rappelling. You may have heard of some of these wonderful waterfalls, but it is time to explore them.

    1. Abbey Falls- The most gorgeous of all

    Abbey waterfall in Coorg

    Image Source

    Situated 7 km away from Madekeri town—Abbey Falls is one of the most popular and beautiful waterfalls in Coorg. Nestled amid thick forests and coffee & spice plantations, Abbey waterfalls in Coorg looks full and torrential just after the rains, especially from October to December. One need to walk half a mile downslope to view how beautifully Cauvery River surges down the rocks to form this waterfall.

    How to reach Abbey Falls?

    Abbey Falls is almost 7 km from Madikeri town. One can take a bus or hire a taxi to reach the end of the road, and then a 5-minute walk downhill will take your to the falls.
    Entry fee: 15 rupees per person

    Timing: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

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    2. Iruppu Falls- The cascading beauty

    Iruppu waterfalls in Coorg Karnataka

    Image Source

    River Lakshmana Tirtha plunges down from a great altitude to form Iruppu Falls. This is one of the most popular waterfalls in Coorg, known for its splendid sight and plush green surrounding. You must visit this enthralling beauty during monsoon or winter to witness one of the most beautiful sights in Coorg.

    How to reach Iruppu Falls?

    Iruppu Falls is approx. 80 km from Madikeri town and 25 km from Nagerhole. One can hire a direct taxi to reach the end of the road, and then a steep 500 m walk to reach the falls. For more accurate directions, ask the locals around.

    Useful tips: Wear shoes with good grip, as the path is a bit slippery, and carry a water bottle.

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    3. Mallalli Falls- A splendid sight

    Muddy water of Mallali waterfall in Coorg Karnataka

    Image Source

    Mallalli falls in Coorg is one of the spectacular ones in Karnataka, formed by Kumaradhara River, which cascades down the Pushpagiri hills. This is one of the wonderful and most visited tourist places in Coorg. People access this place in jeeps from Madekeri town or trek down through some bumpy forested trails. July to December is the best season visit this waterfall, to see its full voluminous flow.

    How to reach Mallalli Falls?

    The place is about 26 km from Somwarpet, and taxis and jeeps are easily available to take you near the falls. After reaching the end of the road, you’ll have to climb down some 520 steps to reach the falls.

    The best way to go this place is by hiring a jeep or a taxi, after which you’ll need to trek to reach these falls. These falls lie about 26 km from Somwarpet.

    Useful tips: Wear shoes with good grip, as the path is slippery, and carry a water bottle.

    4. Burude Falls- Stunning and serene

    Burude waterfall in Coorg Karnataka

    Image Source

    Also known as Dodmane Falls, this is a marvellous 5 step waterfall surging down narrow forested creeks. Burude Falls is located at the outskirts of Coorg, offering stunning view of the surrounding. One needs to trek a little to reach Burude, which is one of the extremely popular Coorg waterfalls Karnataka. If you are looking for some peace during the peak season, this is the place you should be heading to.

    How to reach Burude Falls?

    The waterfall is located approx. 6 km from Siddapura. You can take a taxi to reach the end of the road, and then walk approx. 1 km to reach the falls.

    Useful tips: Wear shoes with good grip, as the path is quite slippery. If you are riding a bike or driving a car, you’ll have to park it some 3 km away from the falls, as the road is quite dangerous to drive.

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    5. Chelavara Falls- A waterfall for adventure lovers

    Chelavara waterfall in Coorg Karnataka

    Image Source

    Chelavara Falls is one of the most picturesque waterfalls near Coorg, best known for its splendid vista and magnificent size. Locally known as Emepaare, meaning tortoise; this one looks full and gorgeous during monsoon. The rock on which the water falls resembles a tortoise giving it its name.

    Unfortunately, several accidents have been reported near Chelavara falls, hence Kodagu district administration have presently banned tourists there. One can surely enjoy the beauty from a distance, but cannot descend to reach upto the waterfall.

    How to reach Chelavara Falls?

    The waterfall is located approx. 15 km from Virajpet. After reaching the end of the road, you’ll have to trek on a slippery path to reach the falls.

    Parking fee: 50 rupees per vehicle

    We hope this list of waterfalls in Coorg encourages you to book a trip to Karnataka this monsoon. Feel free to share your travel story with us.

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