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    Jog falls are the majestic and one of the most popular waterfalls near Bangalore & in India

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    If you are tired of your fast paced life and are looking for a perfect weekend getaway near Bangalore, you landed on right page. Karnataka is home to numerous waterfalls which offer you not only breathtaking views but also peace of mind. The routes to these waterfalls near Bangalore are equally scenic and refreshing and make for a perfect break from the city. Calling all those travelers who are seeking to escape the hustle and bustle of city culture, these waterfalls are magical. Take a look at this list of all the waterfalls that appeals to tourists.

    Best Waterfalls Near Bangalore Within 100 Km

    So here is a list of the most beautiful waterfalls near Bangalore, handpicked for you. Being just a few kilometers away from Bangalore, these waterfalls offer a perfect escape for those sudden plans. Take a look!

    • Chunchi Falls – 83 Km
    • Muthyala Maduvu Falls – 43 Km
    • Mekedatu Falls – 93 Km
    • Thottikallu Fall – 33.5 Km

    1. Chunchi Falls – 83 Km

    Chunchi waterfalls are amongst the most beautiful falls near Bangalore

    Fed by river Arkavati, Chunchi falls is en route to Mekedatu and Sangama, it is amongst the most scenic falls near Bangalore. Sangama is a place where 3 rivers join and flow through Mekedatu a rocky valley. The route to Chunchi Falls is full of greenery. It is not one of the waterfalls near Bangalore within 60 km, but it is still close.

    Distance from Bangalore: 83 km
    How to reach: We recommend you take your own transport since public transport is limited. It takes about 2 to 3 hours to reach this waterfall. The closest railway station to Chunchi Falls is Kanakapura.
    Best time to visit: Post monsoons and winter

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    2. Muthyala Maduvu Falls – 43 Km

    A man standing on a rock at Muthyala Maduvu Falls

    Image Source
    Muthyala Maduvu Falls or the Pearl Valley Falls is a gushing stream cascading down from a height of 92 m. The fall, its serene ambience and the lush green valley is a huge draw for visitors. It is one of the most magical falls near Bangalore for one day trip. 

    Distance from Bangalore: 43 km
    How to Reach: Muthyala Maduvu Falls is a lovely picnic spot, an hour’s drive (about 40 km) from Bangalore near Anekal. It’s in the periphery of Bannerghatta National Park.
    Best time to visit: During monsoon i.e. August to November

    3. Mekedatu Falls – 93 Km

    Mekedatu falls near Bangalore is an offbeat getaway perfect for a day out with friends

    Image Source
    Mekedatu means goat’s leap in Kannada. River Kaveri flows into a deep and narrow gorge, so narrow that a goat could leap over it and that is how it got its name. When reaching the gorge the river flows ferociously onto the rocks sculpting them into some amazing shapes, making it the most beautiful nearest waterfall from Bangalore. The river Kaveri flows through a deep ravine of just 5-10 meters wide.

    Distance from Bangalore: 93 km
    How to reach: A diversion is required after Kanakapura (33 km) via Dodda Alahalli & Hegganuru towards Sangama to reach Mekedatu. To visit Mekadatu, cross the river at Sangam on a boat and take public/private transportation to Mekadatu (3.5 km)
    Best Time to visit: September to December
    Note: No transportation is available after 5:30 PM.

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    4. Thottikallu Falls – 33.5 Km

    Thottikallu fallls view

    Image Source

    Also known by the name of Swarna Mukhi Falls, this is yet another falls among the most beautiful waterfalls near Bangalore near 100 km. It will give you a tranquil and serene experience.

    Distance from Bangalore: 33.5 km
    How to reach: By bus (Majestic bus stand)
    Best time to visit: October to March

    Best Waterfalls Near Bangalore Within 200 Km

    The following are the popular waterfalls near Bangalore that are located within a distance of 200 kilometers. Do not forget to mark your favorites for that long drive you have been eagerly waiting for:

    • Shivanasamudra Falls – 110 Km
    • Hogenakkal Falls – 180 Km
    • Balmuri Edmuri Waterfalls – 175 Km
    • Chunchanakatte Falls – 190 Km
    • Kaigal Falls – 120 Km
    • Kalyan Revu Waterfall – 123 Km

    5. Shivanasamudra Falls – 110 Km

    Tourists enjoying a coracle ride in Shivanasamudra Falls in Mandya

    Image Source
    Kaveri river flows through stone filled topography of the deccan plateau and drops off in the form of Shivanasamudra Falls. The river further splits into two beautiful waterfalls – Barachukki and Gaganchukki, making these falls around Bangalore a popular holiday getaway. An important fact about this place is that visitors can also enjoy a coracle ride over the gushing waves of the water at the bottom of the falls.
    Distance from Bangalore: 110 km
    How to reach: It is a 3hr drive from Bangalore and is best reached via the Kanakapura main road.
    Best Time to Visit: The fall is in its full glory during the monsoon season of July to October.

    6. Hogenakkal Falls – 180 Km

    Enjoy a Coracle ride on your trip to Hogenakkal Falls in Dharmapuri

    Image Source
    River Kaveri enters the Tamil Nadu border descending down the lofty landscape forming the Hogenakkal Waterfalls. It is one of the most best waterfalls near Bangalore for a day’s trip. Put this one on the list of waterfalls near Bangalore in summer. Don’t forget that coracle riding is one of the main attractions of the area and is allowed during the dry-season when the waterfalls are not strong enough to upset the boats.

    Distance from Bangalore: 180 km
    How to reach: Visitors have to drive for 3 hours on the Malur-Hosur-Adiyamankottai road to reach this waterfall. Nearest railway station is Adiyamankottai.
    Best Time to visit: Post monsoons and dry seasons for Coracle rides.

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    7. Balmuri Edmuri Waterfalls – 175 Km

    Man made waterfalls of Karnataka - Balmuri-Edmuri-falls

    Image Sourc

    Balmuri Edumuri Falls one of the beautiul man-made waterfalls around Bangalore on the way to KRS dam. Edumuri falls is about 1 km from Balmuri Falls. Balmuri Falls are actually small falls created by a check-dam constructed on river Cauvery. Balmuri falls is a popular film shooting spot and Edumuri falls is a great spot to swim and play in the water.
    Distance from Bangalore: 175 km
    How to reach: About 8 Km before KRS dam, take right turn at Belagola and the Balmuri falls is 3 Km from here.
    Best Time to visit: June to February

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    8. Chunchanakatte Falls – 190 Km


    Image Source

    These famous waterfalls around Bangalore formed by Cauvery River is 60 feet tall and about 350 feet wide waterfall. The uniqueness of this place is that the sound of the waterfalls can be heard all over except inside the sanctum of the centuries-old temple. It is also believed that Goddess Sita took holy bath in this river and till now the color of the water looks like mixed with turmeric, oil and shikakai. These shades are visible even today when there is huge amount of water flowing in the falls.
    Distance from Bangalore: 190 km
    How to reach: The waterfall can be reached by taking a diversion at Krishnarajanagar on the Mysore – Hassan highway. One has to take diversion is on the left at the circle in the town of K R Nagar.
    Best Time to visit: October to March

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    9. Kaigal Falls – 120 Km

    kaigal falls

    Image Source

    Kaigal Falls are located in the undisturbed settings of nature where you can sit and gaze at the scenery for hours. The falls are located in Koundinya Wildlife Sanctuary and you may need the police’s permission to get inside. It is a heaven for nature lovers where they will get to spot a variety of flora and fauna. It is one of the picturesque waterfalls near Bangalore city that you can visit in a short duration.

    Distance from Bangalore: 120 km
    How to reach: Take a Palamner-Kuppam bus and get down at Kaigal Bus stop from where falls are located at just 10-minute mud walk. Ambur is the nearest railway station, only 36 km away.
    Best time to visit: September-December

    10. Kalyan Revu Waterfall – 123 Km

    the fall of elephant waterfalls

    Kalyan Revu Waterfall is located in the Kaundinya Wildlife Sanctuary. It lies in the Chittoor district and lures travelers with its serene ambiance. Apart from encountering the mesmerizing beauty of this waterfall, you can also explore the enormous variety of flora and fauna at the wildlife sanctuary. You will surely be listening to the melodious chirps of migrating birds while visiting the Kalyan Revu Waterfall. 

    Distance from Bangalore: 123 km

    How to reach: You can board any local or private bus to Chittoor and take an auto or taxi to Kalyan Revu Falls from the bus stand.

    Best Time to Visit: From May to October

    Best Waterfalls Near Bangalore Within 300 Km

    The following are the popular waterfalls near Bangalore that are located within the distance of 300 kilometers. Collect your group of friends and find respite in these falls that are nothing but enchanting:

    • Abbey Falls – 270 Km
    • Iruppu Falls – 247 Km
    • Talakona Falls – 241 Km
    • Pykara Falls – 288.3 Km
    • Meenmutty Falls – 279 Km
    • Mallali Falls – 251 Km
    • Hebbe Falls – 276 Km
    • Chelavara Falls – 259 Km
    • Kalahasti Falls – 265 Km
    • Shanti Falls – 269 Km
    • Puliyancholai Falls – 300 Km

    11. Abbey Falls – 270 Km

    Abbey falls in Coorg are one of the most popular waterfalls near Bangalore and in South India

    Image Source
    It is one of the most spectacular waterfalls near Bangalore. Situated in the middle of a private coffee plantation, numerous small streams and abundant rainfall combine to form the Abbey waterfalls. This waterfall flows to unite with River Kaveri.

    Distance from Bangalore: 270 km
    How to reach: This falls is around 7 km from Madikeri town. You can take a bus or hire a jeep or cab to reach here.
    Best Time to visit: During monsoon or September to January is the beat season to visit.

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    12. Iruppu Falls – 247 Km

    The gushing streams of Iruppu falls in Kerala

    Image Source
    Originating from the Brahmagiri Range, the river Lakshmana Theertha plunges down from a height of 170 ft. forming the Iruppu Waterfalls. It creates a ceaseless thunder amidst the silence of the thick wood. This pristine waterfall near Bangalore is believed to possess the power to cleanse one’s sins and is visited by thousands of devotees from far and near on Shivaratri day.
    Distance from Bangalore: 247 km
    How to Reach Iruppu Falls: It is located at about 260 kms from Bangalore. The route is Bangalore-Mysore-Gonikoppa-Iruppu. Nearest railway station is Thalassery, Kerala which is located about 58 kms from the Iruppu falls.
    Best time to visit: During monsoons and winter.

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    13. Talakona Falls – 241 Km

    Talakona falls

    Image Source

    Talakona falls are located in the Sri Venkateshwara National Park and offer picturesque views. The water falls down from a height of 270 ft which offers a spectacular view that you will cherish forever.

    Distance from Bangalore: 241 km
    How to reach: By bus, cab or self drive
    Best time to visit: October to January

    14. Pykara Falls – 288.3 Km

    Beautiful Pykara falls

    Image Source

    These are one of the most beautiful falls you will ever see in your life. Pykara river falls in the form of little horizontal waterfalls which offers a spell-binding view. The water is very clear and you will enjoy the beautiful sounds of the flowing water.

    Distance from Bangalore: 288.3 km
    How to reach: By bus
    Best time to visit: July

    15. Meenmutty Falls – 279 Km


    Image Source

    Located in Wayanad, these roaring waterfalls are must-visit on your holiday in Wayanad. It takes a 2 km hike from Wayanad-Ooty road to get here and enjoy the pleasant views of the waterfall. The waterfall should be avoided during the monsoon season as the waterfall takes a dangerous form.

    Distance from Bangalore: 279 km
    How to reach: The nearest railway station to the falls is Mysore Railway Junction. The nearest airport is in Bangalore. Kutta is the nearest bus station. It takes 2 hours from Madikeri to reach the falls.
    Best time to visit: During the monsoon in the months from August to September

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    16. Mallali Falls – 251 Km

    mallalli falls

    Image Source

    Do not miss visiting this Milky waterfall that lies in the foothills of Pushpagiri Mountains. The waterfalls down at an impressive height of 200 ft creating an alluring scenery amidst lush greenery and mountains. The waterfall plunges from the Kumardhara River and merges with Netravati River in Mangalore before it falls into the Arabian Sea.

    Distance from Bangalore: 251 km
    How to reach: The nearest railway station to the falls is Mysore Railway Junction. The nearest airport is in Bangalore. The falls are 40 km from Madikeri. Kumaralli is the nearest village to the falls to which you will find frequent buses from Somwarpet.
    Best time to visit: During the monsoon in the months from August to September

    17. Hebbe Falls – 276 Km


    Image Source

    Hebbe Falls is one site that you cannot afford to miss if you happen to be on a vacation in Chikmaglur. The way to the fall goes through Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary and you may have to work up your muscles because it is a trek. The view of the waterfall falling from a height of 550 ft is truly majestic.

    Distance from Bangalore: 276 km
    How to reach: You can reach to Kemmangudi by hiring a local taxi and then trey your way to the falls. The nearest railway junction is Tarikere from where you can find an auto or a taxi to the trekking point.
    Best time to visit: October-January

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    18. Chelavara Falls – 259 Km

    Chelavara waterfall in Coorg Karnataka

    Another stunning waterfall near Bangalore is Chelavara Falls which is located in Coorg. The waterfall is surrounded by lush green coffee plantations that entice travelers with its astounding views. This waterfall is also known as ‘Embepare’ which means tortoise in the local language. The name has been given due to the tortoise-shaped rock placed over the area where water cascades. 

    Distance from Bangalore: 259 km

    How to reach: You can board a bus or hire a taxi to Coorg from Bangalore. 

    Best Time to Visit: Monsoon (Check the weather forecast before heading)

    19. Kalahasti Falls – 265 Km

    Kerta Gangga Waterfall

    If you are looking for a beautiful cum serene places to visit near Bangalore, then Kalahasti Falls is an amazing option that would surely amaze you with its beauty. The waterfall is located in proximity to the popular Shiva Temple, Veerabhadraeshwara Temple, which is frequently visited by pilgrims from all over the country. 

    Distance from Bangalore: 265 km

    How to reach: Kalahasti waterfall is well-connected to other parts of Karnataka and Kerala due to its proximity to the famous Veerabhadraeshwar temple. You can board any local transport to the temple and stroll down to the waterfall. 

    Best Time to Visit: From June to November 

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    20. Shanti Falls – 269 Km

    Butori Ponor Waterfalls

    If you are looking for a refreshing and reviving picnic spot around Bangalore for perfect family time or interested in a quick escape with your friends and special ones, Shanti Waterfall is one place where you can surely head for a complete day excursion. Here water cascades down a rocky hill forming a pool. You can plunge in pool and get indulged in watersports fun for hours and the peaceful surroundings will surely make you fall in love with this place. 

    Distance from Bangalore: 269 km

    How to reach: You can either drive to Santi waterfall or board a local transport from Bangalore to reach Chikmagalur and from there take an auto-rickshaw to the falls.  

    Best Time to Visit: Late monsoon winter

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    21. Puliyancholai Falls – 300 Km

    White Surf Waterfall

    Another interesting waterfall near Bangalore with medicinal properties is the Puliyancholai waterfall that is located at the foothills of Kolli mountain range. The waterfall is surrounded by lush green plantation, making it one of the most beautiful waterfalls near Bangalore. Puliyancholai falls are often visited by people with skin ailments, looking for remedies. If you are looking for a single day trip from Bangalore, then Puliyancholai falls is such a place that will surely make your day. 

    Distance from Bangalore: 300 km

    How to reach: To reach Puliyancholai falls you can either board a bus or taxi from Bangalore to Tiruchirappalli which is 72 kilometers from Kollimalai hills. From Tiruchirappalli, hire an autorickshaw to Puliyancholai waterfall. 

    Best Time to Visit: June and July

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    Best Waterfalls Near Bangalore Within 500 Km

    The following are the popular waterfalls near Bangalore that are located within the distance of 500 kilometers. Do add these on your bucket lists:

    • Jog Falls – 375 Km
    • Hanuman Gundi Falls – 348.2 Km
    • Unchalli Falls – 432 Km
    • Dudhsagar Falls – 564 Km
    • Soochipara Falls – 304 Km
    • Catherine Falls – 316 Km
    • Tada Falls – 330 Km

    22. Jog Falls – 375 Km

    Jog falls are the majestic and one of the most popular waterfalls near Bangalore & in India

    Image Source

    Last but not the least, one of the best waterfalls near Bangalore, Jog falls amongst the most beautiful waterfalls in India. Formed by Sharavathi River, it is also called as Gerusoppa falls and Jogada Gundi. The falls are separated into four different parts and called as Raja, Rocket, Rani & Roarer. The backwaters of the Sharavati Wildlife Sanctuary provide excellent opportunities for water sports.

    Distance from Bangalore: 375 km
    How to reach: Jog falls is well connected by roads. Private buses ply frequently to Jogfalls from Sagar.
    Best Time to visit: August to January

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    23. Hanuman Gundi Falls – 348.2 Km

    Hanuman gundi falls view

    Image Source

    Situated within the famous Kudremukh National Park, this waterfall will give you the thrill of your life. Falling from a height of 72 feet, Hanuman Gundi is a tiered waterfall. You will have to climb 300 stone steps to get to this waterfall which is why it is one of the most adventurous waterfalls near Bangalore.

    Distance from Bangalore: 348.2 km
    How to reach: By bus, cab or self drive
    Best time to visit: Post monsoon

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    24. Unchalli Falls – 432 Km

    Image Source

    Located near Sirsi near Uttar Kannada district, Unchalli Falls is a visual treat to the eyes. The dramatic fall plunges into the Aghanashini River from a height of 116 ft. surrounded by a bounty of nature, the aerial view of the fall looks heavenly.

    Distance from Bangalore: 432 km
    How to reach: You can hire a private jeep from Sirsi that will take you to the fall. Hubli is the nearest airport, 102 km away. The nearest railway station is also in Hubli.
    Best time to visit: September-January

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    25. Dudhsagar Falls – 564 Km

    a gorgeous fall

    Dudhsagar waterfall is among the tallest waterfalls in India. Nestled at an altitude of 1017 feet above sea level, Dudhsagar is a popular picnic spot for nature-lovers and peace-seekers. However, the place is a bit far from Bangalore but the experience is truly mystic as well as enthralling. Located amongst the Western Ghats, the waterfall is surrounded by rich biodiversity giving you a chance to spend a peaceful vacation, away from the bustling city life!

    Distance from Bangalore: 564 km

    How to reach: You can take a train or bus from Banglore to Goa if you are traveling on a budget. From Goa, you can easily hire any local transport to your destination. If you are looking for a luxuriating escape, then you can take a flight to Goa and head to Dudhsagar waterfall from there. 

    Best Time to Visit: From October to June

    26. Soochipara Falls – 304 Km

    Soochipara Waterfalls, Wayanad

    If you are in search of tranquility and serenity then Soochipara waterfall is one such place that won’t disappoint you. It is also known as Sentinel Rock Waterfalls and lures visitors with its exclusive experiences throughout the year. Whether looking for a perfect picnic spot near Banglore or kids or planning an exciting trip with friends or family, Soochipara falls that is located in Vellarimala of Wayanad is an amazing option. Apart from exploring the waterfall, you will also be witnessing the exquisite beauty of Wayanad that is known for its lush green foliage and aromatic ambiance. 

    Distance from Bangalore: 304 km

    How to reach: You can take any local bus to Wayanad or hire a cab. It is better to prefer a road journey to reach here as you surely don’t want to miss out on the astounding beauty of the place. 

    Best Time to Visit: From June to September

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    27. Catherine Falls – 316 Km

    Catherine Waterfall

    Have you heard about the double-cascaded waterfall located in the Nilgiri district? Yes, Catherine waterfall, the second-highest fall in Nilgiri is known for its mesmerizing beauty where water cascades twice before reaching its next course. The place is surrounded by stunning tea gardens and as you drive through the streets to reach the waterfall, you will surely experience the aroma of fresh tea making the ambiance mystic and serene. 

    Distance from Bangalore: 316 km

    How to reach: You can reach here from Bangalore either by hiring a taxi or taking a local bus to Nilgiri, from where you can take an auto-rickshaw to Catherine Falls. 

    Best Time to Visit: From October to May

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    28. Tada Falls – 330 Km

    A view of Tada falls through dense shade

    Another perfect getaway near Bangalore is Tada Falls. As the waterfall is located on the border of Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh, the place is frequently visited by quick holidayers. If you are planning a trek with your friends then you can surely head to Tada Falls to capture some amazing moments. 

    Distance from Bangalore: 330 km

    How to reach: Local bus is the most inexpensive way to reach here. However, you can also hire a taxi to the Chittoor district to reach the Tada waterfall. 

    Best Time to Visit: From August to December

    29. Sirimane Falls


    Disclaimer: The image is for representation purposes only.

    Sirimane Falls is located amid lush green landscapes of the Western Ghats. It is also popular as Kigga Falls due to its proximity to the serene village of Kigga. You can easily reach here by road and these beautiful waterfalls is frequently visited by the locals of nearby villages, looking for a refreshing escape. You can also visit the bottom of Sirimane Falls and feel the force of the thrusting water falling from the height of 40 ft.  

    Distance from Bangalore: 336 km
    How to reach: Sirimane Falls can be easily reached via road. It is located at Sirimane Falls Road in Yedadalli. You can either board a bus or hire a taxi to reach here.
    Best time to visit: Throughout the year

    30. Manikyadhara Falls

    Manikyadhara Falls

    Manikyadhara Waterfall is nearly 7 km away from Baba Budangiri in Chikmagalur amidst the hilly terrains that are home to vibrant flora and fauna. This is one of the most stunning waterfalls near Bangalore offering a refreshing break from your regular city life. The locals of the area believe that the waterfall has medicinal properties and helps in the ailment of incurable diseases. 

    Distance from Bangalore: 342 km
    How to reach: The place is well-connected by road and you can hire a jeep from Chikmagalur to reach here
    Best time to visit: October to April

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    Now, next time whenever you visit Bangalore, you know where to head to when you are done exploring it. These waterfalls will give you a refreshing experience. So, plan a trip to Bangalore, chill at the stunning waterfalls near Bangalore and share your experience with us!

    Disclaimer: TravelTriangle claims no credit for images featured on our blog site unless otherwise noted. All visual content is copyrighted to its respectful owners. We try to link back to original sources whenever possible. If you own the rights to any of the images and do not wish them to appear on TravelTriangle, please contact us and they will be promptly removed. We believe in providing proper attribution to the original author, artist or photographer.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Waterfalls Near Bangalore

    Q. Is there water in Thottikallu Falls?

    A. Thottikallu Falls are located just outside Bangalore off the Kanakpura Road. There are famously known as TK Falls and translates to Golden Faced in English. If you are visiting these falls in summer, you may not find much water but during the monsoons, the falls are in full swing. Do not litter around the falls as it hampers the beauty of this place.

    Q. How do I get to Chunchi Falls?

    A. The best way to get to Chunchi Falls is on your own transportation. The nearest town to the falls is Mekedatu but you won’t have buses till there. You have bus connectivity till Kanakapura.after that, you are on your own.

    Q. Which bus goes to Balmuri falls from Bangalore?

    A. Balmuri Falls is located just 3 km away from Mysore of Krishna Raja Sagara (KRS) Road. If you are coming from Bangalore, you can take a bus to Mysore and then cover the remaining distance by taxi or auto. There are so many other things to do in Mysore once you are done with your visit to the falls.

    Q. How can I go to Hogenakkal Falls from Bangalore?

    A. Hogenakkal is just 125 km away from Bangalore. The best way to reach the falls from Bangalore is by your own car or hiring a taxi. It is just 3 hours drive to the falls. There are no direct buses or trains between the two points. You may take Ernakulam Express from Bangalore.

    Q. Can we take a bath in Shivanasamudra Falls?

    A. No, bathing is not allowed near the waterfalls since they are huge and dangerous. There is always a fear of drowning and mishap. However, you can take a bath at Sangam, the confluence of Kaveri and Arkavathi. The water is not too deep during the summers. This place is often crowded with visitors.

    Q. Which is the most popular waterfall near Bangalore?

    A. Talakona Falls is one of the most popular waterfalls near Bangalore. Other popular waterfalls near Bangalore are the following:
    1. Irupu Falls
    2. Mallalli Falls
    3. Abbey Falls
    4. Hebbe Falls
    5. Pykara Falls
    6. Jog Falls
    7. Unchalli Falls

    Q. Can I go for a watersports adventure near Bangalore?

    A. For the best experience of watersports adventure near Bangalore, you can plan a visit to the following places:
    1. Chikmagalur
    2. Savandurga
    3. Chitradurga
    4. Narayangiri
    5. Jog Falls
    6. Kanoor Kote

    Q. Which is the most peaceful waterfall near Bangalore?

    A. Shivanasamudra Waterfall is the most peaceful waterfall near Bangalore. This place is not as populated as other famous waterfalls near Bangalore and the mystic ambiance here will surely enthrall you.

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