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    beautiful islands

    Weh Island, located to the northwest of Sumatra is also referred as Sabang Island by many, and can be reached by a ferry. It takes around 2 hours or can even take 45 minutes depending upon the speed of the boat. The turquoise waters of Andaman Sea enables travelers to opt for plenty of exciting things to do on Weh Island. The beauty of the coral reefs, natural settings and thrilling megamouth sharks are the best highlights of this place.
    The best time to visit this island is from April to November. If you reside in India, you will get ample festivals and time to hop into a new city and spend some quality time with your loved ones. The options to reach Weh Island are ample. You could first reach to Sumatra and then take the local travelling option that is the exciting Ferry ride to reach this place.
    Make the most of your stay worthwhile as you opt for 10 exciting things to do on Weh Island!

    10 Most popular things to do on Weh Island

    Take a look at the best things to do while holidaying in Weh Island!

    1. Go Scuba Diving

    around 20 diving spots

    Image Source
    This tops the list as it is a must have on this island. With around 20 diving spots on this island like Pantee Aneuk, Sophie Rickmers, Gapang house reef, Batee Meuduro, etc. You must enjoy this thrilling sporty thing and that too on a beautiful island. Explore the underwater world and feel the plants in it tickling your body softly. The temperature of the water changing slightly as you dive deep, than the surface.

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    2. Explore Lake Toba

    soothing, chill lake nearby this island

    Image Source
    This is a soothing, chill lake nearby this island. So maybe when you are tired of the water sports there, you could quieten yourself going at this lake. The clear and quiet waters, and the serene environment are too good to relax and rejuvenate yourself naturally. You could get to do fishing there and enjoy cooking all by yourself.

    3. Take a bike tour

    satisfy you as a traveller

    Image Source
    This would satisfy you as a traveller since you could travel throughout the island using a bike. And this could not have been better. The surroundings, jungle scene nearby will get you to make you go crazy. The crazy bike ride to tour around the island will take you around 2-3 hours. The best thing is that you could proudly say to have travelled a complete island.

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    4. Try out snorkelling

    water sports like snorkelling

    Image Source
    With diving, you could also indulge into such water sports like snorkelling. You get to explore the underwater creatures and the beautiful coral reefs. The fishes and the sea creatures moving around you, some shy and others dominating, all moving around you gives you a great and happy feeling.

    5. Go swimming in blue waters

    cool and clear waters

    Image Source
    This is an obvious activity once you visit the island. Swim in the cool and clear waters with the ample sun rays giving you a nice spa like feeling. Swimming is good for health purposes too and is a fun and frolic activity to pursue with your loved ones. And if there are kids along, the fun and entertainment just doubles.

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    6. Visit some monuments around

    give you a vintage feel

    Image Source
    This is after you are done with all the energetic activities, you could walk towards the interesting the old monuments. Visiting such places give you a vintage feel. It takes you back in the old era and helps you understand the old culture and traditions of the past. Maybe you could unlock some mystery to reasons to the ways they behaved.

    7. Take a trip to the hot water springs & geysers

    elaxing in hot water springs and geysers

    Image Source
    If you are bored with the cool waters, the people in Pula Weh island do offer you the choice of relaxing in hot water springs and geysers. After the day long of touring the island, indulging in water sports, a quiet, soft me-time could be expected on this island.

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    8. Go hiking

    down near the volcano

    Image Source
    Yes! Since this island adorns a jungle around, so you could hike your way up or down near the volcano around the island. While trekking and hiking, you would spot various wonderful waterfalls. So if you are feeling hot enough, you could jump in the fantastic waterfall and splash all the way.

    9. Take a food & yoga session

    delicious sea food is available

    Image Source
    These ideas may seem a bit contrasting but they are available at their best here on the island. While delicious sea food is available in here, you could practise yoga around the island. The setting of the place is also like, providing you the natural music of waves splashing on the shore, the breeze blowing and the chirping birds.

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    10. Relax on the beach side

    lush green surroundings

    Image Source
    Well this option could be for the lazy and easy going people, who just want to soak in everything of the beautiful island. You could go around the beach, play with the waves coming gently on your feet, view the sun set and vivid colours the sky has to paint. The chirping birds, the lush green surroundings, the fresh and yummy sea food being prepared in a nearby eatery will cheer you up. So enjoy these little things in life too!
    Wasn’t this description itself amazing and seemed like a must have in your bucket list of travel?
    So go on and book your weekend’s trip to Indonesia with TravelTriangle , head to this island and enjoy! Relax yourself in a beautiful natural surrounding and come back afresh!

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