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    Wildlife in Russia

    Are you thinking of a holiday in Russia with an interest in exploring the beauty of the wildlife here in Russia? If yes, you are going to have amazing fun while exploring the gorgeous and mind-blowing flora and fauna of Russia. There are many wildlife reserves in Russia which are open for tourist visits. Along with the natural vistas, the wildlife in Russia is a key highlight for people who love to explore the offbeat path. So, if you are keen on planning a wildlife holiday in Russia, there are many great places you must consider and trust us the experience is going to be absolutely awesome for you.

    5 Best Wildlife Reserves In Russia

    With this wildlife in Russia list, you will definitely enjoy discovering great wildlife parks in Russia. You can climb up mountains or take a dip in the largest swamps of the world to explore the gorgeous wildlife of Russia. Here are the top places to enjoy wildlife in Russia.

    1. Baikal Nature Reserve

    Baikal Nature Reserve

    Image Source

    Baikal Nature Reserve is a gorgeous reserve that covers the famous Lake Baikal of Russia. This is the deepest lake in the whole world that is also the largest contributor of fresh water. To reach the reserve you will have to cross the stunning coniferous and deciduous forest which has great flora and fauna including more than 300 species of wildlife in Russia animals and around 80 species of plants. Around 25 species of the exotic flora and fauna of this reserve are mentioned in the Red Book of Endangered Species. For those who are not aware of how many wildlife reserves are in Russia, well there are 120 and Baikal Nature Reserve is one of the most stunning. Here you can enjoy fishing, kayaking, motor-biking, skating, and hiking, walk in the woods and if you are not excited with the idea of hiking you can stay at the campsites which are located close to the Lake Baikal.

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    2. Kuznetsk Alatau Reserve

    Alpine creek

    Image Source

    Situated in the southern direction of the Central Siberia, Kuznetsk Alatau Reserve has the most striking and exceptional ecosystem. The valley is nestled with high mountain ridges, cedar woods and there are gorgeous and crystal clear, ice cold rivers taking the beauty of the reserve to another level. You can also find vast and deep lakes here which are made by the water melting from the glacier caps as well as the underground water. This wildlife sanctuary in Russia is quite famous among mountaineers and hiking enthusiasts who visit here in abundance during summer as well as winter season. The trails of the reserve are easy with convenient paths along the shelters which are spread across the way. There are some small huts and you can stay here if you want to avoid staying in tents of the campsites.

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    3. Altai Reserve


    Image Source

    Altai Reserve is a well known UNESCO World Heritage Site and this is one of the largest reserves of Russia. Bordered with the high mountains and great Lake Teletskoye, this remarkable reserve is quite gorgeous. In this rustic and charming reserve there are 1,190 lakes and to reach these lakes, you have to take hiking as an option because there is no road. The Belukha Mountain is the highest peak in the Altai Mountains and Siberia and to climb up to the summit, you will need the mountaineering equipment and proper training. On reaching the summit you will see the finest of natural beauty and if you are lucky, you might find the rare snow leopards. If you are not into trekking and mountaineering, you can just relax and chill at the Lake Teletskoye in a rented cottage. These cottages are available on rents and you can have some really delicious food while you stay near the lake. A visit to Altai Reserve gives you the opportunity to explore wildlife in Russia animals and plants. So, if you are a nature lover, there is no other place than this reserve.

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    4. Kronotsky Nature Reserve

    Kronotsky Nature Reserve

    Located in the Kamchatka Peninsula sharing a border with the Pacific Ocean, the Kronotsky Nature Reserve is one of the oldest protected areas of Russia. This wildlife sanctuary in Russia has the gorgeous waterfalls, the Valley of Geysers, some of the famous thermal lakes and the active volcano named Kronotsky. One among the seven wonders of Russia, the Valley of Geysers is Eurasia’s one and only geyser field region. If you want to enjoy the wildlife in Russia planning a trip to Kronotsky Nature Reserve can give you amazing options to enjoy the vivacious activities to do amazingly beautiful and gorgeous places to visit. You can have a memorable and valuable holiday experience in this place.

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    5. Caucasian Biosphere Reserve

    Caucasian Biosphere Reserve

    Image Source

    Caucasian Biosphere Reserve is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site located in Russia. Situated in the north and south gradient of the Western Caucasus this reserve is located at a close distance to the popular Sochi resort. Caucasian Biosphere Reserve is a major water source for the city and the fresh and pure air makes the city less polluted. Here in this reserve you can find the mighty Caucasus Mountains, the celebrated enduringly snow-covered Mt. Elbrus and Mt. Kazbek having an altitude of more than 5000 meters. Mt. Elbrus is one of the most famous mountain peaks in Europe and it attracts mountaineers from all across the world to explore the expedition. Lake Kezenoyam is also located here. This is the largest as well as the deepest lake in the entire North Caucasus region. Here you can find a rare species of trout fish named, Salmo Ezenami. This trout exists only in this lake. To reach the various parts of the Caucasian Biosphere Reserve, you need to get a special permit that you can take from the headquarters of the Caucasian Biosphere Reserve located in Sochi.

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    When in Russia, there are great places where you can explore the wildlife of Russia. The vivaciousness in the flora and fauna of the place can add fun and excitement to your trip. With these wildlife reserves in Russia, you can get great experience and you can enjoy your holiday while making memories to last forever. If you are actually in love with wildlife and want to get the best glimpse of it then look no further than Russia. Plan your trip to Russia with TravelTriangle to make your soul will feel blessed watching the appeal and beauty of the wild creatures here in this nation.

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