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Israel as a country finds its mention in the biblical texts as a Holy land for Muslims, Jews, and Christians. Here, Jerusalem is known for its historical monuments, mosques, and other buildings of religious importance, while the economic capital of Tel Aviv is famous for its party culture and Pride Week Parades. Israel offers a lot more than visits to various monuments. The best part about Israel is that you can experience a sunny winter in Israel. Even during peak winters, the country is full of tourists.

Best Time To Visit Israel

Best Time To Visit Israel

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The best time to visit Israel is during the spring and autumn season. The best time is during April, May, September, and October. The weather is sunny but not too hot. However, it is recommended that you carry loose fitting and summer clothes with hats. Keeping in mind the Mediterranean location of Israel, most people wonder when is winter in Israel.

Winter in Israel begins in the month of November and go on till mid-February. January is the coldest month in Israel with the temperatures going as low as 13 degrees Celsius. There is also a likelihood of rain in Israel during January.

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Weather In Israel In The Winter Season

Weather In Israel In The Winter Season

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The weather in Israel in winter fluctuates quite frequently. Some days the weather is bright and sunny, while on other days it gets cold and overcast. During the month of January, Israel also experiences heavy rainfall. If you are wondering “does it snow in Israel”? The answer is yes! The months of January and February are the best time to visit Israel if you wish to see the snowfall.

The perks of visiting Israel during the winter months are that it is the off-season. The country receives most of its tourists during the spring and autumn months. Therefore, if you visit during winters not only will the weather be fine but also, there will be a lesser number of people. This way it is easy to get cheaper hotel and flight bookings.

Places To Visit In Israel During Winter

If you are planning to spend your winter in Israel, then here are a few places that you must visit during your trip:

1. Acre


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This small town in the northern part of Israel is known to be the best place for lovers. Through the centuries, this town has been influenced by various cultures like the Ottomans and Crusaders. There are several old monuments and quaint ruins in the town, along the shoreline. You can enjoy a romantic walk in this town or have a quiet, candle-light dinner overlooking the sea.

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2. Nazareth

Nazareth israel winter

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The best way to escape the winter in Israel is to visit all the interesting monuments and religious places. Nazareth is a Holy place for Christians and is blessed with stunning architecture. It is a must visit place, if you are visiting Israel.

3. Galilee


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Galilee is famous for beaches, monuments and nature reserves. If you are spending the winter season in Israel, then you can spend some time exploring the city of Galilee. Even though you might not be able to participate in thrilling water sports, you can enjoy the warm sand and water! Also, walking or jungle safaris during winters are a much better experience.

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4. Jerusalem


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Jerusalem is a Holy place for three major communities – Christians, Jews and Muslims. You can spend all your winter days just exploring the Old City and the monuments. A visit to Jerusalem takes you back in time, to simpler and beautiful days. The city also has a Holocaust Remembrance Centre.

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5. Golan Heights

Golan Heights

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Winter season in Israel calls for skiing, hiking, exploring, and watching the sunset in the wild. Golan Heights is famous for the nature reserves as well as the ancient monuments. However, a major attraction during winters is the Hermon Mountain. You can visit the mountain for skiing and making snowmen.

6. Haifa


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Another spectacular city in Israel! Haifa is famous for the unique Bahai Garden and the happening beaches. You can spend an entire day lounging at the beach and sunbathing. There are multiple shacks which offer delicious local food at very reasonable prices.

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7. Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv

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The city is known as the cultural center of Israel. Winter months in Israel do not mean hibernating in front of the heaters. If you are in Israel this winter, take out your dancing shoes and enjoy the nightclubs at Tel Aviv. They are open from dusk till dawn, offering great food and fascinating cocktail mixes. A night spent bar hopping in Israel will be a night you will always remember.

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8. Dead Sea

Dead Sea view

Discovering the ruins at Masada, visiting Ein Gedi and cover yourself in the Dead Sea mud. A visit to the Dead Sea is an ultimate experience. You can float on the water or just take in the breathtaking view. Spend a warm, winter day at this place and you will fall in love with nature’s beauty.

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9. Eilat


If you are someone who likes to have a luxurious vacation, then Eilat is a must visit place for you. You can go for fine dining, play with the dolphins, book cruises, and more at this wonderful holiday destination. Even during winters, the temperatures are moderate in this city.

10. Ramon Crater

Ramon Crater

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You can go for a jungle safari at the national park or book a hiking tour, Ramon is the best place for adventure seekers. The best way to enjoy the view of this gigantic crater is by booking a hot air balloon tour over the crater.

Things To Do During The Winter Months In Israel

Israel during winter comes packed with holidays and tons of fun events. Here are a couple of things that you must try while you are in Israel during the winters:

1. Hanukkah Festival

Hanukkah Festival

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Starting from 2nd December, the Hanukkah Festival is the pride of Israel. The festival takes place for almost 8 days and ends on the 10th of December. The whole country is busy enjoying the good food and the holiday season. If you plan to visit Israel in winters, make sure that you spend a day celebrating Hanukkah with the locals.

2. Jewish Film Festival

Jewish Film Festival

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Throughout December, Jerusalem hosts a film festival showcasing various genres and themes. The performances provide an artistic perspective on culture, art, music, dance, people’s lives, etc. Apart from this, Israel also hosts many other festivals during January and February.

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3. Bird Watching


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If the plan is to spend winter months in Israel, then you must plan a trip to Galilee and watch the migratory birds. The months of December, January and February welcome thousands of different bird species.

4. Skiing


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Make sure that you book yourself a great skiing experience at Mount Hermon. The snow is quite thick and silky during January and February. If you love adventure and thrills, then you must try your hand at skiing.

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5. Christmas and New Year

Christmas and New Year

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During Christmas and New Years, the entire country is lit up and jolly. If you happen to spend the winter in Israel, you will be bitten by the Christmas cheer bug. The energy is infectious and something that you must experience if you plan to visit Israel.

6. National Parks

National Parks

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Israel has a lot of national parks and nature reserves which you can visit during the winters. These parks are famous for the rare species of vultures, trees and leopards. You can either book a guided day tour or spend a night at the parks.

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The winter time in Israel is all about joy, festivals, holidays, and good weather. It is a wonderful time to visit Israel, especially if you are planning to have a vacation on a budget. Book your trip to this wonderful country with TravelTriangle and spend this winter in Israel for the most memorable holiday experience ever! And don’t forget to tell us all about it in the comments below.

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