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Most of us must have heard about the Abu Simbel temple. It is basically a very ancient temple that is located in the southern part of Egypt. The temple is in the form of two rocks. It is also a very popular temple in Egypt. People from various corners of the world come to this temple to have a glance at it. This temple also has a great historical significance.

About Abu Simbel Temples

About Abu Simbel Temples

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It is said that the construction of this temple started during the 1264BC and lasted for 20 years. So it really took a long time to complete its construction. The other name of this temple is” The Temple of Ramesses”. It is a six rock temple that was built by Nubia during the rule of Ramesses II. The main intention of this ruler was to introduce the status of Egyptian religion in this place.

Best Time To Visit Abu Simbel Temples

Best Time To Visit Abu Simbel Temples

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If you are planning to visit this temple, then you can go there any time. However, it is said that the time from 4 is to 10.30 am is the best one. You can spend a long time walking along the temple premises. Try to visit within that time.

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10 Things To Do At Abu Simbel Temples

Now let’s have a glance at some of the best things to do at Abu Simbel temples.

1. Explore The Abu Simbel Temple Complex

Explore The Abu Simbel Temple Complex

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Once you reach the temple, it is very necessary to go through the whole temple complex. There are awesome sculptures and statues that you can come through while roaming along the temple. Try to walk along the temple complex. It would be far better and wonderful. There are some ancient ruins that are also available. It would rather be very important to know why was Abu Simbel built?

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2. Visit Aswan Governorate

Aswan Governorate

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You can also take a flight from Aswan and visit the Abu Simbel temples. You can also spend the whole day by relaxing in front of Lake Nassar before flying back to Aswan. You can visit the whole temple complex along with a short trip to Aswan Governorate. In fact, the Abu Simbel temples map helps a person to reach the place conveniently.

3. Hire Luxor And Take A Drive To The Adjacent Places

Take A Drive To The Adjacent Places

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Take a Luxor and drive from Aswan to Abu Simbel temples. It will give you an amazing experience. You can also go to the Philae temple. Also, check the high dam that is very near to Aswan. The long drive is much better and refreshing. If required you can stop anywhere and take a break. It has been seen that the Abu Simbel temple facts are very interesting at the same time.

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4. Take A Bus Tour To Rock Temples

Bus Tour To Rock Temples

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There are ample AC buses that conduct regular tours to Abu Simbel temples from Aswan. If you are interested then you can join it. The bus starts their journey early in the morning. The bus will also take you to two rock temples that are located on the banks of Lake Nassar. The bus will provide free distilled water to the travelers. Abu Simbel temple in Egypt is a great landmark of the whole place.

5. Hiring Bike And Exploring The Area On Your Own

Cyclist Bike Biker Transportation System Wheel

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If you desire, then you can also opt to hire bikes that are available in Aswan. By hiring an individual hike you are completely free to go anywhere. It may take some extra time, but the whole thing depends upon the wish of the biker. You will really enjoy this trip to Abu Simbel through a bike. Even it is said that Abu Simbel temple relocation is a big history and it plays a vital role till this date.

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6. The Light And Sound Show: Witness

The Light And Sound Show

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Now don’t miss the awesome light and sound show. This show will clearly state the full story of the temple including the story of Ramesses II. The whole ambiance changes instantly and you will feel like you are in that period. Many hidden facts are revealed beautifully. So don’t miss this chance. The laser show is held on a regular basis and people really like to see it. The show does not commence if there are less than 10 people. This show is simply mind-blowing and amazing from all aspects.

7. Explore The Interiors

Explore The Interiors

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There are many things to see inside the temple. There are ample sculptures and statues of the ancient time that must be visited. Also, don’t forget to discover the listed complex of UNESCO. You can gather a lot of information from these places. Most of the historians mostly visit this place for gathering good information about the temples. There are ample communications that connect the Abu Simbel airport to temple.

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8. Hire A Guide


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Hire a guide and know more about the history of two temples and also about Ramesses II, who constructed this temple during the 13th century BC. There are writings that are engraved on the walls of the temple. If you want, you can go through these writings. It may take a time to read those writings.

9. Have A Coffee And Delicious Breakfast At Tuya Café

Coffee And breakfast

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If you are searching to have some breakfast at a good place then it is best to go to Tuya Café. This place serves local foods in a lovely garden. The garden is well maintained and the whole ambiance is quite favorable for tourists. If you want, then you can stop here to smoke. Maximum tourists come to this place to relax and taste some delicious foods. This café is very well known in the entire area.

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10. Visiting Temple Of Hathor

Temple Of Hathor View

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Indeed, the temple of Hathor is another important thing to see at Abu Simbel. It lies next to the Temple of Ramesses. In this temple, you will the statues of Ramesses and Nefertari. In this temple, Nefertari is found to be in the clothes of Hathos. So this temple is very famous all around the place. There are some images depicted on the walls of the temple where you will find that queens are dedicating to god. The art is very graceful in this temple. However, there is an involvement of Abu Stemple entrance fee.

How To Reach Abu Simbel Temples?

How To Reach Abu Simbel Temples

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Abu Simbel is said to be a very fascinating destination for the tourists. If you are in Aswan, then you can reach Abu Simbel by flight. There are regular flights that connect Abu Simbel with Aswan. The fare of the flight may vary from 1200-1800 EGP. The fare depends on the time of booking. After reaching the Airport, you can hire a taxi that can take you to Abu Simbel. If you travel from Cairo, then there are regular flights that can take you Abu Simbel. It takes about 3 hours and 40 minutes to reach Abu Simbel from Cairo Airport.

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The natural beauty of Abu Simbel has attracted lots of people since a long time. If it is seen minutely, then it will be found that people from all across the world mostly come to see this temple. It is the center of attraction. As times passed, the route to reach this temple has been developed in a new way. People can now easily access various types of modes to reach this place. Even there has been a lot of changes in the place. There are good eating places near the temple where people can sit and relax for a bit of time. Plan a trip to Europe, head to Egypt and have a unique experience.

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