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    Athens In Winter Cover

    The city of Athens by no means let you go through the monotony. Every moment spent in Athens in winter are cherishing throughout entire existence. Once you come to Athens, you will witness the depth of its beauty from near.Being the capital and largest city of Greece, Athens has not lost its ancient heritage and is visible in a variety of places. Athens is also consignee of two world heritage site.

    Their names are Acropolis of Athens plus Daphni Monastery. Athens spreads across Attica which is middle plain that is frequently referred to as Attica Basin. The basin is surrounded by large mountains. Athens is the place which is endowed around numerous hills. Apart from hills, there are three historical watercourses of Athens. The city is indulged in architectural sense of art and one can find several monument and statues in entire Athens. The place has exaggerated the art of neoclassical and Greco-Roman design style. A tourist can find without problems all the statues because the place has strict laws of the height issue. This has been arranged in regulation to make Acropolis hill visible. Athens has a moderate type of climate and Athens temperature in winter is wet and cold, unlike summers is hot and dry.

    Weather in Athens During Winter


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    Visit Athens in winters, during this weather is good to go hiking and exploring. The Athens temperature in winter, during the months of December to march there is a possibility of rain and its cold too. You also can sit on beaches in spite of winter days but you never the timings of the rain, so it’s better not to sit on the beach for soaking sun rays. During summers these days people prefer going to Greece because the temperature is suitable to plunge in apparent oceans. However, people also visit Athens in winter because the city is so beautiful to be visited all around the year.

    Top Things To Do In Athens In Winter

    With so many things to do, an individual can always have a nice time in Athens with its gastronomy; monument sight-seeing, venture rides of the tram, a guard change ceremony, quality time spent in the National garden with family etc.

    1. Plaka And Anafiotika – Stroll Around

    Stroll just about Plaka and Anafiotika

    Image Source

    The place Anafiotika is nearby Parthenon, which is not less than a magic during weather in Athens in winter. The place is filled with astonishing architectural loveliness with little white dwelling and narrow paths. The place will take you away in ancient times. When you walk off more, you will arrive at the place called Plaka. The situate is full of stores that are occupied with gifts. You can have lots of holiday gifts from this place as a memoir.

    Best Time To Visit: November

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    2. Mount Lycabettus – Climb

    Mount Lycabettus climbing

    Image Source

    The mountain is the tallest tip in Athens with an average measurement of 300 meters above sea level. The tourists can reach this place all the way through a funicular that departs from the famous metro station, Kolonaki. The populace who are athletic by character can get to the end by walking. The walking is a good idea is keeping in mind the weather in Athens in winter. When you reach the top you will admit the most amazing views of the full city. Your spirit will sense great. Visiting at night, let you notice the sparkling lights of Athens ultimately make your heart feel bliss. At New Year eve every tourist should visit Mount Lycabettus climbing and experience the amazing fireworks.

    Best Time To Visit: NA

    3. Try Greek Cuisine

    Relish inside typical Greek feast

    Image Source

    While you are traveling Greek, You will absolutely feel hungry. This is the correct time to excavate into the savor of Greek food and delicacies in a tavern. The cooking will surely make you happy. There are foods like Tzatziki i.e. fried fish, Moussaka, and other Greek dressings like a pita. The pita bread is a nice and cheap idea. It is baked with a stuffing of chicken or pork, Tzatziki, tomatoes, and potatoes. Besides, you can have shots of ouzo or Rakiin Plaka or monastery for warm-up.

    Best Time To Visit: NA

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    4. National Garden- Relax

    Relaxing in the National Garden

    Image Source

    The national garden is located near the Presidential house and Hellenic Parliament. It belongs to the Athens city for common people come here and spend their daytime. The national garden is of 15-hectare large. Persons get delighted when they are traveling with children. Children can observe migrating birds and the natural world that inhabit the garden with their beauty. The place is also suitable for love couples.

    Best Time To Visit: NA

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    5. Acropolis – Visit

    Visit Acropolis

    Image Source

    When you have visited Athens, You must have to visit Acropolis; this is a symbol of the Greek capital city. The place was built in 13TH century BC. It is one of the World heritage site, secluded through UNESCO. The individual can be pleased about its look from every corner of the metropolis but if you want to reach at the top of Acropolis, then a person has to walk by the olive trees. After reaching its top one can compute the beauty in one look of Athens. The idea of climbing the Acropolis is perfect on Sunday morning, from 1st November to 31st March. The entry is free of cost through this time.

    Best Time To Visit: NA

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    6. Buy Greek Jewelery

    Purchase and admire the Greek Jewelry

    Image Source

    The ladies will fell in love with Greeks art that they put to design their Jewelry. You can buy some of the jewelry stuff as the remembrance of the trip for you or you’re beloved. In the region of Plaka or the avenue of the city offers great neckpieces, bracelets, anklets, rings, pendants, and other girly stuff. The jewelry comes in all sizes and shapes with a huge variety to choose the style you want. While entering the shops, you can appreciate the handmade stuff; here shopkeeper never introverted their gladness.

    Best Time To Visit: NA

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    7. Syntagma Square – See

    Syntagma Square

    Image Source

    Visit Syntagma Square in the morning at 11 Am to change the official ceremony of changing the guards. The Greek guards think it honorable being chosen as Evzones. It is the highest pay for their work. The reward that comes with regular discipline and dedication is shown in daily ceremonies. The presidential Greek guards, the Evzones, guard the national parliament. There are one-hour shift timing and one individual work three times individually in 48 hours.

    Best Time To Visit: NA

    8. Jump to Glyfada by the tram

    Jump to Glyfada by the tram

    Image Source

    On a good day of chill, you can board tram from the seashore. The coastal area is near the heart of the city. The ride is off 40 minutes. The tram takes you from the city center of Athens to Glyfada. This is one of the enjoyable rides you can have in Athens. This thing is good for solo travelers, family travelers or if anybody is traveling with friends. Talking about Glyfada, it is a coastal settlement. It has many restaurants, taverns, shops. Here you will get fresh fishes and walking on the beach is an activity you will not forget. Then music originated through the waves is relaxing and soothing.

    Best Time To Visit: March – June; September – December

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    All of the above things are the element of unforgettable Athens. The city of Athens which is a capital of Greek shows what Greece is completed up of. People who come to Athens in Winter here acquire memories they conserve lifetime.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Athens In Winter


    Q. Is December a good time to visit Athens?

    A. December is a winter month for Athens and you can try adventure activities such as hiking. There is a possibility of rainfall so you should plan accordingly.

    Q. How cold is Greece in December?

    A. Greece has an average temperature of 12°C during the winter month of December.

    Q. Does it snow in Athens?

    A. Athens in Winter is quite pleasant but snowfall in Athens is quite rare. From 1990 to 2012 there has been an average of 500 days of snowfall which makes it 4.5 days per year on average.

    Q. What is Greece like in winter?

    A. Greece has a Meditteranean climate which means dry summers and wet winters. There is sunshine throughout the year. However, Greece in winter can be really cold.

    Q. Is Athens safe for tourists?

    A. Yes, Athens is perfectly safe for tourists.

    Q. What is there to do in Athens in the winter?

    A. Winter is considered to be the off season and sees a lesser number of tourists making it easy for one to explore the various tourist attractions here. Some of the things to do here are:
    1. Explore the city on one’s own as guided tours are rare in winters.
    2. Try exotic dishes which aren’t available in summers usually like lahanodolmades (stuffed cabbage leaves), frikase (meat and lettuce stew), revithia (chickpea soup), and more.

    Q. How many days are good to visit Athens?

    A. 2 to 3 days are enough to explore Athens, while one would need at least a week to explore the islands nearby.

    Q. What is the best time to visit Athens?

    A. Athens sees the most number of tourists during the summer months of July and August which is the peak season here but one can head here all year round. The advantage of visiting during the winters is lesser number of tourists and no queues at the archaeological sites and museums.

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