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When in Russia, no matter which month of the year it is, you are sure to get something or the other. The climate of Russia is superb throughout the year and there is the magical beauty of the place that compels tourists to visit and enjoy their holidays in Russia. If you are planning for a holiday during autumn months in Russia, you will discover the gorgeous beauty along with some really interesting places that look strikingly pretty during this time of the year; also you can enjoy the famous autumn festival in Russia. If you are still confused about the idea of autumn holidays in Russia, here are some great ideas that you must read.

Autumn In Russia: Best Places To Visit

Autumn season in Russia is gorgeous and if you have never been to Russia during this time, you must do it now and make memories forever. Mentioned below are the suggestions to add fun and frolic to your memorable visit to Russia during autumn. Scroll down and check out the reasons to visit this beautiful nation during autumn months:

1. Vladivostok


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There are many amazing things that you can do in Russia while on an autumn holiday. One of the most popular things is to enjoy swimming or relaxing on the beach side while doing nothing but basking in sun on lazy afternoons, yes you read it right. If you want to do this, you must head to the Far East and visit a city like. The climate of Vladivostok is different in autumn; it’s more like summer while the rest of the world is clad in light woolens. Here you can enjoy the beautiful hues of nature and the stunning beaches with views to die for. For the best autumn holidays in Russia this is one of the perfect things.

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2. Siberia


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If you want to get the best out of autumn in Russia, you can also visit Siberia which is famous for its gorgeous colors. During autumn you can visit the open-air museums which display the spectacular Russian heritage of wooden architecture. You can also indulge in the traditional activities like spa and sauna or just give yourself the local treatment of enjoying Russian Tea Ceremonies where tea is served in the traditional tea kettles known as samovar in the local language. Autumn weather in Russia is perfect for tea tasting and sauna.

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3. Altai


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Russia being a home to many amazing mountain peaks, you must see the beauty of the Altai Mountains autumn holidays in Russia. The unique beauty of the Altai region gets accentuated in autumn with spectacular natural shades all over the place. Here you can enjoy horse riding while watching the blue lakes and gorgeous vistas. It is indeed a breathtaking experience that can add memories of a lifetime. Another popular activity enjoyed by locals as well as tourists in this region is having dips in the healing water of the Dzhumalinskie hot mineral and thermal springs. It will help you release stress and you will be rejuvenated.

4. Cities Of The Golden Ring

Cities Of The Golden Ring

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Give your eyes a breathtaking experience with a visit to the Cities of the Golden Ring during autumn. These ancient and historic cities nestle Moscow and give an insight into the gorgeous and ancient Russian architecture that looks great in autumn. While holidaying in the Cities of the Golden Ring you must see the places like Kremlin in Rostov Veliky which is close to Yaroslavl and the Suzdal where you can spend some time exploring the Museum of Wooden Architecture and Peasant Life. You can also visit the extensive country estates and wooden churches standing gorgeously while adding to the beauty of the magnificent landscapes. It is like a fairy tale scene during autumn.

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5. St. Petersburg

 St. Petersburg

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When you are on autumn holidays in Russia you just can’t miss a visit to St. Petersburg. Here you can visit the Summer Garden which a center of attraction since it was made in the 18th century. In autumn the entire place is covered in various shades of yellow, orange and red. Sunsets from St. Petersburg are breathtaking and if you are too lazy to do anything, just sit somewhere and look at the landscapes pained in soft hues all across the place. It is one such place that makes people wait for autumn in Russia.

6. Moscow


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In itinerary of autumn holidays in Russia, you just cannot miss Moscow. This is because, during autumn, Moscow looks amazingly pretty. Weather of the city is apt for enjoying walks on the streets and sightseeing is quite an enjoyable experience. Here you must not miss visiting Tretyakov Gallery, Patriarch Ponds, and other museums. There are many parks in Moscow with red oak and maple leaves, even if you are not creative or poetic, you will definitely become one.

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7. Volga


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If you are up for some interesting activity to do during your autumn vacation in Russia, you must try cruising to southern Russia. Trust us; it will be an amazing experience for you. Sailing on the mighty Volga River in a cruise towards the southern part of Russia is one of the most famous things to do and you cannot take the chance to miss it. You can take the cruise from Moscow. The beauty of the cruise is that you get to see many attractive destinations and historic places when they stop at the banks of Volga. Here you can enjoy watching the authentic and ancient architecture of Russia that includes old temples and also cathedrals. You can also experience some gorgeous views with colorful leaves making a beautiful carpet everywhere.

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8. Black Sea

Black Sea

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Enjoy the velvet season with a trip to the Black Sea region of Russia and make memories for a lifetime. Just like Vladivostok, the Black Sea region gives amazing opportunity to swim or enjoy beach activities because as you know, autumn is extended summer in this area. Along with the summery beach activities, you can enjoy your walks across the streets while stopping occasionally for some quick local snacks

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An autumn holiday in Russia gives a very different ambiance of the place with great vistas and amazing colors making the place look spectacular. There are many places that look gorgeous during autumn and since there are fewer tourists during this time, you can enjoy your autumn holidays in Russia in peace and fewer crowds. Life seems to be a blessing when you watch out the heavenly beauty of Russia in the months of autumn. Plan your trip to Russia with TravelTriangle to experience a wonderful holiday with your family in the coming autumn in this land of beauty.

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