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    There are islands in the Bahamas that you can explore in the winter season as well. Surprised? Well, you’ll find warm temperatures and sunny skies throughout the year in this part of the region. It’s always pleasant in Nassau Paradise Island, making the Bahamas the perfect spot for your next vacation. You can choose to party at Paradise Island’s marvelous Atlantis resort, dive in the blues of Andros, kayak in the Exuma, or indulge in a bevy of other activities. The Bahamas in winter are filled with adventures that you cannot miss!

    Top 10 things to do in Bahamas in winter

    Let’s explore the things you can do in Bahamas in winter to experience the best that this tropical region has to offer. Make sure to pack your tank tops and shorts for the trip:

    1. Pink Sands Beach: Take photos for your Instagram

    Mesmerize the Caribbean beauty on Pink Sands Beach

    Image Source

    Pink sand beach is an unusual sight to witness for most of the tourists. The beach is just a day trip in the northern side of Dunmore Town. The colorful pretty sand, colossal beach, cool waters, colonial cottages and amazing restaurants in the neighborhood make the beach a must-visit destination. The Pink Sands Beach should ideally be on the top of your bucket list while you're holidaying in the Bahamas.

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    2. Exumas: Go kayaking and kite boarding

    Go for Kayaking and Kite boarding in Exumas

    Image Source

    The crystal-clear water in the Exumas is the perfect spot for water sports like deep-sea diving, kayaking, kiteboarding, sailing and fishing. Just a little glance at the number of cays swirling in the Exumas is enough to send chills down your spine. The forlorn bays and beautiful reefs are enough to show a traveler paradise on earth. Hire a guide to assist you with whichever sports you wish to try. Whether you are just swimming or opting for a rich kayaking activity, the Exumas has got you covered.

    3. Blue Lagoon Island: Go for a swim

    Swim in the Blue Lagoon Island

    Image Source

    This mesmerizing island once used to be a hideout for pirates but during the Second World War, it turned into a diver training ground. The Blue Lagoon Island is officially known as Salt Cay, and it is regarded as one of the best vacation spots for families in the Bahamas. The gorgeous borders of the shores lined with white sand provide an extensive view of the Caribbean Sea, making it a paradise. If you have dreamt of a beautiful private island, then Blue Lagoon Island has got you covered. The breathtaking crystal-clear turquoise water includes a hidden lagoon, numerous coconut palm trees, pristine white sandy beaches, coral reefs, dolphins, sea lions, natural vegetation and tropical birds.

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    4. Lucayan National Park: Take a stroll through the caves

    Caving in the Lucayan National Park

    Image Source

    If you thought the Bahamas is all about beautiful beaches, you surely haven’t checked out the Lucayan National Park yet. Located on the southern coast of Grand Bahama, it is a 40-acre wild setting of mangrove swamps and beaches. Lush Pine forests intertwine the walkways. Bird watchers and wildlife lovers are in for a treat as the flora and fauna inhabiting this gorgeous park are one of its most celebrated feature. The best part about the national park is that you can enhance your knowledge about the environment just by visiting the area.

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    5. Port Lucaya Marketplace: Explore

    Port Lucaya Marketplace

    Image Source

    Whether it is winter or summer, a vacation to a foreign land is incomplete without shopping and buying things that may remind you of your beautiful excursion to the place you deeply loved. The Port Lucaya marketplace on the Harbour’s edge of Freeport offers a similar experience. The marketplace is painted in classic Caribbean colors, mainly bright pink, turquoise, yellow and green, making it as vibrant as it could be. If you have a fascination for shopping, then you simply cannot turn down the opportunity of visiting the Port Lucaya Marketplace. The market consists of more than 40 boutique outlets where you can find local straw crafts, souvenirs and art collections. The marketplace also offers a number of self-service restaurants, cafes, beer bars and food vendors preparing scrumptious food items for you.

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    6. Junkanoo: Celebrate Christmas

    Enjoy your Christmas in Junkanoo, Nassau

    Image Source

    If you are in the Bahamas during the winter season, you might want to spend your Christmas here. The festival here doesn’t end with a few lullabies or some cakes. In fact, Christmas brings a special beauty to Nassau. If you are here in time for Christmas, you can explore the parades filled with excited crowds blowing whistles, horns, drums and cowbells twirling in Bay Street. It is a gorgeous sight to witness. If by any chance you miss this parade, you need not to lose hope as the town organizes another parade on New Year’s which you can enjoy.

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    7. Harbour Island: Take a walk

    Harbour Island in Eleuthera

    Image Source

    This charming island is perchance the most famous “Out-Island” in the country as the charm of this marvelous island tends to be the gorgeous architecture which seems to be done up in a classy New England Village style. The glamorous Dunmore Town is an exotic place for nomadic souls. The area welcomes supermodels and sports enthusiasts in huge numbers. You can shake your leg at the Vic Hum Club, the finest dance floor in the Bahamas.

    9. John Watling’s Distillery: Drink locally produced beer

    Enjoy the John Watling’s Distillery

    Image Source

    John Watling’s Distillery is regarded as one of the finest gems among a series of heritage homes. This rich estate is home to the island’s adored John Watling’s Distillery. Located on the well-known sacred land of the 1789 Buena Vista Estate, you can find the finest John Watling’s Rum, the “Spirit of The Bahamas” at the John Watling’s Distillery. The travelers walk through pared garden lawns, palm beds, and brewing halls where the rum is made with sugarcane and firewater with the use of casks and bubbling heaps of coconut husks. The best part is that you can taste it and purchase this royal rum at the Red Turtle Tavern.

    10. Andros: Take a dive

    Dive together with friends at Andros

    Image Source

    There is no doubt that the Bahamas is mostly all about diving and snorkeling but there would be no other place as exotic as the Andros to dive and relax. The divers at the Small Hope Bay Lodge seldom talk about the adventures they have undertaken. This is the perfect place to meet new people. From home-cooked buffets to eco-friendly accommodations, the Small Hope lodge offers everything you could dream of.

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    The Bahamas is the perfect spot for a fine beach vacation with friends and family. The islands are most suitable for a nice honeymoon vacation too. Since there are exotic beaches everywhere in the country, the season is not an issue here. Make sure to indulge in the aforementioned activities on your trip to Bahamasin winter.

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