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Bahamas, as we all know, is a beautiful country and is on the top 10 places to visit in any person’s wish list. Many travelers fall in love with this place because this paradise is a dream. Bahamas is also known as the commonwealth of The Bahamas. There are around 700 islands included in this country and all of them are different in their own way. Bahamas has always preserved its customs and traditions and they reflect in this country in many ways when you travel and explore this place.

So, while you decide to visit this tempting paradise, take a look at these best places for shopping in Bahamas to take home more than just memories!

9 Best Places For Shopping In Bahamas

Like any other tourist friendly place even this country has amazing shopping sites. They use natural things like straw, wood, clay and shells to make some of their products and they have plenty of places that will have amazing souvenirs that you can take back home. If you dig deeper then you can also see some places where you get duty free products like perfumes, liquor, wines, jewelry and much more at very reasonable price. Below are some of the best and most popular destinations for shopping in Bahamas.

1. Bay Street

Bay Street

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This street is very popular for shopping in Bahamas and is always bustling with Bahamians. They have so many shops, restaurants, cafes and bars around here and they have great cuisine. The main attraction to this place is the cheap and unique perfumes, jewelry, bags and so many things that are loved by many tourists. Little Switzerland is one of the shops here that is famous for the great jewelry and crystal that are of good quality. If you are a book lover and need a break from all the shopping, then there are some book stores around this street just select one and take a break.

Location: Nassau
What to buy: jewelry, beauty products and liquor

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2. Festival place

Festival place

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This shopping center is a brightly colored place that will make your day happy from dull and is located near the Prince George dock. This place is for the art lovers as most of the sellers are local people. This high priced market is by the main tourism office and post office. There are many local crafts, gifts and edibles available here and you can find something unique and different here without much effort. Some days they have live music playing which adds beauty to this already lively place.

Location: Woodes Rogers Walk, Nassau
What to buy: Harl Taylor handbags

3. Craft cottage

Craft cottage

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This place is another amazing place that is loved by craft lovers and is loved by all the tourists. We all like to treat ourselves with some good jewelry like some necklace or a great watch. You have everything from quirky items to classy things available here made by some local artists that love their art and value it. This cottage is next to the Doongalik Studios Art Gallery. They have some ornaments that are worth all the efforts you make reaching this area and will remind you of all the wonderful memories in Bahamas.

Location: Village road, Nassau, New Province
What to buy: hand carved serving dishes, large hoop earrings and conch shell necklaces

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4. Straw market

Straw market

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This is another really popular market in Bahamas and many locals can guide you to this market if you get lost due to some reason. You might’ve heard about straw weaving in Bahamas as it is a very popular and old tradition related to this place. Women usually weave baskets from leaves of palm trees and some of those are even used to collect water and these are collected from farm and fishing trips that they go on. When you visit this market you can take a look at some women that are weaving baskets and hats from straws. Their technique is very particular and you can see the effortless way in which they sew and make these things. Head here if you are thinking about shopping in Bahamas port area.

Location: bay street, Nassau, New Province
What to buy: children’s straw bags and shell and beaded jewelry

5. Crystal court shops

Crystal court shops

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This is a place for all the brand lovers as they have all the names that you are looking for. Jewelry, shoes, bags, crystal, apparel and watches are available here in abundance and with amazing brands. This shop is one of the Atlantis’s known shops and has a great collection of swimwear and evening wear for women.

Location: Atlantis, Nassau
What to buy: Atlantis souvenirs

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6. Marina village

This shopping and dining complex was opened in 2005 and has been growing since. This place is brightly colored with amazing palm trees surrounding this place with live music playing in the background by some local brands. They have some very popular and high end restaurants and boutiques. Some art galleries are also present here if you want to have a look at that.

Location: Atlantis, Nassau
What to buy: Bahamian souvenirs

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7. Gray cliff shops

Gray cliff shops

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If you love cigars and chocolates, then this is your place in Bahamas that you must visit. This place was initially a cigar factory but they later started chocolates also. You can walk around these shops and take a look at the cigar and chocolate making process with is mesmerizing. In chocolate factory you will find some tobacco chocolate bars that are better than it sounds. There many things in chocolate factory like chocolate shaped cigars in mint, nutella and brand cherry and they have chocolate tea which is something different and tasty.

Location: West Hill Street, Nassau
What to buy: chocolates, cigars and gray cliff coffee

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8. Plait lady

Plait lady

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This place is near the straw market which is mentioned above and is known for the silver palm fronds and they have around 150 patterns around which they have formed baskets and bags. They have amazing handmade craft work and if you need something like that then this is your destination.

Location: Marina Village Center, Paradise Island
What to buy: bags, baskets and place mats

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9. Coin of the realm

This place is a limestone building which will tell you so much about the Bahamian culture and history. The conch fishermen bring pearls that they gather from all the conches that they collect. You will find much jewelry made of conches and pearls. As the name suggest they make many jewelry from ancient coins and they have a wide inventory for that.

Location: Charlotte St, Nassau
What to buy: ancient coin jewelry and conch jewelry

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These are some of the known and spectacular places for shopping in Bahamas which are perfect for tourists and have some different and elegant things that they have to offer. So, are you ready?Book your international trip with TravelTriangleto know what Bahamas offers as a shopping paradise!

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