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    Cover for Berlin in January

    Berlin is a place of cultural diversity and a colorful city. It is best known for its outstanding lifestyle and culture. People from all parts of the world visit Germany, especially Berlin in winter to witness its charming atmosphere and enjoy the cold yet thrilling life in January. In winter, Berlin is left with long nights and it is a high challenge to find how to utilize your time creatively in this city.

    Berlin in January is the best way to let go your stress and have a great time strolling through the streets and enjoying the nightlife in winter. It would be the best option to spend your winters in Berlin and explore leaving beside your cozy beds and comfortable clothes and have some real fun. There are many things to do in Berlin and have a memorable experience for the rest of your time.

    Best Time To Visit Berlin

    Best Time To Visit

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    Berlin is very cold in winters and the temperature reaches to – 1°C. It will really be cold without proper warm clothes if you’re wishing to travel. The best part of Berlin is the variety of museums and restaurants that it has. You can warm up in the museums or restaurants and enjoy its calm ambiance. At night the temperature even drops to – 3°C. So, it is must to properly dress up if you want to enjoy the nightlife of Berlin. So, Berlin weather in January it the best time to watch movies at theatres, visit museums or the famous café or restaurant. Along with it, you can enjoy the chilly nightlife.

    Berlin In January: 6 Places To Visit

    Berlin will make you fall in love with the city’s most extravagant places. Here are a few spots you should definitely visit during January on your next trip to this German city!

    1. Neue Odessa


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    This is a classy bar in the heart of Berlin and should not be missed by you at any cost if you want to have the truest experience of the city of Berlin. You can enjoy a couple of drink here and that too at affordable prices as-to make your New year party something to remember. Neue Odessa offers the visitors with a wide range of cocktails to choose from. Your New year should be started with a bang and this is the right place to do that. You can have a happy time here by grabbing a can of beer and sipping it in the ambiance filled with nice music.

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    2. Cafe Mano

    Cafe Mano

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    Situated in Kreuzberg, this cafe is one of the places visiting which should be in your list of things to do in Berlin in January. You can enjoy a number of activities ranging from board games to spending time with a tree house situated inside. Visiting Cafe Mano in January can let you savor one of the best foods in the whole of Berlin, so you must ensure to be here during your trip. If you’re visiting with someone you hold a romantic bond with, enjoying a couple of drinks and having a ravishing party here can bring whole new changes to your relationship. Your new year fun will be at par if you’re visiting Cafe Mano during this time of the year. There are a number of in-house cocktails that you can go for along with a collection of lavish wines that are picked just for you.

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    3. Harz Mountains


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    It is important to mention that your trip to Berlin is a total miss if you’re not going to experience the ski places located over here. Talking about which, Harz Mountains are where you need to come during this time of the year if you’re confused regarding “does it snow in Berlin in January?” You get to witness mesmerizing view of the mountains covered with snow that seems nothing less than a feast to the eyes.

    Wurmberg being at the peak, located at a staggering height of 971 meters is tends to attract a major chunk of tourists visiting Berlin every year during January. These mountains give the best experience of Berlin weather in January so that you can have an unforgettable experience with this trip.

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    4. Szklarska Lorena


    Image Source

    If you want to enjoy some really delicious food along with enjoying the thrill of country skiing tracks, there should be your best pick. For adventure lovers, Szklarska Lorena offers a wide range of activities to boost the Adrenaline level. Thus, you shouldn’t miss out visiting ski lifts and pistes situated here. It lies near Berlin in Germany, Europeand houses a number of skiing activities that you can be a part of so as to have a memorable trip to this beautiful place.

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    5. Neukölln Country Club

    Neukölln Country Club

    Image Source

    If you want to have a party that you can’t forget for ages, this is exactly where you should be. Having several musicians and singers to entertain you, this Club is one of the major places of attraction in Berlin. It’s unwise to have a dull new year eve if you’re visiting such a lit city and have so many options to choose from. Neukölln Country Club event is what you must not miss out from your list of things to do in Berlin in January 2019. You’re in for a lot of fun and nonstop parties if you’re visiting this Club during this part of the year. Berlin has a lot of offer when it comes to the party life and Neukölln Country Club is the finest example for the same.

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    6. Mauerpark Flea Market


    Image Source

    If you’re a shopping person, this is what you just can’t miss out if Berlin is in your list of places to visit this January. Located in Prenzlauer Berg, this market is the best pick if you want to grab some of the best vintage items from Berlin. You can take them as souvenirs when you return back to your place. After all, it won’t be justified to return within taking something for your loved ones. Visit Mauerpark Flea Market and grab these items at the most affordable rates so as to enjoy the most beautiful feel of Berlin and its culture.

    The above discussion makes clear that Berlin in January is one hell of a place to be at. You get to have a number of fun activities and shopping sprees if you’re visiting during this time of the year. This being said, do not miss out packing a lot of woolen clothes because the temperature is going to drop once you land in Berlin.

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    Have a beautiful time and enjoy your new year to the fullest without missing out on anything beautiful that you can experience here. So, what are you waiting for? Plan your trip to Europe to get the best of this capital city and have an amazing time with your loved ones!

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