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    man jumping off a cliff

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    Does height give you an adrenaline ‘high’? If yes, then you ought to check these nailbiting bungee jumping spots in the world off from your list. Who would have thought jumping from a cliff or a building would be so much fun? But it is. And, here we are. So, be a daredevil and push yourself to the extreme levels of adventure.

    The experience of bungee jumping might be shortlived, but the event is life-altering. No bragging! From the knots in your stomach before the jump to the adrenaline rush during the jump, the whole experience of bungee jumping is so intense. So, if you ever feel like pushing your limits or become a daredevil, just head to these best bungee jumping places in the world and let go!

    There is no glory in falling, but it is too much thrill jumping from the bridge. Try it!

    11 Best Bungee Jumping Spots In The World

    Check out the dropdown list of all the terrific bungee jumping places in the decreasing order. Keep reading if you want to know which one takes the top spot.

    1. Nevis Highwire, New Zealand – 134 meters

    guy jumping from nevi highwire

    Image Source

    When in New Zealand, you have got to take the plunge. After all, you are in the land of adventure. Located in the picturesque surroundings of Southern Alps, this bungee jumping point is located on Nevis River Valley. Falling free from this nail-biting bungee will leave your veins pumping with adrenaline. The suspension bridge has a glass floor so that you can watch your friend being a daredevil. This is amongst the best bungee jumping in the world

    What to expect: 8.5-second free fall

    How to reach: The spot is not accessible by private vehicles and you will have to take a shuttle from Queenstown from the company’s store. It almost takes 40 minutes to reach to the bungee point.
    Location: Queenstown, New Zealand
    Price: INR 11,657 onwards

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    2. Navajo Bridge, Arizona, US – 141.5 meters

    twin navajo bridge usa

    Image Source

    What makes the Navajo Bridge in Idaho, Arizona to the top 11 list of our bungee jumping spots in the world is its location. While the bewildering views of Grand Canyon National Park leave you speechless, jumping off from a height of 141.5 meters from this bridge will definitely make you scream with joy and adrenaline rush. You will find not one but two Navajo bridges on the Colorado River.

    What to expect: A 4-second free fall refreshing dip in the Colorado Rivers afterward

    How to reach: The twin bridges of Navajo are easily accessible by vehicles.
    Location: Grand Canyon National park, Idaho, Arizona
    Price: INR 18,000 onwards

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    3. Kaivopuisto, Helsinki, Finland – 150 meters

    crane jumping helsinki

    Image Source

    Get ready for a whirl-winding hurl from Finland’s highest bungee jumping point located in one of the country’s oldest parks. The staggering views around will give adventure junkies arousal. And, while you are at it, you can also try free-fall jump onto the platforms in the ocean and even mix cocktails with bungee which they call ‘pub bungee’. This is undoubtedly one of the best bungee jumping in the world

    What to expect: Bungee jumping fest held every year between July-August

    How to reach: You can easily reach the park by tram, bus, or a taxi.
    Location: Iso Puistotie – Ehrenstromintie – Itainen Puistotie, Helsinki 00140, Finland
    Price: INR 8,000

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    4. Bhote Kosi River, Nepal – 160 meters

    the last resort

    Image Source

    In case you need an adventure dose, then you can to the next door neighbor to enjoy falling into an abysmal fun. Located on the Bhote Kosi River in Nepal at a height of 160 meters, this is one of the highest bungee jumping spots in the world. You can even get yourself filmed and grab a copy of DVD to boast about your fall later. This is surely the best bungee jumps in the world.

    What to expect: A full-day adventure packed tour including camping and river rafting on Bhote Koshi

    How to reach:It is a 3-hour drive from Kathmandu. If you book with an organizer, transportation will be taken care of.
    Location: This bungee jumping point is located on Nepal-Tibet border
    Price: INR 7,500 onwards

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    5. Altopiano di Asiago, Vicenza, Italy – 175 meters

    bungee in vicenza italy

    Image Source

    If you ever feel like jumping off a bridge (in the spirit of adventure, of course) while holidaying in Italy, then you should come to Atopiano di Asiago. One of the best bungee jumping spots in the world, springing from the highest point in Italy is a ‘ritual’ for adventure lovers here.

    What to expect: Dramatic views of the valleys on the Asiago Plateau

    How to reach: It can easily be reached from both Fozo and Enego by car.
    Location: SP76, 36010 Enego VI, Italy
    Price: INR 7,000 onwards

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    6. Niouc Bridge, Switzerland – 190 meters

    bungee niouc switzerland

    Image Source

    Get more than just chocolates from your trip to Switzerland i.e. pure bliss of adventure that you will get from jumping off the Niouc bridge, one of the best bungee jumping spots in the world. If you are a real daredevil, then you have got to jump off from this suspension bridge and be a part of the adventurous shenanigan.

    What to expect: While you’re at it, put flying fox, cliff jumping, zip lining, and the giant swing on your list.

    How to reach: The bridge is easily accessible by car.
    Location:  Route d’Anniviers, 3960 Niouc, Switzerland
    Price: INR 12,600

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    7. Europabrucke Bridge, Austria – 192 meters

    bungee jumping in austria

    Image Source

    Enjoy the dramatic fall from one of the most terrific bungee jumping places in the world – Europabrucke Bridge, which is also Europe’s highest bridge and Austria’s engineering marvel. Rising to the height of 192 meters, take a leap of faith and adventure into the verdant valley. The activity is only available for 60 days throughout the year i.e. in summers and when the weather conditions are favorable.

    What to expect: The astounding views of the valley makes it one of the best places for bungee jumping in the world.

    How to reach: The bridge is accessible by vehicles. There is a sidewalk for visitors on the bridge.
    Location: Parkplatz Europabrücke 3, 6141 Schönberg
    Price: INR 12,500 onwards

    8. Bloukrans Bridge, South Africa – 216 meters

    south africa bungee jumping

    Image Source

    One of the highest bungee jumping places in the world, Bloukrans Bridge gives you multiple doses of adventure. The activity takes places from the arch of Africa’s largest bridge where you are sent through zip lining and then finally hurling down the bridge. That’s not it.

    What’s more: Also, get a winch ride back up to the bridge after the fall and get to the suspended walkway from where you can lay your eyes on the spectacular views of the valley.

    How to reach: There is a bus service available from Cape Town to Bloukrans Bridge
    Location: Nature’s Valley, Western Cape, South Africa
    Price: INR 4115 onwards

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    9. Verzasca Dam, Ticino, Switzerland – 220 meters

    007 jump

    Image Source

    Wish to have a jumping stunt like James Bond? Head straight to Verzasca Dam in Ticino Valley of Switzerland which you can easily recall from the movie Goldene Eye and is one of the best bungee jumping spots in the world. Try the famous ‘007’ jump and feel no less than Pierce Brosnan from the movie. It is not just its height but the unique experience that makes it one of the best bungee jumpings spots in the world. Make sure you have the reservations in advance to jump off the dam.

    What to expect: A 7.5 second free fall and feeling of James Bond.

    How to reach: The jumping point on the dam can easily be reached by walking on the 2-km section wide road from Gordola.
    Location: Valle Verzasca, 6633 Lavertezzo, Switzerland
    Price: INR 18,000 onwards

    10. Macau Tower, China – 233 meters

    bungee in macau

    Image Source

    At last comes the highest bungee jumping spot in the world you all have been waiting for- Macau Tower. Push your limits and reward yourself by becoming the part of Guinness book of world record experience for highest commercial bungee jumping. An experience so unique, even the jumping chords, ropes, and bungee system had to be developed.

    What to expect: Vertigo, maybe? And, a whole lot of adrenaline rush.

    How to reach: Since Macau Tower, the highest bungee jumping spot in the world is located in the city, you can either take a cab or a public transport bus to reach the location. Buses routes to the tower are 5, 5AX, 9A, 18, 18B, 23, 26, 32.
    Location: Sé, Macau
    Price: INR 32,000 onwards

    11. Kawarau Bridge, New Zealand – 43 meters

    Kawarau Bridge Bungee Jumping

    Image Source

    It all began here so it has got to be the best, isn’t it? The Kawarau Suspension Bridge is where back in 1986 Aj Hackett took the plunge and jumped off the clifff from the Greenhithe Bridge in Auckland with only a rubber cord to catch him. This gave him a certain kind of thrill and before he knew it he was obsessed with bungee jumping and that is how the first commercial and one of the top bungee jumping places in the world came into being!

    How to reach: Since AJ Hackett is one of the most popular and best bungee jumping spots in the world, it is quite accessible and you can take a cab from your destination to the bridge to reach here.
    Location: Queenstown Trail, Arrow Junction, New Zealand
    Price: INR 69,00 onwards

    Tips For Bungee Jumping

    Check out the following important tips for bungee jumping before planning your own experience!

    • Check the qualifications of your trainers before committing to go bungee jumping with them
    • Don’t think much before your first jump
    • Wear comfortable clothes
    • Schedule a checkup with your doctor to make sure you are fit enough to bungee jump
    • Don’t overeat before your jump

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    Don’t you want to visit these best bungee jumping spots in the world? If you are planning an international holiday to any of these countries, then get out of your comfort zone, bring yourself to these jumping points, and just let go of yourself! (of course, with proper safety gear and all). Once the adrenaline starts to kick in, you will realize that it has been the best decision of your life.

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