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What does peace and happiness mean to you? If it’s traveling through the serpentine roads of the Himalayas, seeing the snow-laden mountains, velvety green hills, muddy trails, and quaint villages, then all you need right now is a list of best hill stations in Himachal. A list that includes popular tourist places in Himachal as well as offbeat and absolutely serene hills that are far from crowded till now. Be it any of these, each place has its own charm and set of visitors.

30 Best Hill Stations In Himachal

While families prefer livelier places with enough attractions to plan sightseeing tours, honeymooners look for less crowded spots with decent resorts and interesting activities. Solo and group travelers often look for adventure activities and thus more adventurous places. For a budget trip, you can even plan your holiday in one of the cheapest hill stations in Himachal Pradesh. Go through the list to take your pick!

  • Kasol- Enthralling Beauty
  • Kullu- Lush Greenery
  • Kufri- A Romantic Destination
  • Khajjiar- Mini ‘Switzerland of India’
  • Mandi- Explore The Colonial Architecture
  • Tirthan Valley- A Nature’s Delight
  • Chail- Hikers’ Paradise
  • Palampur- A Pristine Land
  • Lahaul- A Place For Backpackers
  • Barog- A Scenic Charm
  • Dharamkot- A Hippie Village
  • Narkanda- Best For Skiing
  • Tabo- A Quaint Town
  • Sangla- Magical Views
  • Kalpa- Surreal Beauty
  • Parwanoo- Try the Cable Car Ride
  • Mashobra- A Tranquil Escape
  • Nahan- Recharge Your Soul
  • Hamirpur- A Fun-Filled Escape
  • Shoja- A Striking Hill Station
  • Pabbar Valley- Views To Die For
  • Shoghi- Lush Green Mountains
  • Pooh- Charismatic Scenes
  • Karsog- Take A Refreshing Tour
  • Naldehra- A Small Hill Station
  • Dharamshala- A Perfect Respite
  • Manali- For Thrill Seekers
  • Kasauli- Tour The Natural Marvels
  • Bir Billing- Indulge in Paragliding
  • Spiti Valley- For Trekkers

1. Kasol- Enthralling Beauty

Evening in a hill station

Image Source

This small village of Himachal Pradesh is located on the Parvati river bank and has been gaining quite a lot of popularity. Kasol is equally loved by nature lovers, adventurists, and backpackers. It is located in the middle of Manikaran and Bhuntar and is one the best places to unwind yourself and have a relaxing time at!

Major tourist attractions: Parvati River, Kheerganga trail, Tosh, and Malana
Best time to visit: October to June
How to reach: Since both the railway station and airport are prett far, its best to go by road. One can hire a cab, take a bus, or drive on their own till Kasol. 
Things to do: Kheerganga Trek, Manikaran Sahib Gurdwara, Shopping, Sar Pass Trek
Places to Stay: The Himalayan Village, Parvati River Cottage, Hotel Sandhya

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2. Kullu- Lush Greenery

paddy fields of Kullu

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Formed by River Beas—Kullu is one of the most photogenic valleys and famous hill stations in Himachal Pradesh bestowed with plush green meadows, orchards, and sparkling streams. Kullu is also adorned by many age old temples, hence rightly called the ‘valley of Gods’. This picturesque destination is famous for trekking, river rafting, and paragliding.

Major tourist attractions: Kheer Ganga, Hot springs at Manikaran, Himalayan National Park and Temples of Raghunath and Bijli Mahadev
Best time to visit: March to June to relish the stunning luxuriant beauty and December to February to enjoy snow
How to reach: The best way is to take a flight till Kullu-Manali airport i.e the Bhunter Airport. It is located only 10 kms from Kullu. 
Things to do: Trekking Around Prashar Lake, Rafting In River Beas, Paragliding In Kullu Hills
Places to Stay: River Site Guest House, Good Luck Guest House, The Woods Cottage

3. Kufri- A Romantic Destination

snowfall in Kufri on road

Image Source

Kufri is amongst the most popular tourist places in Himachal known for its romantic snowfall season. The little hill station is also a destination for adventurous snow sports like skiing. Witness the beauty of the snow-covered Himalayan Peaks and capture the most beautiful vistas through your lens.

Major tourist attractions: Skiing and snowboarding during winter; Himalayan Wildlife Zoo; Kufri Fun World offering thrilling sports like flying fox and go karting; and Annual Winter Sports Festival organised by HPTDC.
Best time to visit: April to June and November to March
How to reach: The quickest way is to take a flight till Shimla airport. It is 20 kms away. There is ample of public transport available right outside the airport. 
Things to do: Go Trekking In Rupin Pass, Enjoy Yak Rides, Go Trekking In Chail, Get Active At Kufri Fun World
Places to Stay: Hotel Willow Bank, Hotel Ekant, Hotel Grand Sunset

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4. Khajjiar- ‘Mini-Switzerland’ of India

Houses and mountains

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The small town of Dalhousie, Khajjiar is generally considered as the mini-Switzerland in India. This place is a combination of lakes, landscapes, and forests. It is said to have attracted a lot of kingdoms, including those of Rajputs as well as Mughals. This is one of those Himachal hill stations which is visited by many to witness the sacred temples and indulge adventurous outdoor activities.

Major tourist attractions: Khajjiar Lake, Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary, Golden Devi Temple
Best time to visit: Anytime of the year
How to reach: The nearest railway station is in Pathankot. It is well-connected to the station via road network. One can easily use public transport to cover the distance. 
Things to do: Jungle Safari, Trekking, Handicraft Shopping, Food Tour
Places to Stay: Anjali Homestay, Ghar Cottages, Mud House Cottage

5. Mandi- Explore The Colonial Architecture

Greenery in hill station

Image Source

Known for its lush greenery owing to the presence of pine and deodar trees as well as tea plantation, Mandi is located at the Dharamshala-Kulu junction. The town is rightly called ‘Varanasi of Hills’ as well as ‘Choti Kashi’ as it has around 81 temples. Moreover, this town of Himachal Pradesh is also home to some palaces with colonial architecture and is also one of the highest hill station in Himachal Pradesh.

Major tourist attractions: Bhutnath temple, Pandoh Dam, Sunder Nagar, and Rewalsar Lake
Best time to visit: April to October
How to reach: It is best to take a bus till Mandi. The bus drops one right at the start of this destination, hence becomes the most feasible option. 
Things to do: Trek To The Gorgeous Prashar Lake, Camp Under The Stars In Barot Valley, Visit The Popular Shikari Devi Temple
Places to Stay: Hotel Lomush, River Bank, Mid Way Tourist Resort

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6. Tirthan Valley- A Nature’s Delight

River running between mountains

Image Source

This is one of the hill stations of Himachal Pradesh that is full of delightful spots and sceneries. This is no less than a paradise for nature lovers! Located at a distance of around 3 kilometers from Great Himalayan National Park entry, this place is visited by most tourists for the adventurous activities that are organized here.

Major tourist attractions: Serloskar Lake, waterfalls
Best time to visit: March to June; October to November
How to reach: The nearest railway station is in Ambala. From there one can catch a bus or book a taxi. 
Things to do: Tirath Trek, Jalori Pass-Raghupur Fort, Jalori Pass-Serolsar Lake Hike
Places to Stay: Trishla Resort, JJ Resort, Sharda Resort, Green Alpine

7. Chail- Hikers’ Paradise

Trees and hills

Image Source

Popularly considered to be the hikers’ paradise, the town of Chail is a must visit for those who want to have a memorable experience while exploring the state of Himachal. This place is also known to have the highest cricket as well as polo grounds. If you want to take a break from the hustle bustle of the city, then planning a visit to this side of Himachal would undoubtedly be a great idea! This is one of the unexplored hill stations in Himachal Pradesh.

Major tourist attractions: Chail Wildlife Sanctuary, cricket ground, Kali temple
Best time to visit: Anytime of the year
How to reach: The nearest railway station is in Kalka. It is 77 kms away. One can board a bus or take a taxi to reach the destination. 
Things to do: Camping, Rock climbing, Trek from Chail to Gaura and Chail to Jhajja, Nature walk in pine forests
Places to Stay: Living Stone Chail, Mountain View Resort, Treehouse Chail Villas

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8. Palampur- A Pristine Land

tea gardens of Palampur

Image Source

About 5 years ago nobody knew where Palampur was, but gradually this small Himachal Pradesh hill station became quite popular amongst tourists and travelers. Palampur is a quaint and pristine hill retreat located at the foothills of Dhauladhar Ranges. The aromatic tea gardens, glittering and cascading streams, super comfortable weather, lush green pine forests and birds chirping in rhythms assure a super exotic and romantic holiday.

Major tourist attractions: Trekking up to Kangra Fort, Dhauladhar National Park and Chamunda Devi Temple
Best time to visit: March to June and Mid-September to November
How to reach: Palampur has a well-connected road network with all the major parts of the country. It is the best way to cover the distance between the two. 
Things to do: Go Paragliding, Trek To The Peak, Explore The Green Land, Enjoy A Picnic
Places to Stay: RS Sarovar Portico, Hotel Orchid Resort, The Bliss

9. Lahaul- A Place For Backpackers

snow capped mountains in Lahaul

Image Source

Lahaul is amongst those hill stations of Himachal Pradesh that is becoming increasingly popular amongst bikers and backpackers, and every backpacker should take a Lahaul-Spiti trip at least once in life. The stunningly beautiful and serene monasteries and gompas of the valley reflect a strong Tibetan culture, and the small hamlets, winding rivers and surrounding snow ranges contribute to form a rich and attractive topography. During winter months the roads to Lahaul remain completely frozen and blocked making it difficult to travel.

Major tourist attractions: Ki Gompa, Kunzum Pass, Dhankar Gompa and Pin Valley National Park
Best time to visit: May to September
How to reach: It is best to take a train till Shimla and then from there, travel to Lahaul using the public road transport.
Things To Do: Go for a picnic, tour the place on a bike, trek through the valleys
Places To Stay: Gemoor Khar, Clifftop Cottages

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10. Barog- A Scenic Charm

hotels in the hills of Barog

Image Source

Barog is one of the most beautiful hill stations of Himachal Pradesh located near Kasauli on the Shimla-Kalka highway. More than its scenic charm, Barog is known for its haunted tunnel no 33, built by a British engineer who died an unnatural death while constructing the railway tunnel. Due to its slightly cool and pleasant weather round the year, this place has emerged as a popular hill station of Himachal quite fast.

Major tourist attractions: Dolanji Bon Monastery and Choor Chandni Peak
Best time to visit: Round the year
How to reach: One can take the Shilma-Kalka highway to cover the distance by road. 
Things to do: Camping Amidst Nature, Picturesque Location, Witness The Fossils
Places to Stay: Wildflower Resort, East Bourne Resorts, Havens Resort

Quiet And Offbeat Hill Stations In Himachal

If you are an adventure seeker, especially a solo traveler or a romantic couple, these gorgeous offbeat hill stations in Himachal, Himalayas are surely going to interest you:

11. Dharamkot- A Hippie Village

mustard fields in Dharamkot

Image Source

Dharamkot is an attractive and charming Hippie village perched amid Himalayan Ranges. Close to Dharmashala and Mcleodganj, it’s a relatively unexplored hill station. If you are a solo traveller seeking peace and breathtaking views, Dharamkot is your place. It is a virgin hill station with no hotels and commercial shops. Few homestays and small cafes are the only respite.

Major tourist attractions: Galu Devi Temple, Kangra Fort and Masroor Rock Temple
Best time to visit: March to June
How to reach: After reach McLeodganj, Dharamkot is just a walking distance from there. 
Things To Do: visit the temples and forts
Places To Stay: Gagan Resorts, Alt Life

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12. Narkanda- Best For Skiing

camping in mist covered mountains of Narkanda

Image Source

On the Hindustan Tibet road—Narkanda is among the top 10 hill stations in Himachal Pradesh for skiing and snowboarding. The serene ambiance overwhelms travellers while the expansive meadow covered with snow becomes a perfect spot for winter sports. This quaint and offbeat town is every nature lover’s paradise. 

Major tourist attractions: Hatu peak, Jubbar Lake and Mahamaya Temple
Best time to visit: To enjoy the pleasant weather, summer months (April to September). For ultimate winter sports, visit during winter months (December to February)
How to reach: One can take a train till Kalka railway station. From there, make use of the toy trains that cover the Kalka-Shimla route. 
Places to Stay: Narkanda Kudret Camp, The Apple Home, Echor- Narkanda Cottages

13. Tabo- A Quaint Town

the barren mountains of Tabo

Image Source

Snuggled on the bank of River Spiti, Tabo is a small town that speaks about strong imprints of Tibetan and Buddhist culture. The vintage monasteries still echo Buddhism chants and prayers. Tabo is best covered with Spiti. It is a quaint town where one can witness the true culture and traditions of the state. 

Major tourist attractions: Tabo monastery, Chogskhor monastery, Mahakala Vajra Bhairav temple and Dromton temple
Best time to visit: June to September
How to reach: After reaching Manali, one can board the next bus to Kaza. It takes around 9 hours to cover this journey. 
Places to Stay: Kesang Homestay Guest House, Namsay Homestay, Zostel Homes Tabo

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14. Sangla- Magical Views

mountains of Sangla in Himachal

Image Source

Sangla is a destination that charms each and every traveler and tourist. It isn’t just about the divine monasteries and magical views, it’s also an ideal hill station for activities like river crossing, fishing in Baspa River, rappelling, and camping by the river side. One of the quietest and best places in Himachal, Sangla is also a famous yoga retreat.

Major tourist attractions: Kamru Fort, Bring Nag Temple, Baspa dam, Chitkul and apple orchards
Best time to visit: March to October
How to reach: There are regular public and private buses that travel between Sangla and major cities of the country. 
Places to Stay: Hotel Batseri SANGLA, Techno Homestay, Dormico’s Mehak Resort

15. Kalpa- Surreal Beauty

white wildflowers with snow capped Himalayan view in Kalpa

Image Source

Surrounded by lofty Kinnaur-Kailash Range, Kalpa is one of the best Himachal hill stations. As a favourite destination for bikers, it boasts of its jaw dropping vista and stunning greenery all around. It is located 9711 feet above sea level and offers the best and most charismatic view of Kinnaur-Kailash Peak.

Major tourist attractions: Roghi Village, Kamru Fort, Suicide Point, Sapni Fort and Basteri
Best time to visit: June to September. Although these are summer months but it gets a bit chilly during evenings and nights, so don’t forget to carry light woolens.
How to reach: One can take a train till Shimla. From there they can take a taxi or board a bus till Kalka. 
Places to Stay: Echor – The Alpine Crest, Hotel Rollingrang, Dormico’s Hotel Mount View

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16. Parwanoo- Try The Cable Car Ride

beautiful green hills of Parwanoo

Image Source

More than its scenic charm, Parwanoo is known for a thrilling cable car ride through the Shivalik Ranges overlooking the luxuriant valley. This exciting cable car takes you to the other side of the mountain where few luxury resorts are located. Parwanoo has its floors covered in lush greens which simply adds to the scenic landscapes found here. The refreshing and relaxing aura of this place makes it perfect for a leisurely escape.  

Major tourist attractions: A thrilling cable car ride, Kali Mata Temple, Fruit Orchards, Mansa Devi Temple and Gurkha Fort
Best time to visit: Round the year
How to reach: The best way is to take a train till Kalka. It is only 4 kilometers from there. 
Things to do: Take a cable car ride at Timber Trail Resort, Explore the fruit orchards, Seek blessings at Kali Mata Temple
Places to Stay: The Oberoi Sukhvilas Spa Resort, Jungle Lodge Resort, Forest Ville Hotel & Resort

17. Mashobra- A Tranquil Escape

Mashobra hills in Himachal

Image Source

Wake up to the intoxicating aura of mist in Mashobra—one of the offbeat hill stations in Himachal. Located very close to Shimla, this place is far away from the crowd offering ultimate peace. This stunning hill retreat is a favourite hangout place for adventure freaks to enjoy paragliding, mountain biking, quad biking, river rafting, and camping.

Major tourist attractions: Mahasu Peak, Craignano, and Reserve Forest Sanctuary
Best time to visit: March to May. Those who are looking for snowfall can plan in January or February
How to reach: One take a flight till Shimla airport, it is only 45 minutes away. There are cabs available from the airport till Mashobra.
Things to do: Camping, Biking, Trekking, Paragliding
Places to Stay: The Plum Clove, The Apricot, Attic Room

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18. Nahan- Recharge Your Soul

a stream in the middle of Nahan hills

Image Source

Nahan, one of the lesser known but best hill stations in Himachal is a visual treat for all. The lush green meadows of Nahan are surrounded by mountains and dotted with vintage temples, gorgeous streams, lakes, and winding trails that’ll recharge your mind and body. If you’re looking for a quick trip from Delhi, then Renukaji Lake is a perfect weekend getaway in the little hill station of Nahan.

Major tourist attractions: Renukaji Lake, Rani Tal, Paonta Sahib, Suketi Fossil Park, Churdhar Peak and Jaitak Fort
Best time to visit: Round the year
How to reach: There are regular buses that connect Nahan and major cities by road. 
Places to Stay: Grand View Resort, Sirmour Resort Nahan, Nestling Meadows

19. Hamirpur- A Fun-Filling Escape

Hamirpur hills in Himachal

Image Source

Hamirpur is a religious little town in the Himalayan state of Himachal Pradesh. The little town is one of hill stations of Himachal Pradesh which is dotted with numerous old temples that allure explorers from far and wide. It’s also a perfect place for fun-filled adventure activities like angling, rafting, and trekking.

Major tourist attractions: Sujanpura Tila, Gauri Shankar temple and Narvadeshwar temple
Best time to visit: Round the year
How to reach: The nearest train head is at Una. There are regular taxi and bus services available.
Things To Do: visit the temples, go rafting, trek through
Places To Stay: Hotel Hamir, Hotel Lalit Palace, Bassi Hotel

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20. Shoja- A Striking Hill Station


Image Source

Close to Jalori Pass, mid-way between Kullu and Shimla, Shoja or Sojha is an absolutely splendid and striking hill station of Himachal. Famous for bird watching, overnight camping, nature trails, and trekking—Shoja offers the most spectacular views of the encircling Himalayan Ranges. Shoja offers a remarkable blend of thrill and leisure to all the nature lovers out there. 

Major tourist attractions: Trekking up to Jalori Pass and Bashleo Pass, Waterfall Point, Serolsar Lake, and Raghupur Fort
Best time to visit: July to October
How to reach: The nearest airport is Bhuntar which is 54 kms away. It takes 2 hours to reach the airport. Taxis and buses are readily available.
Things To Do: Trekking, explore the fort
Places to Stay: DreamLand Home stay, Alien’s Adventures, Lambhari Hills

21. Pabbar Valley- Views to Die For

Pabbar Valley mountains covered with mist

Image Source

Pabbar Valley is one of the most mesmerizing unexplored locations on the list of best hill stations in Himachal Pradesh. Snuggled on the bank of Pabbar River and with a view to die for, this place is popular for trout fishing and hardcore trekking. Among many treks, Kuper Valley Trekking and Chanshal Trekking are quite famous here. This placecan even be listed amongst the hidden hill stations in Himachal Pradesh.

Major tourist attractions: Jubbal Palace and Hatkoti temples
Best time to visit: May to October
How to reach: After reaching Shimla via flight, the valley is only 4 kms away.
Things To Do: tour the palaces, go on treks
Places To Stay: The Chanshal Hotel, The Apple Farm Stay

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22. Shoghi- Lush Green Mountains

green jungle of Shoghi in Himachal

Image Source

Known as ‘temple town’ of Himachal Pradesh—Shoghi boasts of innumerable heritage temples and lush green mountains. This is one of the best places in Himachal for ideal family vacations and picnics. Shoghi is known for encircling an essence of spirituality all around. This town is perfect for families to spend some quality time with each other. 

Major tourist attractions: Kali temple, Jakhoo Hill, Hanuman Temple and Kandaghat
Best time to visit: March to June and September to November
How to reach: The nearest railway station is at Kalka. It is 90 kms away. There are taxis available to cover the remaining distance.
Places to Stay: Shoghi Eco Valley Resort & Spa, Kushala Valley View, Sunrise Villa 

23. Pooh- Charismatic Scenes

beautiful Pooh hill station in Himachal

Image Source

Tucked in the beautiful landscapes of Kinnaur—Poo is one of the least heard hill stations in Himachal range. Also known as Spuwa, this place boasts of its unspoilt beauty and enchanting serenity. Anyone who’s seeking the true peace and unspoiled nature should be heading to Poo.

Major tourist attractions: Apricots, almonds and grape orchards
Best time to visit: April to October
How to reach: It is best to reach this destination using the roadways.
Things To Do: Explore the views, go on picnics
Places To Stay: Hotel Norbuling, Hotel Reo Purguil

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24. Karsog- Take A Refreshing Tour

green paddy fields of Karsog in Himachal

Image Source

With verdant hilly meadows, Karsog Valley is one of the best hill stations in Himachal Pradesh for a visual relaxation. With no hotels, shops, commercial places and crowd—Karsog is still a quaint and one of the secret places in Himachal’s lap. Chindi is the nearest town and one can book at HPTDC resort for stay.

Major tourist attractions: Kamaksha temple, Mamleshwwar Mahadev temple and apple orchards
Best time to visit: May to September
How to reach: After taking a flight till Shimla, one can easily find a cab to reach Karsog. 
Things to do: Trekking And Hiking, Temple Hopping, Village Walks, Relaxing
Places to Stay: OMS Hotel And Restaurant, Hotel Mamleshwar

25. Naldehra- A Small Hill Station

green meadow of Naldehra in Himachal

Image Source

About an hour’s drive from Shimla is Naldehra—a small and glamorous hill station of Himachal amidst lush green cedar forests, expansive meadows, and breathtaking mountains. The spellbinding views and the pleasant weather make Naldehra one of the best honeymoon destinations in Himachal Pradesh.

Major tourist attractions: Naldehra Golf Course and Tattapani
Best time to visit: May to September
How to reach: The nearest railway station is in Shimla. It is located around 19 kms away. One can hire a taxi to reach the destination.
Things To Do: trekking, hiking, go for a picnic
Places To Stay: The Chalets Naldera, Woodstock Resort

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26. Dharamshala- A Perfect Respite


Image Credits: Amit Phulera for Wikimedia

Dharamshala has emerged as one of the best hill stations in Himachal Pradesh, especially amidst the youth. It is a serene town with vibes of tranquility and an essence of spirituality spread all around. Dharamshala was the place where Tibetan monk Dalai Lama resided during his exile and hence, has turned out to be a magnet for his followers. This hill station offers a perfect respite for those who wish to witness the magic of mother nature. There are old monasteries, quaint cafes, and charming landscapes all at one spot!

Major tourist attractions: Tsuglagkhang Complex, Namgyal Monastery, Kareri Dal Lake, Bhagsunag Temple, Naddi Village, Gyuto Monastery, Kangra Fort
Best time to visit: February to June
How to reach: The best way to reach Dharamshala is by taking a train till Pathankot Railway station. It is around 85 kms away. One can board a bus or hire a taxi to cover the remaining distance.
Things to do: Sightseeing, Shopping, Camping, Cycling, Embrace The Beauty
Places to Stay: Snow Hill Cottage, Jasmish Mountain View Cottages, Country House Dream Woods

27. Manali- For Thrill Seekers


Image Credits: Naveen Darzz for Pexels

Manali is a popular escape for both thrill seekers and couples. This destination is the one that has plenty to offer in its lap. The floors of Manali are covered with oak, pine, and deodar forest. From splendid landscapes and action-packed adventures to crazy food scenes and culturally inclined attractions, Manali is one of the complete and best hill stations in Himachal Pradesh. Manali is home to both monasteries and temples where one can witness the blend and harmony between two cultures.

Major tourist attractions: Hadimba Temple, Tibetan Monasteries, Solang Valley, Nehru Kund, Vashisht Hot Water Springs, Jogini Falls, Old Manali, Rohtang Pass
Best time to visit: October to February
How to reach: The best and fastest way to reach Manali is by taking a flight to Bhuntar that is 50 kms away. From there one can take public transport to cover the remaining distance.
Things to do: Listen To The Music, Go On A Bike Ride, Pay A Visit For Peace and Pleasure, For Some Fun and Adventure, Shop Your Heart Out
Places to Stay: Hotel Parvati Valley, Negi’s Nest Hotel, The Rainbow Inn

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28. Kasauli- Tour The Natural Marvels


Image Credits: Suman Wadhwa for Wikimedia

Kasauli is among the top hill stations in Himachal Pradesh. This town is a cantonment area that is sitting in Solan. Kasauli is the place that one heads to when it comes to finding peace and serenity. The natural marvels found in this place are breathtakingly beautiful. This quaint town has earned popularity in the past few years by virtue of offering an extremely refreshing leisure time to travelers. There are numerous beautiful attractions and spell-binding experiences that Kasauli has to offer.

Major tourist attractions: Gilbert Trail, Sunset Point, Sunrise Point, Christ Church, The Mall Road, Timber Trail Resort, Gurkha Fort
Best time to visit: April to June and September to November
How to reach: The best way to reach Kasauli is by taking a train till railway junction with the same name. There are buses, taxis, and other public transport available from the station to the city centre.
Things to do: Trekking trips, Go shopping at Mall Road, Take a ride on a toy train, Indulge in some nature walks
Places to Stay: Radisson Blu Hotel, Hotel Mountview, Hotel Honeymoon Inn

29. Bir Billing- Indulge in Paragliding

Bir Billing

Image Credits: Nitin for Wikimedia

Bir Billing is among the best hill stations to visit in Himachal Pradesh for those who wish to indulge in paragliding. This town has peace and serenity oozing out from every corner. Bir Billing is visited by one if they wish to witness the world from high above in the sky. Paragliding is the main and mostly only reason to visit this town. Sitting around 5000 ft above the ground, this town offers some eye-catching views of the landscape formed by snow-capped mountains and lush greens. This town is perfect for nature and adventure lovers.

Major tourist attractions: Paragliding, Bir River, Arya Marga, Bangoru Waterfall, Deer Park Institute Chokling Monastery, Sherab Ling Monastery
Best time to visit: April to June
How to reach: The best way to travel to Bir Billing is by taking the road. You can either hire a taxi or take a bus to reach Bir Billing from major parts of the country.
Things to do: Paragliding, camping trekking, short trekking, mountain biking experience, and hang gliding
Places to Stay: Colonel’s Resort, Bhawani Guest House, Chokling Guesthouse

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30. Spiti Valley- For Trekkers

Spiti Valley

Image Credits: Rachittrehan for Pixabay

Spiti Valley is heaven on earth for those who are always in search of thrill in their lives. The rich topography formed by combining snow-capped mountains, rugged terrains, fruit orchards, pristine rivers, little villages, deep meadows, and the luxuriant jungles is what makes Spiti stand out as a hill station in Himachal Pradesh. There is something to do for every kind of traveler in this destination. Various fairs are hosted and festivals are celebrated in the town of Spiti Valley during the summer season. Winter is often seen as an opportunity for challenging treks and adventures.

Major tourist attractions: Key Monastery, Gandhola Monastery, Chandratal, Dhankar Lake, Pin Valley National Park, Kunzum Pass, Darcha, Sarchu, Keylong Monastery, Tayul Monastery
Best time to visit: June to September
How to reach: After reaching Manali, one can take a bus or hire taxi to reach Spiti Valley. For adventure seekers, one can take their bikes for a road trip.
Things to do: River Rafting, Pin Valley National Park, Buddhist, Monasteries, Camping, Trekking
Places to Stay: Hotel Sakya Abode, Hotel Spiti Heritage, Grand Dewachen

That’s all we have for now. We’re pretty sure that your mind has already started wandering in one of these gorgeous hill stations and you must start your preparations for the Himachal trip soon. Experience the tranquility residing in some of the best hill stations in Himachal!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Best Hill Stations In Himachal

Which hill station is near Delhi?

Some of the nearest hill stations from Delhi are: 1. Kasauli (6 hours) 2. Mussoorie (6 hours) 3. Nainital (6 hours) 4. Shimla (7 hours)

What is the famous food of Himachal Pradesh?

Some of the popular dishes of Himachal Pradesh include: 1. Kullu Trout Fish 2. Madra 3. Dhaam 4. Tudkiya Bhath 5. Bhey or Spicy Lotus Stem

What is Himachal famous for?

The scenic vistas and the beautiful landscapes of the Himalayas are something that attracts travelers to the heart of Himachal from all over the world. Adventure activities such as trekking, rock climbing, skiing, etc., are very famous in Himachal which everyone must try.

What are some of the offbeat hill stations to explore in Himachal?

While Shimla, Manali, Kasol are the more famous ones, hill stations like Sangla, Shoja, Kalpa, Karsog, etc., are some of the offbeat hill stations in Himachal that are yet to be explored to the core by the travelers.

What is the best time to visit Himachal?

The months from March to June are perfect for those who are looking forward to making the most of their summer vacations. However, the winter months from November to January can also be a good time to visit Himachal and witness the beauty of snowfall.

What is the best way to reach Himachal Pradesh?

The best way to reach Himachal is via your own car in case you don’t mind driving long-distance routes. In other cases, taking a Volvo or state-run buses can also be a convenient and the most affordable way to reach Himachal from any of the nearby cities.

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